Taking My Wife On A Blind Date

Hamburgny got all this started awhile back. He  politely asked what it would take to get his dick invited into the upper tickle-tunnel of my wife. He seemed like a gentleman the way he asked me for a BJ from my wife. He said he would be gentle and polite to her. He would not call her a slut, bitch or whore. He might use words like sexy, or phrases like ‘hey guys, look at these beautiful tits I am fondling’, ‘I am going to cum down your throat’, ‘one more time’, etc.

See he just wanted to get his cum down her throat. But first he would like to expose, handle, fondle and suck her boobs in public, if that would be OK with me. So I wanted J to meet and spend time with this real sexy gentleman friend of mine. He has seen her pictures. He knows what her nipples look like. He knows she sucks cock for fun. He also knows she sucks cocks to make me happy. The guys are always happy, too.

Recently J has been getting bold and daring ME to do things. One of her dares involved me wearing her bra in public. She thinks I won’t do it, but I will on my own terms. I feel this is a great opportunity for me to put her in a compromising position! The more I think about this, the more I know this will work in my favor. I am going to wait until she has a loose sleeveless t-shirt on and then I will decide to take her up on wearing her bra in public. But I will want to wear the one she has covering her tits at that moment.  J will then NOT be wearing a bra in public. I am thinking a park or car wash is the perfect place to set my plan in motion. But maybe a bowling alley bar or a dive bar would work, too. Then there is always a party at someone’s apartment… Sitting in a dingy & dark hotel night club works too, but we did that already. I was also thinking of going for the parking area by an adult store. (Those guys are horny; maybe too horny?)

In my travels I always keep an eye out for “our-kind-of-bar.” I found one Bar off I70 by Richmond, IN with a free wheeling weekend crowd of guys and girls. The bartender watches and encourages guys and girls to make-out at the bar! He buys drinks to keep them in the mood. I have seen a few flimsy nipple tops.  The crowd seemed to like the shows. The bar was OK with it…
Here we go!
Genius, right?

We are on our way to Indy. I am stopping at a hotel  far west of Columbus tonight for a reason. This is a less expensive hotel than usual, but very near the small town club I had chosen for the old style bar in back with big bar stools and the huge booths around the walls. When I checked before, this place had a good size singles crowd of mostly younger guys. They looked to be workers and students. The people were college like; loud and easy going. I saw girls making out at the bar, mostly with guys! I saw one guy fondle a tit during his make-out session – his girlfriend, I assumed. I don’t know about the booths, I was having fun watching the girls at the bar.

At the hotel we dress for tonight. Oh no! I did not close the drapes all the way! I told J that it would be really fun for me if she put on those over size sexy shorts and her over sized front button up white sleeveless blouse tonight.  J smiled and told me to not expect much from her tonight but she would dress the part for me to show her off to “some horny guy or let me massage whatever I wanted to massage.” My answer was, “OK!” I went to her and massaged her shoulders for a couple minutes and then my hands slipped under her arms and began fondling her bra cups. I pushed her bra cups out of the way easily, exposing her tits to my hands. Rub rub rub tickle tickle… That went on for awhile. I loved bringing her tits out for a private party and she reacted to it by starting a hand job. But then she stopped suddenly and told me we’d have more fun later.

So we are set to go out and have some massage fun with strangers. J got dressed for me, I love that! She is smiling a lot cause she knows we will have fun tonight. J also knows she has the stop/slow down control. We leave the room holding hands. While walking I moved my hand and her hand with mine to her butt cheek. J gave me a peck on the lips as she pulled her hand free to grab my butt in the hotel parking lot. We walked the two blocks to the bar holding butt cheeks and passing a lot of people. I saw one girl hit her boyfriend for looking at J (poor guy).

J is having a fun time. She slid her hand down the back of my pants as far as as she could. I was into that so I decided to let my belt out a couple of notches while we walked. J’s hand just dropped to her wrist. Her hand is happy and so is my butt.
Getting close to the bar J pulled her hand outside my pants but still had a tight hold on my butt cheek. My hand had moved around her high waist area just shy of her blouse with the over-sized arm hole. My fingers began sliding all around her side bra area.


To be continued…

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