My first gay camping trip

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Paul was a friend of the family and I knew him since I was just a wee lad. My dad and Paul would go camping all the time but since my father past away Paul almost never came around. Before my dad had died he told me that he knew I had feelings for Paul and to him it was all right.
After a few years after my father passing Paul arrived at the door, we had a long visit and I could now see what my dad had meant about me having feeling for Paul. There was something about him, he was muscular tall and could talk you into doing anything he wanted. After a long visit Paul announced he was going camping this week end and asked if I wanted to go. I jumped at the chance. That week end Paul picked me up telling me we would be out in the wilderness for three long days and to make sure I packed soap and a razor.
The drive was four hours and we talked about everything but when the topic came to sex, I wasn’t sure what to say and stayed quiet. We parked the car and put on our back packs and started to hire the three hour walk to the camp site. Paul changed into some shorts and told me to do the same. Paul did not wear underwear so I got a good look at his cock, even his cock was hot and muscular. I changed into some loose shorts removing my underwear to show my companionship with Paul. Paul told me to lead the way just to follow the pathway. As we walked Paul stayed behind me most of the way. After an hour of nonstop walking we stopped to take a rest break. Paul sat on a rock across from me with his head of his cock peeking out from his shorts. I couldn’t help but stare at his cock. Paul noticed me looking at his cock. ‘You know there is a tradition with camping that we trek the last bit of the way naked’ he said looking at me with a smirk on his face. ‘Take off your clothes’ he said and he started to remove his clothing so I followed. Paul said he would take lead. As we walked all I could do was stare at his ass and his cock hanging between his legs. After tripping a few times Paul stopped and turned around. ‘Do you like what you see?’ he asked me. I looked around but could only see tree after tree.
‘Yes’ I answered lying. Paul walked up to me.
‘Have you ever had sex with a man before?’ he asked bluntly Shocked at the question I stumbled to find an answer.
‘Aw, well you see, well maybe’ I said nervously.
‘Good because the new guy has to put out for the experienced guys’ he said putting his hand around my neck and giving me a wink then turned and continued walking. All I could think about was what I could do for him, yes it was true I had sex with a few guys but no one knew.
We reached the camp site just after two o’clock. There was a cabin and Paul unlocked the door and we went in. The far wall was a large fire place with a place for wood beside it. Hanging from the ceiling was a hammock made of leather. On the floor was a old mattress that was well stained and on the last wall was some bricks and a pail with some other pails all around. We unpacked what needed to be unpacked. Then Paul went outside and came in with a large branch. He sat in the hammock and began to whittle the branch. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked
‘Oh I’m going to make something for you, now get on your knees’ he said and I complied. He moved forward and grabbed my head and pulled me towards his cock. ‘Tradition is tradition’ he said as he pushed his cock against my lips. I knew what I was to do and opened my mouth voluntarily and began sucking his wonderful cock. As I sucked his cock and it grew harder Paul continued to whittle away. I could hear Paul every few minutes moan with delight then without warning he blew his load in my mouth. I didn’t know if I was to swallow it or spit it out, but Paul just kept shooting, until it started to slip out the sides of my mouth and down my cheeks. He grabbed tightly onto my head and forced his cock deeper making me spill even more down onto the floor and all over my thighs. When he finally stopped shooting he pulled his cock out. ‘Swallow it’ he said and I did quickly. ‘You’re not suppose to let any hit the floor now you will have to do every guy that come here to camp while were here’ he said. We ate a small lunch and Paul jerked off on my lunch telling me to get use to it as a new camper. Paul showed me to the river that we would fish at. We sat on the bank fishing, when I looked over towards him and he was playing with his cock getting it hard. I stopped and thought of when I was sucking it, just how good it felt and wondered if he was going to fuck my ass. Then I thought how good that would feel soon my cock was hard. Paul noticed my hard on and said come over and sit beside him. I sat down beside him and he laid down then told me to jerk myself off until I cum on his chest. At first I played shy but he grabbed my cock and gave it a few pumps and I started jerking off faster than you could shack a stick. Soon I spewed all over his smooth chest.
