Life's A Beach !!!!

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I was lying on the beach in my pretty blue bikini, it was late July and one of those deplorably humid, hot days. I put my blanket as close to the water as possible even though it was low tide and that squishy muddy sand was under me, I just needed respite from that gross wet heat. It was stupid to lay there because there was zero breeze, so I was lying in squishy, warm mud like sand probably ruining my pink blanket and not cooling off at all.

I was very tan that summer, I had laid out every day and I was in great shape, I walked everyday for two hours in woods and on the beach as well as I swam whenever the tide allowed. My hair was also bleached to a near white blonde.

I laid there on that sweltering day and I saw him, he was a tallish, lanky guy, dressed in workboots and socks, long baggy tan shorts and a white t-shirt. I had the feeling he was interested in me. I saw how he was getting closer until he squatted and looked in the water when he was maybe 10 feet from me. The whole time I had my sunglasses on and was pretending I was reading a magazine while I sneakily watched him. I saw him inching his way toward me. I got excited, I love men and I love seeing their techniques to approach me, hey I even love watching them pick up other women, it’s as sexy as hell and entertaining, I love it.

So I laid there, he came over and said something, I pretended I heard nothing, poor guy, hehehe, he had to speak up louder. I heard him say hi I looked up, mmmmm he was quite nice-looking. He had brown short hair that shined in the sun tiny flecks of silver in his hair, a very masculine sexy face, he had a pronounced brow, nice deep set brown eyes, good thick brows, a nice enough manly nose, a slight bend in it, like maybe it had been injured in his early youth, and his lips, oh those lips, so full and sexy so incredibly sensual. I saw them and just imagined.

He spoke to me I don’t really remember much of what he said, it was conversation that was merely used to be next to a person, nothing exciting nor controversial in topic. But then he said something that turned me on, he told me he had been there the day before and he had seen me and wanted to talk to me, but some other guy was talking to me, he sat in his truck waiting and waiting for the guy to leave. He watched me get dressed and pick up my things and I left, he was disappointed but he said he came back hoping to see me and here I was. What a turn on!

After a while he asked if he could lay near me, I said yes. He and I were lying on our tummies, side by side, but not touching, though we were so close that we definitely could have touched by the mere repositioning of our bodies. As I laid there I felt his body heat, it came at me in waves, I wondered if he felt mine, I also felt that silky soft sensation I get between my legs when I am near a guy I am very attracted to and desire, it’s the nicest most erotic feeling. We talked and I wanted to spice things up, and actually I knew there was a sexual attraction between us, it seriously felt like we were the only two souls on earth and there was a kind of electricity passing between us as well as that body warmth energy. I started telling him some sexy true stories. I leaned back and looked at him and innocently said, “This isn’t offending you, is it?” He looked at me, actually into my sunglasses and said, “No not at all!”

I smiled. I saw a swan in the water with a lure in it’s wing, I also noticed the tide was coming in. I pointed out the swan, he asked if I wanted to try and help it, I said yes. But as we stood I dragged my blanket higher up the beach since the tide was really rolling in, he helped by bringing my purse and radio that had slipped off the blanket. He removed his socks and boots and his t-shirt. He had a nice wiry body, his chest was taut like an 18 year old in shape guy’s, he was just slightly muscular guy, he was more lithe than bulky. I liked what I saw. I immediately wondered how hugging him would feel. So we got in the water and tried to rescue the swan, he was behind it I was to the side, I had a cracker or bread and I kept trying to entice the swan to me, he would get so close and whooosh the swan quickly swam away, soon we were laughing at how quick the swan was. I smiled and said, “Oh forget it, the stupid thing doesn’t want to be helped.” he agreed. I was bending toward him and I straightened up I saw his eyes go from my breasts when I was bent over and as I straightened he looked at my waist and tummy and hips and then the tops of my thighs, wow I felt like he knew what I looked like nude and he was enjoying the sight. I felt my pussy pucker and tighten and gulp and yeah I got wet I could feel that ooze of wetness.

