Slutty Cleaner

As I work away from home quite a lot, I don’t get much time to clean the house or do the washing and ironing; my daughter is always short of cash so she comes round once a week and it really helps me out. Last Friday I was working from home, finishing all my paperwork when there was a knock at the door. Thinking it was my daughter, I just opened the door and went back in the lounge.

“Hello?” said an unfamiliar voice. I went back and saw a seriously attractive young goth girl standing there.
“Can I help you?” I asked.
“I’m your temporary cleaner, Eva” she said, “Lucy can’t make it today.”
“OK, come in and I’ll put the kettle on. Did Lucy say what had to be done?”
“Yep, all clear.”

I made us both coffee, showed her around where everything was, and went back upstairs to the dreaded paperwork. I could here the various machines whirring away followed by the vacuum cleaner. Because I am away from home so much, I have a really good CCTV system and as Lucy was so sexy I decided to bring the pictures up on my laptop screen. I’m glad I did since she had removed a lot of her clothing to clean. I guess it was quite warm as all of her clothes seemed to be black! As she was dusting near the TV where one of the hidden cameras was located, she bent forward to reveal a most stunning pair of tits. Not big, but certainly not small. She had no idea I was looking at her.

I went down to make more coffee and told her to take a break. She sat next to me on the sofa and we chatted. Her boyfriend had just cheated on her and she was clearly out for revenge sex! Her had moved across to my jeans and she rubbed my cock through the denim making him almost instantly hard. My own hands moved into her top to feel those wonderful titties. Oh they were so smooth and soft! Her nipples were already erect and as I squeezed them gently, she moaned quietly. She made me stand up to drop my jeans and boxer shorts; my nice, thick, uncut cock was standing proudly upwards. She pulled me towards her face and began licking my foreskin. Oh my this was amazing. She rolled her tongue around inside it, just touching my helmet. She gave my foreskin the occasional gentle bite which was lovely. Slowly and very gently, she engulfed my length of cockmeat into her warm, wet mouth and began to slurp up and down the shaft. She pushed the foreskin all the way down, revealing a very swollen purple end. Her tongue swirled around the end, under the helmet, driving me crazy with tremendous feelings. I know I was oozing sweet, clear precum. How I never came in her mouth, I do not know. She continued this for quite a while until she slowly eased my cock out of her mouth. She stood and raised her black skirt to reveal a surprisingly black, hairy pussy. For some reason I expected her to be completely shaven, but oh no, this was a beautiful mass of long shiny black hair. My tongue immediately found its way to down there and I was soon tasting her salty musky juice. He clitty had already raised its surprisingly big head out of its hood and was begging to be sucked. I took it in my mouth and sucked on it gently while my fingers began to explore her wet hole. It was so warm in there and very slippery, indeed; it didn’t take her long to come as I sucked and fingerfucked her. A flood of clear juice poured out of her hairy hole and she beckoned me to push my aching cock inside her. I pushed her back on the sofa, and she pulled her legs so high and wide behind her head, nothing was left to the imagination. Her pussy was completely open, pink, and soaking. She took my cock and guided it fully inside her. She whimpered as it reached its limit and I started to fuck her deeply. My cock was so swollen now; she told me it was stretching¬†her like she had never felt with her boyfriend, and within no time she tensed her young body and came with a hell of a scream. This was a noisy one! Her orgasm didn’t subside and she must have been coming for well over a minute. Bizarrely my own urge to shoot my load had subsided, mainly I think because she was so wet. I managed to fuck her hard and deep in the same position for a good fifteen minutes–during that time she was almost continually coming. By now, her pussy was a swimming pool and her love juice was running down her thighs–a considerable damp patch was on the sofa cushions. I eased out of her, spun her round, and quickly re-entered her hairy hole from behind. I could really drive my penis into her now, so deep, as my heavy balls were hanging low and bashing her tight little ass. I reached round her front and squeezed and caressed her ¬†firm young breasts. I was struggling to hold it back now and just as she started to come for the umpteenth time, I fired a stringy jet of thick, salty spunk into her womb. I could not stop, jet after jet of my sperm pumping into her. She came and came like hell as she felt my seed flooding her belly. Eventually, I was drained and slowly slid out of her. She turned over and sat down, exposing her messy pussy. She squeezed her pussy muscles and I watched as copious amounts of my spunk trickled out of her. As it did, I rubbed the white silky liquid into her hairy bush. I massaged some of it around her swollen clitty and instantly she come again. For some reason, my cock was still very much hard and she beckoned me to push it back inside her. I did as I was told and, despite the fact I had just dumped a weeks worth of cum inside her, I fucked her hard and fast as she come four more times. Eventually I could take no more and she sensed this. She told me to take it out and come on her face. As I pulled out at the very last second, a stream of sperm landed on her nose and eyes. I was amazed at the amount of the second coming my body had produced. Hot, salty spunk dripped down her face onto her waiting tongue. Once I had emptied on her face, she wiped it with her hand, licking and swallowing every drop. Good girl!

We laid there for ages, drifting into a soft warm sleep. We woke about an hour later in a puddle of our combined love juices. I showed her to the bathroom to shower and after she had cleaned herself up, it was time for her to go. I thanked her for everything and secretly hoped my daughter wouldn’t make the cleaning again sometime soon!


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