The Foggy Beach

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Two summers back, I had the pleasure of having one of the most memorable nights of my life during my summer vacation. My wife and I had leased a condo facing the beach. The place was big so we decided to invite along her best friend Shelly. Shelly is the kind of woman who always has the men’s attention. Tall and slender with highlighted shoulder length brown hair. Her sexy deep green eyes can render any man speechless. She has dark tanned skin that accents her long curvaceous legs that rise up into the most perfect full round ass. Her ass is amazingly firm and curves under perfectly like a fully rounded upside down heart. Lucky for me, one of my wife’s biggest fantasies has been for Shelly and I to fool around together. She told me more than once if the chance comes up, “you better fuck her, cause when we’re together you’ve got to tell me what it feels like to be inside of her.” We both knew a week at the beach should present several opportunities.

We would lie on the beach during the day. I would intently watch Shelly, as she lay on a blanket in the sand. Skin glistening from the heat, she was like a goddess under the sun in her little bikini. She would fiddle with the strings of her bikini and always adjust it ensuring it fit just so. Everything about her is sexy; it only made me want her more. Shelly knew of the fantasies and even had a few of her own. Even though she was intrigued, she was somewhat reluctant and afraid it could damage a great friendship. My work was really cut out for me. Over the nights we did some bar hopping and hit a few of the clubs, but I knew the evening had to be right or I may never get a chance. We took things slow to let the excitement build, but I didn’t want to appear over anxious. By midweek I felt would be my best chance.

The opportunity arose as we all sat out on the balcony having a few drinks. As the night began to wear on, my wife had had one too many and decided she’d rather turn in for the night as she was feeling tired. I knew she also wanted to give Shelly and me an opportunity to be alone. It was very late and Shelly had just returned from changing into her PJs. Always the one to know what looks best, she looked alluring in a thin white tank top with little delicate straps rolling over her shoulders. The white bottoms matched and were just clingy enough to accent her every curve as I gazed at her in the night sky. A light fog was rolling in but the moon was bright and created a low glowing light. As we talked I began to caress her leg as she sat next to me. She did not object as I began to slide my hand down between her legs. She responded by spreading her legs slightly wider so I could feel the warmth as I cupped my hand against her pussy. As we talked further she leaned closer to me allowing me to caress her breasts through the thin delicate material. She looked towards the beach and suggested we take a walk along the shoreline. The beach at night has a fair amount of activity so, I was resistant at first as I thought my opportunity was fading away until she suggested we bring along a blanket to sit on.

As we reached the sandy beach, even at this hour a few people were here and there moving along in the dim light emanating from the individual buildings. We walked along for a while and found a spot free from the building lights not far from the water. No one could see us from where we were located. The fog had slowly thickened as the night wore on but the moon provided plenty of light as it mixed with the moist foggy air. The water crashing on the beach was a soothing sound in the background. With the blanket spread, I sat down and leaned next to Shelly and began to caress her shoulders. She asked me to massage her back and I complied. It felt amazing finally being able to relax and comfortably touch and hold her. As I stroked her back one of the straps fell down off her shoulder. She turned to look at me and we lightly kissed, our tongues barely touching as they danced together. I reached across and pulled the other strap down off her shoulder. The tank dropped to where it exposed her exquisite breasts. They were amazingly firm and supple to the touch. I complimented her on them and I could feel her blush as I described them to her. As I cupped them I tenderly tweaked her nipples and suddenly had a rush of desire run through me. She sensed the intensity and let me enjoy her. I kissed her nipple, nibbling at the fleshy tip then circling it with my tongue. She giggled under her breath as I tickled her nipples. I slid my hands along her waist and reached the clingy band of her bottoms. Sliding one hand inside behind the band, I ran my hand along her firm round ass. I slid my hand down along her thigh then in between her legs. My fingers lightly stroked the smooth skin of her inner thigh. Teasingly I played with her soft warm wet lips as I slowly spread them and worked my finger inside. Incredibly, I could sense her squeezing my finger as I slide it in and out. Playfully, I said, “Grab my finger” and to my surprise she clenched it with amazing strength. Her breathing became heavier now and with a tug she slipped off her bottoms. I watched each long leg lift as the bottoms were drawn down off each ankle. She dropped them on the blanket and laid back. I leaned down putting my arm around her waist and I softly kissed her warm tender skin on the underside of her breasts. Moving down to her waist I kissed her tummy and circled her navel with my tongue. Then I reached her fuzzy mound. I kissed her there and nuzzled my nose in the curls. I wanted to drink in every sensations of this beautiful woman. Now, I wanted to make sure she would enjoy what I had planned next.

