next door – monday morning

Adam wakes up two hours early each morning to have coffee on his second story porch. He takes his cup of coffee and newspaper out and sits in the single chair facing his neighbors patio.

Each morning over the summer his neighbors’ daughter, Anna, home from college, goes out to lay by the pool. Today she has chosen a royal blue bikini. Adam adjusts himself in his seat, reaching between his thighs to fondle his morning wood as she lays out. He sips his coffee as he pulls his average sized rod out of the slit in his boxers, working it between his fingers… imagining this young woman kneeling between his legs.. begging to suck his meat… “please daddy, I love the taste of your dick in the morning.”

As she turns over and pulls off her bikini top, he grabs hold of his hard dick…jerking furiously wishing Anna had her lips wrapped around his meat. “Suck this pole, you little bitch,” he whispers to himself. Pre-cum dribbling out as he works his cock, beating himself into a frenzy. Eyes closed tight trying to envision this 20 year old girl blowing him. Adam’s body arches as he can no longer hold back, shooting thick wads of jizz into the air…he imagines Anna fingering her tight little cunt as he blows his load on her gorgeous face.

His eyes open, searching down to find Anna looking upward topless watching him finish…devilish smile across her face…she grabs her towel and top, tossing him a wave as she walks inside.

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