Sex in the School Bathroom

The School Bathroom

It was a Friday night and I been out at a local bar with my girlfriend. I had been drinking and we were just chilling out watching the band play. After a couple hours of dancing and chilling out with friends we decided to head out. We were both horny from the dancing and we decided rather then making the trip back to my house we would go up to my college for a little fun time. At night all the buildings are locked up except the Student Center which stays open 24/7.

We headed up to the third floor and set on one of the near by couches. We start to make out. I leaned forward and slowly teasingly kissed her soft lips before I fully started to kiss her. After a while we are kissing very heavily and start to feel each other up. I started by rubbing her tits and then slowly moved my hand up under her skirt to pet her wet little pussy. As I’m rubbing her wet little putty I pulled up her shirt and start licking and sucking on her beautiful nipples. She has small but very beautiful tits that I just love to suck for hours. After a few minutes of the petting and the titty sucking my girlfriend begins to cum soaking her already wet panties.

After a few minutes she begins to regain her energy and pushes me away from her sensitive tits. She then starts to kiss me again but this time she has pulled out my now very hard and needy cock. My girl starts stroking me while we are making out but pretty soon I’m begging her to give me a blowjob. So here we are just sitting out in the open in a somewhat empty Student Center and my girlfriend is giving me one of the best blowjobs I have ever received. She starts off by teasing the head of my cock with her tongue. Then she puts the very tip in her mouth only to pull back and lick my head some more. When I finally thought I couldn’t take any more teasing she sucks down my entire shaft. Bobbing up and down on my swollen shaft, she is constantly changing speed and the amount she is taking in. For awhile she’s just bobbing up and down on my head really fast before once again swallowing my entire dick. After about 10 minutes I can’t take any more and I tell her I’m going to cum. She sits up and opens her mouth showing me my cum before closing it again and swallowing every last drop.

Knowing that she wasn’t yet done I laid her down on the couch and pulled off her thong. I had her skirt lifted up and I was slowly running my hands up and down her thighs, inching my finger closer to her wet sex but not letting it touch. I ran my fingers all around her pussy and just let them skim over her hard and swollen clit which caused her to moan and lift her hips trying to get them to touch. Finally I did the same thing with my kisses, I allowed my lips and tongue to get close but not touch. I was waiting for her to beg me to lick her and when she did I finally started to lick and suck on her hard clit. I would alternate licking her clit and licking her tasty wet pussy. Finally as she was nearing her second orgasm I shoved a finger deep inside as I concentrated on sucking her hard clit. This sent her over the edge and she all but cried out in pleasure as her orgasm over took her body.

At this point my dick was hard again I was ready to fuck this tasty wet pussy. We were a little worried that someone might have heard her orgasm so we moved our fun into the women’s room. Once inside we started stripping off our clothes and had her hop up on the counter between the sinks. With her up there she was the perfect height for my hard cock. I started to rub my hard dick over her wet pussy slapping it against her hard clit causing her to whimper then beg for my hard dick. I slowly started to enter her only to pull back out. I wanted to tease her until finally neither of us could take it anymore. At that I point I rammed my hard dick deep inside her and started fucking her like mad. My dick was sliding in and out of that tight cunt and my balls were slapping against her tight ass. I had her nearly screaming in orgasm for the third time that night. When she stopped cumming we moved down on the tile where she got on her hand and knees and we started to fuck doggy style. We fucked this way for awhile before finally we switched up positions again. This time it was me on that cold tile and her riding my big dick cowgirl style. We fucked for what felt like an eternity but it was probably about another ten or fifteen minutes before she had me on the verge of cumming. Knowing that I was almost ready to cum she started to increase her pace. This was too much for me and I shot my hot sticky load deep inside her triggering her fourth and final orgasm of the night. We came together my cum filling her pussy until it started to drip out of her cunt and back down my now soft cock. She got up off me and started to suck our juices off my dick she cleaned up put her panties back on and we started to leave.

Just as we were coming out of the bathroom the elevator opened up and a cleaning lady pushed her cart out. We still don’t know if she saw us come out of the ladies room together or not but it sure was a close call.

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