Wife Excited About Date With Two Guys Part 3

“Well, I mean, it’s not guaranteed or anything, but that’s certainly her goal for the evening,” said Janet defensively. “She’s not bringing those boys back here to have cookies and milk. I mean, did you really not see where this evening was headed?”

“Come on Janet,” said Ed with a surprised look. “You can’t just expect Sam to swallow that. This is his wife, after all.”

“This wasn’t my damn idea,” said Janet. “How would you feel if your wife had sex with one or possibly both of these young men tonight, Sam?” She looked at me, waiting for a response.

I just stared at Janet dumbfounded for a moment. But of course I suspected Anne was up to something when I saw the lacy underwear. “I feel a cold sensation in my gut,” I said. “It’s like my world is getting torn apart in some way.” I put my hand on my chest. “My heart is pounding, Annie is my little wife, you know. I can’t imagine some strange men having their way with her. Using her for sex. Oh my god.”

Janet arched her brow at me. “It’s sort of hot, isn’t it?”

“Hot?” I squeaked in shock.

“It is sort of hot,” admitted Ed.

“That’s easy for you to say, it’s not Caty about to get fucked by two strangers,” I said.

“She needs to get fucked SOMETIMES; she’s still a woman, you know,” said Janet. “When’s the last time YOU fucked her?”

“Janet, come on,” I said, blushing, and glancing over at Ed who averted his eyes in embarrassment.

“Anne tells me everything, you don’t need to answer,” sniffed Janet.

“Well of course the spark dies down when you’ve been together for 20 years,” chuckled Ed. “What do you expect?”

“Well, these two young fellows are sparking pretty hotly for Anne,” laughed Janet. “You should have seen the dick pics they texted your wife. Thick and firm. These young guys have healthy hormone levels.”

“Dick pics?” I croaked.

“Like Anthony Weiner sent?” asked Ed.

“It was really the only appropriate response after Anne texted them pics of herself in her new lingerie,” offered Janet. I recognized that she was pretty drunk by how shiny her eyes were and how loose her tongue had become. “Or snapchatted or whatever. Anyway, you saw her lingerie, Sam, you can imagine how those boys reacted when they saw those pictures.”

“Let me get this straight,” I said carefully, holding up one unsteady hand.

Just then Janet’s phone chimed. “Hold that thought, dear, you wife and her two young lovers are pulling up now,” said Janet, as she read the text from her phone. “Oh jeez, I’m just beside myself with excitement.”

We heard a car pull into the driveway with a loud screech and then the sound of uproarious laughter as my wife and her two suitors came piling in through my front door and into the living room. Anne snapped the living room light on and we could clearly see the drunken threesome from the patio where we sat. It was dark now and they probably couldn’t see us in return. My wife’s hair was uncharacteristically disheveled and her dress was hanging off one shoulder seductively. Her shoes were gone and her stockings were running. She was accompanied by two smartly dressed college men in their mid twenties. There were very preppie with short carefully trimmed hair, parted to the side, khakis, oxfords, and sperries.

The cocky expressions on their faces reminded me a bit of stereotypical 80’s movie douchebags. I could tell they felt quite at ease as they plopped down on my living room sofa as though they owned the place. Anne opened the sliding door and slipped out onto the patio, closing it quickly behind her.

“Oh my gosh, this is so exciting!” she gushed, her eyes bright from the alcohol, and her cheeks flushed red.

“Rawr, those boys are HOT!” exclaimed Janet, clutching my wife excitedly.

“I know, and we’ve gotten each other pretty hot and bothered all evening,” chirped my wife.

“Wait, what’s been going on?” I asked, feeling a sinking feeling in my gut. Who was this woman who looked like my wife but acted like a drunken whore?

“Oh, you know… a bit of flirting, a little ass squeezing here, a well timed flash of boob and maybe a crotch grab,” bubbled my wife happily. Then she waved dismissively. “Nevermind all that, I will describe it in detail for you later. For now, you need to come in there and show them that you don’t object to all this. They know I’m married and they are feeling a bit bashful about you know, the whole sex thing.”

