The Cottage

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The Cottage

The two lovers were enveloped in the cloak of darkness with barely a lightening blur of blue in the navy horizon. She strokes her fingers over the hard bulge tenting his swimming trunks. She’s in her twenties and him, barely 19. She wriggles herself closer to him, flush against his heated slim body, in between the sheet they had wrapped around themselves. Hardened nipples rub against his hot chest as he pulls her body tighter to his.
The surroundings were still, as if silence engulfs the guitar accompanying the drunken singing, muting the gentlest splashing of waves that crashes against the fine white sandy shore only a few feet from where the lovers were perched, with no privacy at all. Nothing separates their open air cottage from the others but two feet of fine sand.
Warm excited hands gently pushes down the swimming trunks to reveal the turgid length underneath. Sure fingers brushes lightly at the swollen tip, grazing along the shaft. Then grasping softly, almost tentatively, like an untried youth. Looking up, she catches the twinkling gaze of her young lover, his dark brown eyes telling her, yes, I am yours.
She slithers astride his firm thighs, her supple brown legs wrapping themselves around his hips and meeting behind him in what looks like a modified lotus position. He digs his feet deeper into the warm white sand for leverage, in anticipation. She drapes her left arm around his neck as she slowly guides his staff towards her citadel. Hot liquid dribbles on the swollen tip before soft, wet lips paid their homage. The lips unfurled like petals under the morning sun, separating slightly only to tightly embrace the plump tip.
Meeting eye to eye, in silent conversation. Mouths slightly open, barely a breath passing between them as she lowers her hips slowly, her lower lips pierced surely by the throbbing cock. Shorts gasps follow every inch she takes in, coming from them both. The fires of passion burns brightly in their eyes.
Oh my god, she thought, he is so big, filling me up so tight! Her inner muscles quivering in response to the pulsating warmth it is welcoming. Filling her to overflowing, he tightens his hold on her firm buttocks as she slowly grinds her hips. Back and forth, faster and faster each time, riding him expertly like an equestrian on a Champion racehorse. Deep and deeper still, she takes him into her flowing center. Like a cloud bringing thunder to her valley, he caresses her with his hot steel, stroking her with waves of electricity until she trembles softly in his strong arms! She bites the corner of her lips in pleasure as she squeezes and massages his throbbing cock. Still meeting eye to eye, she recognizes the glint behind his gaze, as he gets closer and closer to the precipice. She grinds even harder against him, stroking her hardened clit against his pubic bone, increasing her pleasure even more to the beginnings of another orgasm.
As her quivering wet walls tightens around him like a fist, he erupts! From the twitching, throbbing manhood, hot lava bursts forth, bathing her deep inside with it’s soothing hot liquid. Hot bodies hug each other tightly as even hotter cheeks meet while the grinding of the pleasure tortured lovers reach a crescendo, the whispers of their labored breathing urging each other into the abyss.

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