I maneuvered down between her legs and positioned myself in front of the most amazing view of her gorgeous body lying before me. From there I can move in and begin to gently kiss the soft skin around her exotic olive colored lips. I worked in closer and closer sucking in each lip one by one then running my tongue up inside tasting her warm juicy pussy. My cock hardens and I feel it pressing into the sand through my shorts. This makes me press my hands in further under each side of her gorgeous full ass. Squeezing each cheek deeply into my palms. I pull her closer and run my tongue fully up in between her glistening moist lips and press it in under her clit. I can feel her body pulse each time I flick my tongue across her nub. Then I start again at the bottom of her now dripping wet pussy and suck both lips deeply into my mouth. I press her ass more and sink my tongue as deeply into her as I can. The taste is amazing as I return to her clit and knead it more with my lips and tongue. Her breathing becomes labored and she begins to press herself into my mouth. Now more rapidly I suck in her now sensitive swollen lips, flicking her clit with each pass. I feel her hands running across mine as she slides them up and down her hips. She begins to moan and rock her hips as I press my face to her pussy. Then in a soft breathy voice she says “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” She then takes a deep breath as I continue and begins to gasp with every wave of her orgasm. Again I sink my tongue into her to feel her pulses before they subside. As I lift my head, again I see her in the moonlight, legs rising up on either side of me, glorious full dark lips running up to her neatly trimmed muff, her breasts rising and falling as she struggles to catch her breath in the moonlight. But, I was not done yet.

I loosen my shorts and they fall away as I crawl up between her legs while kissing her torso and moving up her body. I press my hips to her and I feel the swollen head of my penis touch her still wet warm lips. Going for it, I press my rock hard cock deep inside her pussy. She takes a deep breath and moans “Oh my God” as I press my hips hard up against her box. I look down at her and she is looking at me with one of those devilish smirks showing me she likes what she’s getting. Just seeing this beautiful sexy woman under me makes my heart pound. Gradually I begin to slide m
y dick in and out of h
er. She playfully tugs at my shaft with each withdrawal. The sensation of her lips surrounding the base of my cock every time I press it into them is incredible. Knowing after all, this wouldn’t be a long ride; I begin driving into her faster and faster. My balls push against her ass with each thrust. She lifts her legs higher the more I drive down on her. I feel the cum rising from deep inside my shaft and I look down once more at her seductive face then my head snaps back as the cum shoots out deep inside her luscious pussy. I continue rocking my hips sliding in and out to take in the sensation of every spasm. After the last one I slump over her, my head spinning in amazement of what had just occurred. We lay there on the beach for a few moments then the reality of where we were overcomes us.

Quickly we gather our things and head back to the condo. Once we return, we know it is late and I thank her for the most exciting night I’d had in years. Shelly turns to me and says with a smile, “Oh, I’m sure it will happen again.” I cannot restrain the big smile that overtakes my face. She gives me a long hug; I don’t want to let go but she turns and goes off to bed. I watch her silhouette as it disappears down the hall, then I go to my room where my wife is asleep. I slip between the covers wondering if I’ll ever get to sleep. Then I feel a familiar hand touch my thigh then run up my leg and I hear in a whisper, “Tell me what it was like?”

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    Wow! Well written and incredibly hot story! Please write more like this!

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