One is never enough

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I’m a lifeguard and I never knew that the beach could be so much fun! I’m a big guy 6ft inches and I’m only 19 years old but what happened to me was awesome.

We were on duty at one the beaches in my hometown and things were really quiet. Now I was on duty with two guys and six girls (we work in squads of seven). So being bored we started talking about going for a swim, only two of the girls were keen and I was the only guy keen so we decided to head over to bowlers to go swimming. Melinda and Belinda are twins 15 years old and both fiery redheads with a real innocence about them.

Melinda was the quiet one who kept to herself, while her sister was the loud and flirty type both were hot with 34B tits and really tight bodies. We stripped down to our cozies and headed in the water was so warm. After about 10 min of just fucking around I felt something brush my crotch. I got such a skrik thinking oh my god a shark. Turns out Melinda was trying to get my attention.

I looked at her to ask why she scared me and straight away I saw she had taken her kit of and was totally naked. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, this hot little girl flashing her tits at me and she was the quiet one. She whispered to me to come closer and I did, not sure what was going on. As I got closer she grabbed me and kissed me with a fierceness I’ve only seen in porno’s.

I kiss her back forgetting about her sister swimming just 20ft from us, while I kiss her I begin to rub my hand over tits and she responds with a silent moan. God that was hot, when she moaned like that the air on my face my cock sprang to attention. Now like I said before I’m big and my cock is no exception fully erect I stand tall at 13 inches with an impressive girth.

Feeling my cock harden she slips her hand to my costume pulling them off and allowing my dick the freedom of the water. Rhythmically she pumped my dick up and down never once releasing my lips from hers. I was heaven until she stopped she motioned for me to follow her and we struck out for the beach. On land she grabbed me again with her hand on my cock and pulled me in to her stomach.

She dropped to her knees and opened her mouth and tried to fit my cock in her mouth it was too big so I grabbed her head and slammed it in that was better. She sucked on my cock for about 2 min when I decided I had to fuck that little cunt of hers. I pulled my dick out her mouth and pushed her to the ground taking a long look at those sweet little tits and that shaven mound between her legs.

I lay on top her and began to suck her nipples feeling them harden while I sucked I was getting so fucking hot now. Her breath quickened as I realized she really enjoyed that and I sucked harder and harder. She moved slightly and reached down between her legs touching herself while sucked greedily on her rock hard nipples. She was moaning now louder and louder as she finger fucked herself.

Pulling her hand away from that moist clit of hers I buried my head between her legs and began to eat her sweet little pussy. As my tongue flicked across her lips I heard give a little whimper of satisfaction and warm clit juice flowed over my tongue and I hungrily lapped it all up. Feeling myself getting hotter from all this playing about I eased my way up to her mouth and let my dick rub against her crotch.

I grabbed her hips and pushed my knob into her little slit enjoying the look of pain my huge member had just etched on her face. It was slow going at first she was too tight for my monstrous dick but with a little effort is buried it all the way down to my balls and began to fuck her. I pushed and pushed myself into her all the time her moaning getting louder until I felt her cum along my dick but I was still rearing to go.

I felt a hand on my ass how had she managed to grab it all the way down there? Then I felt another hand slip between my legs it was Belinda looking for her sister I looked at her and realized she too was naked and she was looking really hot and bothered she told me it was her turn. Thinking I was about to get a bonus I stopped pumping her sisters clit and made a grab for her. She brushed my hand away and sat on her sister’s face.

I watched in amazement as she leaned down and started licking her sister’s cunt the two girls were eating each other in front of me. I was really hot now and I could not be left out, I went behind Belinda and grabbed her tits loving what was going on. I got on all fours and pushed my dick to the entrance of her sweet little ass. She pushed back slightly and I knew she wanted it so I eased myself into her ass and started fucking her.

The moans were coming from all three of us now and I could tell that I was close to blowing my load. Not wanting this to end just yet I pulled out of that ass and pulled the girls apart I told them both to get on their knees and they obliged. I pushed Belinda’s head onto my cock and let her suck my head while Melinda licked my shaft. Fuck I was felling like a king and the girls loved every second of it too.

A few more moments went buy and I shot my load in Belinda’s mouth she licked it all. I pulled my cock free and sent more jizz over both their faces and tits I was spent. The two girls looked at each other and giggled and went to wash off in the sea. I couldn’t believe what had just happened to me it was like a fairy tale.

We spent many more hours together the three of us and have tried loads more on each other and now they want to try bondage but I’ll let you know how that goes.

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