He must had sensed that sexual energy because he asked if I was going to swim, I immediately said yes and I quickly swam out to the very deep end near the ropes. He followed. We were way out, I noticed he was shivering, I thought that was odd because to me that water was warm. It did not take him long to get close to me, he faced me and hugged me pulling my body into his. I felt my breasts squishing against his hard chest, I moved them back and forth letting him feel their roundness and fullness and yes firmness. I felt his hard on, a nice thick hard on. angled upwards in his shorts and pressed on my hip. I moved so it was up against my pussy, I grinded him and he pushed back. How sexy, here I was humping in the water with a very attractive and very sexy guy a stranger but it felt so right, so natural. We held each other and I turned around I rubbed my ass on his hard on, I turned back and we hugged. He made remarks on how tight my whole body was and how hard my body was. I loved hearing that, it’s always nice to know that exercising pays off. I turned around again and moved my legs behind me, I hooked them backwards around his hips and I slightly bent over and rubbed my pussy ( from underneath and behind) and my ass all over his hard cock that was in his shorts. Mmmmmm I was getting wetter and wetter and his dick was stiff as hell. I humped him backwards for a sensual while. I did long slow forceful humps and grinds on his cock, it was intense. I said I wanted to get out. We went back to my blanket. I told him I had to leave, he asked if I’d go back to his place, I declined. But as I dressed I noticed my nipples were rock hard and I was not cold, that made me feel hyper sexy. I pulled on my tiny, but flared out, loose, green shorts and I put on my skin tight, stretchy, tiny, green shirt, his eyes were rivited to my body, I got the feeling he was turned on watching me dress, I know it turned me on to have him watch. I then leaned sideways and put on my clog like white sandals ( these I love because the white often reflects on my shins making my tan look even darker.) I caught his eye looking in my shirt at my breasts, mmm sexy. We said good bye, no kiss which for some reason I found highly erotic, I mean we had felt each other’s bodies, yet we never kissed. I left and went for my walk.

The next day I was there and he arrived. The night before I touched myself remembering our water encounter I was so ready to see him again. I had been periodically scanning the parking lot wondering if he would come back. I saw his truck and got so excited. He walked over to me and took off his tee shirt and looked at me, specifically my bikini clad round ass, well I could not resist I arched my back to make my ass more pronounced, his eyes just stared, mmmmm, I moved it ever so slightly just a very tight short back and forth sway, not too obvious but definitely discernerable, he finally laid near me, this time close to my body, it was hot out, yet at first our bodies were cool against each other, we were sweating and I guess each of our sweaty bodies caused coolness on each other’s flesh, his shjoulder was wet and cold on mine, but I liked that sensation, but in no time at all we were sharing sweaty body heat on that blanket. We just kept our bodies close to each other, side-to-side and we were hot. He asked if
I was going to go swimming, hearin
g that I knew he wanted more water humping and I sure did too, I mean the guy was sexy and so nice-looking. I said yes and quickly got in the water, it felt coolish compared to the previous day, but I braved it and swam out deep, the whole time my pussy pulsating and wettening, actually I was soaked when I first saw him walking over to me, so I merely got wetter. But I swam making sure I parted my thighs a lot as he swam behind me, I knew he was liking the view I sure was enjoying giving it. We went out deep and hugged. This time he slipped his finger in my bikini bottom and tugged it to the side, leaving it there in the area near my inner upper thigh and he rubbed my warm, silky, soft, wet pussy slit, he expertly glided his finger knowing just what to do, I felt that giddy horny feeling I love when I feel a guy touching me, it is very pleasurable indeed. I rubbed his stiff cock through his shorts. He left my bikini bottom to the side, he unbuttoned and unzipped and pulled out his hard on, what a gorgous long hard cock, I saw it under the water looking so pink and horny and sexy the head looking red like it was embarassed yet filled with passion. I started rubbing and sexily tugging on his sexy stiff dick, it felt so nice in my hand in that water, he went back to using his finger on my pussy. We were so horny the water was so hot between us, or it sure felt that way. He moved closer and rubbed his cock head in my pussy slit I could tell he was searching for my opening he got the head near it and I backed away, I was scared the lifeguard or someone in the water or beach would know exactly what we were doing. This time we kissed, his lips were pressed on and around mine, they were full, moist,soft and warm. I pulled away and said I wanted to get out. He followed I knew he was checking out my figure from behind so I stood taller and swayed my hips moving my ass just for his eyes as I walked out of the sea and to my blanket. I knew it was turning him on that I was posing so to speak for him, well moving posing, he I am sure knew i wanted all his horny attention on my body. We layed back down and he again kissed me, we stayed close. I again wanted to leave, I dressed, we said good bye and I left.

