Unforgettable Encounter

It was a warm and clear summer night in North Carolina.My g/f and I were just sittin in the Jacuzzi in the backyard staring up at the stars because the night was so clear and peaceful.At first she was very close to me snuggled up and then without any warning she looked at me and climbed into my lap.She was gazing deep into my eyes and she took her top off and was rubbing her tits in my face and she was massaging her nipples.Then she reached under the water and pulled my trunks down and pull her bikini aside and sat down on top of me.She slowly lowered herself onto my dick.The combination of the water and her tight pussy were unbelievable.At first she was slowly riding me and as she got wetter she started going faster and deeper.Sending myself and her into a total state of ecstacy.After about 10 minutes i picked her up and laid her on the side of the jacuzzi and started to fuck her standing up.We fucked in this position for about 20 minutes.Then my phone rang and i answered it and it was a friend of ours a very famous and very beautiful friend of ours Tara Reid .She came over and was interested in joining the fun in the jacuzzi she climbed in and at first was kissing all over me and then she put her head under the water and took my dick in her mouth and started to roll her tongue all over it.Then once she was done she proceeded to start eating out my g/f while i was between her legs with my tongue ring having fun.After about an hour we decided to go inside and we went straight to our bedroom and i was thrown onto the bed by both of them my g/f was kissing me all over and playing with Tara while she proceeded to give me a blowjob.once i had finished she climbed on top of me and started to rock back and forth while Angel sucked gently on her nipples.This went on for about an hour and a half.After we had finished having a wild romp we fell asleep cuddled up next to one another i lay in the middle with one of them in each arm

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