‘Now lick it off’ he said. I slowly leaned over and stuck out my tongue. He positioned me so I straddled his hips and then I could lean over and lick it off his chest. As I leaded over Paul took hold of my ass and pulled me up forcing my head to fall towards his cum soaked chest. I loved the feel of his hands on my ass and I positioned myself to receive his cock if he so desired to do so. As I licked slowly I pushed my ass towards his cock and he got the idea. ‘Take my cock up your ass’ he said I couldn’t wait I quickly pushed his cock into my ass. It hurt a bit at first but I kept pushing until he was all the way in. Now I grind my ass and lick the cum off his chest, it was apparent he was in heaven. Soon he was in full thrust fucking my ass long and hard. I finished all the cum on his chest and he finished shooting deep inside my ass.
‘You have done this before’ he said and I smiled. I moved off his cock and grabbed my fishing pole and sat beside him. ‘Tell me what you have done’ he ordered.
‘Well I started. ‘I’ve suck a few guys off but not all at the same time, one guy at a time’ I clarified. ‘I’ve been fucked a few time, but only when I was dressed’ I said.
‘Dressed?’ Paul asked
‘Yes, my friend likes it when I dress as a girl and he fucks me. It’s the clothing that turns him on, but when I dress I get so horny I could fuck for days, something about wearing stocking and a dress.’ I said honestly. We sat quiet for a few minute then Paul said he had to take a leak and he got up and went back towards the cabin. Once Paul was out of site my hand went for my ass, and my fingers pushed deep inside and felt his cum all around my ass turning me on. After about half hour Paul returned and sat still naked beside me.
‘How many guys have you done all at once?’ he asked me.
‘Oh I have only done one guy at a time but I always wanted to do two at the same time’ I said.
After fishing for hour we caught five fish and cooked them I the fire place in the cabin as night was falling. Paul showed me what he was carving a dildo, and we laughed about it. “There are a few more guys coming up here tonight. I forgot to tell you about them, they should be here soon’ Paul said.
‘Should we get dressed? I asked standing up to do so.
‘No they will bring you something to dress into because you’re the new guy remember?’ he replied to me. Not long after we heard them outside. The door flew open and in walked ten more guys.
‘Where are we all going to sleep?’ I asked Paul.
‘We take turns’ he said. A big burly man walked up to me and pulled out a bag of clothing.
‘Go outside and put these on then come in’ he said. I looked over at Paul and he smiled and nodded so I took the bag and went out into the dark and got dressed. It was women’s clothing and with each piece I put on I became uncontrollably horny. I put the wig on and could feel some type of jar in the bag and thought it was something not for me. I walked into the cabin, everyone still dressed but Paul that is. The dress was a tight fit but it stretched. The one man walked over to me and pulled the wig off my head then pushed me gently against the wall. He took the bag from my hand and took out some contact cement. He spread it around the inside of the wig then placed the wig on my head. It was cold at first and mushy then it started to heat up and almost burn for a minute or two then it became hard. All the guys stood around and talked about this and that.
“Does it burn anymore?’ Paul asked me.
‘No. not any more’ I said brushing the hair out of my face. The wig was done in pig tails. The man who put the wig on me took hold of it and gave it a hard pull. It felt like it was my own hair!
‘He’s ready’ he said to Paul.
‘since you are the new guy you have to stay up all night and fuck every last guy three times, if you suck his cock you have to swallow the load and you have to do two at a time’ Paul said standing with a hard on once again. One guy got up and walked over to me.
‘Turn around and put your hands on the mantel’ he said turning me around before I could do it myself. He was a tall man and muscular much like Paul. He spread my legs with his feet and then pulled the dress up exposing my bare ass then he plunged his hard cock into my ass. Lucky for me it was still wet from earlier. He lifted me right off my feet. As he fuck my ass hard and deep I hung on to the mantle for dear life. He came quickly as my feet dangled from his cock. Then he pulled away and my feet once again touch the ground.