The next day I went back, and yes he showed up. It was so obvious we were lusting for each other. I had been laying there anticipating his arrival and as soon as I saw him I got drenched and my pussy trembled and I wanted him as close as possible to me. My body seriously ached for his body and his touch. He quickly removed his boots and socks and tee shirt. It was funny how we were so horny and ready for each other, I mean he just immediately undressed, like we were some married couple ready to fuck in our bed and we knew each other’s routines down pat, so no need for games just get naked and fuck. Though we were on a beach so no actual fucking took place except in my mind and I’m sure in his. Our bodies were so into each other. We laid there our legs toward the water, our faces toward the parking lot. He moved close and pressed his hard on onto my hip, my bikini was cut high so my hip was bare, I felt that hard cock rubbing my hip and part of my ass cheek, I laid there high on the sex. My skin felt almost painfully silky because I was so hyper sexually sensitive to him. He reached under my hipbone trying to get at my pussy, I told him not to, I was afraid someone could see, he did valiantly try to get under me to touch my pussy but I laid very tight into the sand, he knew not to, so he took his tee shirt and draped it over my ass, even that felt sexy, you know to feel cloth go onto my ass over my bikini. And from behind and underneath my ass he pushed his fingers inside my bikini bottom and rubbed my pussy back and forth, I was drenched I knew his finger was saturated with my juices. He rubbed and rubbed driving me crazy, he also had that magnificent hard cock pressed on my hip we both just looked straight ahead. I moved my hip on his cock, pressing on it and slightly rubbing it. It was the sexiest time. He said something so I looked he slowly removed his finger and looking right at me he sucked his finger and made an “Mmmmmmm.” face. My pussy jumped inside, a nice tight squeeze. We kissed some more.
We met up a few more times at that beach and met up at another very secluded one where I sat on a tall cement cylinder with him below, standing in the sand, he pulled my bikini bottom and shorts all the way to the side completely exposing my pussy to him and he just stared hornily as he played with my pussy with the sunlight shining on us. He told me how beautiful my pussy was. I dripped at his words and desire for my pussy. I told him he missed his calling, he should had been a gynecologist what with his admiration of the beauty of pussies. He smiled and agreed, but just kept staring and playing with my pussy. His fingers were amazing,he totally knew how to touch me. He stopped diddling my pussy with his finger and he loosened my tie in the front sleeveless shirt, he reached around me, unhooked my bikini top, pulled it off through my arm holes, and looked at my bare untanned breasts, he touched them, his touch was sensual and soothing, I had the feeling he was going to suckle, nibble and kiss them, but I got paranoid that someone might suddenly walk near, so I quickly pulled my bikini bottom and shorts back and I started to close my blouse, he sexily took the two ties and tied my blouse pulling my breasts together so I had cleavage. He smiled. He sat near me and I touched his crotch, yes he was hard, he pulled it out, how erotic and beautiful it looked, I automatically started jerking him off, holding his shaft in my small hand and pulling up and down on his hard cock feeling that soft tight skin on my palm skin, he came fast, his cum dripped over my fist, I showed him it, he asked if I wanted to wipe it off, I smiled and I took his sexy cum and rubbed it in my thighs like it was moisturizer, I could tell he liked that. We kissed and eventually walked back to our cars holding hands feeling the hot sun bathing us in it’s heat and we had that horny vibe going on as well.

We did fuck at my house once it too was nice, though he stayed hard for ever and I swear I don’t think he ever came, he claimed he did I sure didn’t think so. But we ended up not seeing each other, he did something that pissed me off and as that I do not forgive any crap done to me, since I never do anything to others, well I ended it. And yeah he came to the beach numerous times after his social faux pas hoping to get together and yep I twisted and elongated my body as he stood there asking if he could lay down and yep I squeezed my breasts together in my bikini top drawing his eyes there, and yeah I layed on my hip arching it out showing him my pulled in waist, yeah you could say I teased and taunted him with my body, but I never let him lay near me again, eventually I never saw him at that beach. I taught him a good lesson by denying him my body, I taught him only an ass would fuck up and in the process lose some horny available ass. I’m sure he won’t make that mistake twice, no guy is that stupid.

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