karaoke night

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Karaoke Night

It was a hot summer night and it was karaoke night.
Cold beer and some fun up at the mike sounded good.
My sweetie picks me up at 8:00 and we head off to the bar.
It’s a bit of a dive but lots of fun nonetheless.

We have a blast and I carry off a couple of tunes.
What I like best about my new boyfriend is that he loves to
Order tequila after every song I get up and sing as a reward of sorts. Very nice and what a buzz!

Well, needless to say I did get my buzz on this particular night. I know for a fact that he likes me to get a little tipsy because it brings out the naughty in me.

As we walk out to the truck he runs his hand across my round ass and gives me a little squeeze. I love his touch! As he opens the door for me he reaches across my lap to buckle me in. This is new….hmmm. I quickly find out why. He reaches his hand up under my skirt and I am unable to squirm my way out of the situation. Not that I want to…

As he gets into the truck I am informed to close my eyes until told to open them. This could be fun so I do as I am told. We drive for about 7 minutes and when I open my eyes we are in a clearing of sorts. I hear and smell running water nearby. He gets out and opens my door for me. What a gentleman

As I climb out I find myself in his warm embrace and a kiss so hot and so wet is placed firmly upon my mouth, my neck and moving down I let out a moan. Very quickly and efficiently, my shirt is removed. The air is hot and feels very pleasant on my bare skin.

He walks me around the back of the truck and lets down the tailgate. Lifting me, he sets me up on the gate and opens my legs. It just so happens that I am not wearing any panties under my skirt. How convenient…

We kiss and grind a bit and soon I am lowered onto my back and he begins licking my inner thighs and I know now that I am in for a night of non stop fucking, sucking and licking. My three favorite things.

He makes his way to my swollen pussy and does what he does best. I am in heaven as I look up into the starry sky. Yes, this is heaven. I encourage him with the rhythm of my hips and grab his hair to show my pleasure. Suddenly he stops. I am unceremoniously pulled to my feet and turned over the gate face down.

I am a little shocked at the rough play but I trust my man and go along with it for now. Expecting a little more foreplay, I am surprised when out of nowhere he rams his hard as nails cock into my open and waiting muffin. I let out a scream and realize that we are far from anyone to hear. I am excited and a little scared by the thought.

I am rocked by the power behind each thrust and I feel slightly violated and titillated at the same time. I try to lift up my torso but am quickly shoved back down and the thrusting comes even harder. I am about to explode when all of a sudden he pulls out.

He turns me over, straddles me and tells me to suck him off. Well, I don’t have a problem sucking but I have never swallowed and I didn’t think this was something I wanted to do. However, I didn’t have much of a choice at this moment. I had to open up and take his wet throbbing cock in and started to do what I do best. Within a minute or two I felt a hot stream at the back of my throat and realized that there was no stopping what was happening so I swallowed again and again until he was quite finished.

I was shocked and a little angry at this. He got off me and scooped me up so gently and laid me on the ground in some of the softest grass I had ever had the pleasure to lay in. He kissed my mouth and licked my lips so sweetly as if to reassure me that all was well. Then to show his appreciation, he went down south one more time and brought me to such a climax that I let out a howl!

Much to my surprise and delight he entered me once more and made the sweetest, most tender lovemaking I have ever had the pleasure to experience. We lay there for what seemed an eternity. Neither of us spoke.

Once home, my lover ran a hot Jacuzzi bath, gently undressed me and washed my body inch by inch with the love and tenderness a Mother might wash her newborn. He dried me with a fluffy towel and carried me to bed snuggling in next to me and telling me what a wonderful lover I was. I slept with the angels that night.

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