Wife Enjoys Nude Sunbathing in Public Part Two

Continued from Part 1…

“I’m sorry,” he responded softly. “You seemed so interested in it…”

Bob strode forward and pushed the leader backward, interceding between the leader and his wife. “Get the fuck out of here,” he demanded hotly, holding his fists up.

“Honey, just relax,” said Dorothy sharply. Then in a softer tone, “It’s a free country, they can do what they want. I am just going to lay here and ignore them.” Then she leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs slightly, exposing her bush to the group suggestively.

“Uh, what?” said Bob, distracted by the sight of his wife’s gorgeous body spread out for the whole group to enjoy.

“Yeah, sit down, honey,” said the leader. “She’s right. Nothing to get worked up about.”

Bob was torn. He knew how stubborn Dorothy could be. He was afraid to argue with her in front of these guys. He felt that would be a sign of weakness. So he had no choice but to play along with Dorothy’s lead.

“Ok, no problem,” snapped Bob. He backed away from the confrontation and sat down next to his wife. His mouth was dry, so he poured himself a cup of tea.

“Can I have more tea, too, dear?” asks his wife casually, ignoring the group of frat boys standing several feet away.

“Aren’t you going to offer us any?” asked the leader with a hurt expression, cautiously drawing a bit closer to Dorothy.

“Oh, are you still here?” drawled Dorothy with a bored expression. She looked down at his cock, hanging limp between his legs from the clash with her husband. “Ha, what happened to your big purple cock? Doesn’t look like much now.”

But his cock responded to her attention almost immediately and began noticeably swelling as it filled with blood.

“It knows you’re talking about it,” said the leader smugly, coming over to stand before Dorothy. Bob didn’t like how close he was standing or the way the big frat boy gazed down hungrily at his wife’s exposed beaver. Dorothy’s eyes widened in surprise at the leader’s cock rose up into a stiff erection as she looked on. “Yeah, you like that?” he asked confidently. “Your body made that happen.” He started stroking his meat again as he stood over her naked body.

“You like to play with yourself in public, huh?” responded Dorothy laconically, gazing at the frat boy’s cock which had quickly regained it’s purplish hue.

“Hey, if a sexy lady spreads her legs for me, I will jerk it wherever… in the park… in church… wherever.” He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly as his buddies broke out laughing. Dorothy couldn’t help herself and laughed along with them while Bob sat gritting his teeth in anger and jealousy.

“You would do me in church, huh?” asked Dorothy with a smile, nudging her pelvis upward for emphasis.

The frat boys broke out in further raucous laughter at her little pelvic thrust and Bob’s face was burning with humiliation. She seemed to actually be flirting with this asshole now and he had no idea how to stop her. If he chastised her, she would probably resist him and the frat boys would mock him. So he just sat and drank his tea in frustration.

“Dude, did you see that little groin move she made?” said one of the leader’s sidekicks. “She’s into you.”

“I would definitely fuck you wherever you let me,” said the leader, looking Bob’s wife up and down. “You have got a hot motherfucking body… and I like the way you dress.”

Everyone laughed at that, including Dorothy. Even Bob had to struggle to keep a straight face.

“Yeah, the way I dress,” said Dorothy softly. “That was clever, actually.” Bob’s guts twisted with angst as she looked up at the frat boy with amusement in her eyes. “But I can’t let you do me, I’m a married woman,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“But what if your husband went along with it?” asked the frat boy, waggling his eyebrows at Bob lewdly.

“Of course I would never go along with it!” squeaked Bob in indignation and the frat boys all laughed at the way his voice cracked from the stress. Bob’s face burned bright red from the humiliation.

The leader just pursed his lips judiciously. “Now don’t rush into a decision, my man,” he said, wrinkling his brow. “I mean, you let your wife take her clothes off in a public park, now didn’t you?”

Bob said nothing and just glared up at the frat boy who desisted from jerking himself and just waved his phallus back and forth as he started pacing back and forth above Bob’s wife as she lay spread out before him. Bob was mortified to see Dorothy’s eyes fixed on that stiff prick the entire time. She had a little smile on her face and her tongue was poking out slightly between her teeth, which Bob knew was a sign of intense interest in his wife.

“What were you thinking when she pulled her top off and those amazing orbs came popping out? Of course any red blooded guy who laid eyes on those bad boys would need to come over here and investigate.” He gestured reasonably to his buddies and they acknowledged his point. “Next, I would like you to consider the intense interest your wife has shown in my humble johnson. You might have noticed that she can’t seem to pull her eyes away from my cock. I think it would be terribly selfish of you to deprive your woman of the pleasure my penis will bring to her.”