‘Come put on a show for us’ another man said and I knew what they were there for. I walked over to the man who was on the mattress, pulled my dress up and straddle his cock right in front of everyone and bounced madly on his hard cock as another man shoved his cock in my willing mouth. I sucked and fucked for hours even having to wake a few guys to make sure I was fucked all night long. As morning rose some of the guy awoke to me sucking the last guy for the third time. One guy tried to put his cock back into my ass but was to limp to do so. As each guy woke I was more and more tired but they had other ideas they took me out into the woods and stripped me naked then they all pissed on me mainly into my ass then I was thrown into the river to clean off.
As I came back into the cabin they made me dress for them in a sex manner then told me to get some sleep. I fell asleep on the mattress. Hours later I felt myself being placed over the hammock and a cock pushed into my loose ass. Half asleep I spread my legs and took the hard cock for whomever to enjoy. They fuck my ass for some time keeping me awake then they allowed me to go back to sleep. After hours more had gone by a awoke to find myself beside a large bowl of cum. I sat up and the men sat naked all around me.
‘You slept all day that means you have to service us all night again’ Paul told me.
‘But first come hold that bowl in front of you. I held up the bowl in front of me and one guy moved over and sunk his cock deep inside the bowl of cum. ‘Now suck it until I cum’ he ordered. Each guy did the same and I suck each one off swallowing their load after load. When the last guy finished shooting his load down my throat I was made to finish the bowl and lick it clean. I was made to clean everything, the fish they caught the dishes even the hooks that caught the fish. I was their personal wives there to do their bidding. As the night came back all but one guy went hunting, he was the biggest of them all but his cock was only average sized. He held me against the wall and kissed me against my will but it no longer mattered. He tied me to the hammock and my feet were tied against the wall keeping me off the ground and spread eagled in midair. He wanted it a little rougher. He pulled my hair and forced his cock into my throat purposely making me gag on it. It was then at that moment that changed my life forever.
As he pulled my hair and face fuck me without any mercy what so ever, he said ‘suck it you whore, you know you want it and I want to cum all night long’ he taunted me. Little did he know he hit the spot that not even I knew existed. By calling me humiliating names he turned on the real slut, the real whore within me, if he wanted to cum all night long he just flipped the switch that turned me on. I wiggled madly taking his cock deep into my mouth and when he became bored with my mouth he moved to my ass. He did not care if he hurt me as he shoved his hard cock straight deep into my hole, but what he found was an ass willing to receive what he could dish out. Once again I wiggled and moved about pushing back when he plunged forth.
‘Fuck me harder’ I begged, this turned him on as he took hold of both pig tails and pulled hard as he thrust his cock deep into my ass. When the guys returned hours later they expected to find me crying and begging to be left alone but what they found was a cum crazed whore riding the man’s cock who would tell everyone he was a nymphomaniac only to realize I was one as well!
The guys walked in as I bounced wildly up and down and just as he was about to cum I would jump off and swallow the load showing every drop as it sat on my tongue. As it was the last night I walked up between two men grabbing their cock through their pants. ‘Please fuck me I want my ass full for the walk back tomorrow so it can run down my legs. It was enough to get them hard. I fuck everyone even Paul three times, making sure each load filled my ass, and then in the morning the wooden dildo Paul had carved was shoved deep into my ass to hold all the cum in and I was tied to a long pole and carried out to the car, still dressed as a woman and with the wig glued on my head. As they carried me out my dress hung down exposing my bare ass with the dildo shoved up it. My hands and feet tied around the pole. They let me hang across two cars on the pole as Paul jerked my cock making me cum all over the inside of the dress. He did that six times before I fell asleep.
I woke up as my head rested on Paul’s lap. The smell of his cock making my cock go hard. My hands were tied to my feet as I lied on the front seat of the car and Paul drove. ‘You ready to go home?’ Paul asked.
‘I want more’ I begged…

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