Dorothy laughed out loud with delight at this, “You’re pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you?” she said looking up at him with a lascivious smile and spreading her legs a bit more. She cupped her breasts in her hands and started unconsciously toying with her nipples again.

“Dude, I think she just spread her twat a little more for you,” laughed one of the frat boys in surprise.

“She’s playing with her titties again too,” chimed in another.

Dorothy just shot them a dismissive smirk before returning her attention to the leader who stood waving his cock above her.

“It’s true, buddy, your wife clearly wants me to sink my meat into her. Be a sport and give us a few minutes alone, will you?” said the frat boy earnestly.

“Honey, let’s get out of here,” said Bob, jumping to his feet decisively.

“Oh Bob, why are you letting these guys get your goat?” pouted Dorothy cutely. “Can’t you see that they are just excitable young guys who haven’t seen too many naked women before?”

“Come on, Dorothy. This has gone far enough, we are getting out here right now,” demanded Bob, going out on a limb.

But Dorothy just looked up at him with her eyebrows arched skeptically. “If you want to go, feel free. But I am going to lay right here and enjoy the sun, frat boys or no frat boys,” said Dorothy firmly. “Of course, I want you to stay,” she added quickly when she saw Bob’s face turn white.

Bob couldn’t believe that she was doing this to him. He had no idea what had gotten into her. Dorothy didn’t know herself. She hated to admit it, but she was incredibly turned on by this brash douchebag of a frat boy. She wondered what that stiff purple penis would feel like plunging into her cunt while his buddies looked on. She was sure that she was soaking wet by now.

Bob was very afraid that if he left now, the frat boy would just climb onto his wife and start fucking her right there in the park. So he swallowed his pride and sat back down by her side. Meanwhile, the frat boy kneeled down on the other side of Dorothy with his knees practically touching her side and his cock hovering above her belly button.

“Do you mind if I kneel over here?” he asked politely, looking down into Dorothy’s eyes.

“It’s a free country,” she responded breathily, gazing back into his eyes with frank lust.

Bob wriggled uncomfortably at this exchange but could think of nothing to say.

“You know, your skin in incredibly nice,” said the frat boy, putting his hand casually on Dorothy’s belly. She gasped in response but didn’t object. Bob sat frozen with indecision. “It’s so soft,” said the jerk running his rough calloused hand lightly over Dorothy’s stomach.

“Thank you,” she gasped, barely able to breathe from excitement. Her pelvis thrust upward reflexively and she had the intense desire for him to put his fingers inside her. The frat boys gathered more closely around to get a better view and Bob noticed one of them unzip his own fly to start jerking himself as he watched. The situation had clearly escalated out of control and he had no idea how to stop it short of dragging his wife physically away, and even that probably wouldn’t work at this point.

“I don’t want you to touch my wife,” said Bob suddenly. Dorothy looked over at him with concern, but the frat boy just kept rubbing her belly.

“Don’t be selfish, Bob,” he said in an infuriatingly familiar tone. “Besides, I notice that your wife isn’t objecting. You don’t want me to stop, do you darling?” He looked down into Dorothy’s eyes with an imploring tenderness that Bob found surprising.

“I… I guess it’s OK…” said Dorothy in small voice, looking at her husband with concern.

“Yeah, sure it is. Perfectly harmless,” said the leader soothingly as he started making wider and wider circles with his hand until he was alternately brushing the top of Dorothy’s public hair and the bottom of her breasts. Bob noticed Dorothy’s belly quivering with excitement and her eyes were locked with the douchebag’s. The frat boy’s penis started giving little spasms of excitement as as he felt up her naked body.

Dorothy looked down at it and made a little “O” of surprise with her mouth. “Your thing is hopping…” she said thickly.

“It’s cause your tits are so fucking big,” he said as he brazenly gripped a boob in each hand.

“Cut the shit,” squawked Bob helplessly as the frat boy started kneading Dorothy’s boobs in his hands and pinching her nipples.

“Take it easy, Bob, everything is going to be ok,” said the frat boy in a friendly tone. “You can’t blame me for going after these titties now, can you? Look at these things.” He squeezed Dorothy’s tits and pointed the nipples at Bob playfully. She giggled in spite of herself and reached down to grab hold of the frat boy’s purple cock.

Continued in Part 3…

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