“Gah, what are you talking about?” I shrieked, pulling on my hair. “I don’t feel right about this whole sex thing.”

“They sure don’t seem bashful, they are helping themselves to the scotch,” commented Ed with a grin.

“Honey, stop being a big baby,” said my wife wrapping her arms around me and blasting me in the face with breath of pure ethanol. “Come in and meet the boys and then help me get undressed for them so they see what a good sport you are.”

“Buh, buh, but, that’s preposterous,” I stammered, my heart racing.

“Don’t ruin this for me,” demanded my little wife, stamping her foot petulantly. “You know I always put out on the first date.”

“You always put out on the first date? You little slut!” said Janet, her eyes bright with excitement.

“I wouldn’t have guessed that about you,” commented Ed, eyeing my wife’s body with renewed interest.

“I did know that, which is why I didn’t like it when you called this a date,” I complained, unable to hold her intense gaze.

“We can argue about this all you want later, now come and help me bag these two studs,” giggled my wife, pulling me by the hand and dragging me back inside with her.

“God, you are drunk as hell,” I muttered. But I went along with it, didn’t I? I was curious to see if she would really go through with it, my little wife. She used to be quite a slut in her younger days. Any guy lucky enough to get a date with her was sure to get laid. But after all these years of married life, I assumed I had domesticated her. Maybe not. We had to see.

“This is going to be so fucking hot,” said Janet, wringing her hands.

“Pass the popcorn,” agreed Ed with a lewd grin.

“Jeffrey, Roger, this is my husband, Sam,” said Anne introducing me.

“Wazzup, bro, you wife is like a total cougar, dude,” laughed Roger.

“And your scotch is superb,” chimed in Jeffrey, holding up his glass in a cheer, with his snotty ivy league nose in the air.

“Sam is going to help me get undressed so that you don’t feel, uh, any compunction about, um anything,” said my wife nervously. The boys laughed lecherously at my wife’s discomfiture. She was blushing madly as she turned to me and hissed, “Unzip my dress, Sam, come on!”

I stood there with my palms sweating profusely, avoiding the arrogant gazes of these two privileged pricks. But I didn’t want my wife to get upset, so I just unzipped the back of her dress as she asked. It felt both upsetting and exciting to be offering my woman up like a piece of meat to these two asshats.

She faced her two lovers and wriggled seductively out of her dress until it dropped to her ankles.

“Now unhook, my bra, will you darling?” she asked me sweetly, facing the two horny young guys who were drinking in the sight of my wife’s sexy body hungrily and totally ignoring me at this point.

“Oh jesus, the things I do for you,” I muttered as I unsnapped my wife’s bra with shaking hands.

“Holy Fuck, look at those titties!” yelled Roger with excitement as my wife’s luscious orbs came spilling out and I helped her out of her bra.

“This is going to be really good for our sex life, wait and see,” whispered my wife. “Now help me get these panties off.”

I sighed in resignation and gripped my wife’s panties and yanked them down over her wide hips, down past her smooth white thighs, over her shapely calves and down to her lovely little feet. I glanced up to see my wife rubbing her bush suggestively for Jeffrey and Roger as she stepped out of her panties.

“Would you mind going back out on the patio now, darling?” asked my wife lightly. “I think Jeffrey and Roger and I would like some alone time.”

“Oh sure, no problem,” I grumbled, slapping her bare ass as I shuffled back out onto the patio.

“You’ve got big balls to go along with that,” said Ed. “I wouldn’t have the guts to go through with this. Oh, and Anne sure has a hot body.”

“Yeah Ed, thanks a lot,” I said. My pits were soaked and my heart was pounding as I flopped back into my seat and watched my wife showing off her naked body to her two boyfriends. She juggled her big boobs in her hands and then turned and presented her cute round rump for inspection.

“I think the gentlemen approve,” purred Janet excitedly as we watched the two young men unzip their flies and jerk their meats as they ogled my wife’s naked body. “This is so hot it’s going to spice up MY love life. I’m gonna go home and fuck the shit out of Frank tonight. I am wet as hell right now.”

“Janet!” I exclaimed in shock.

“Well, I am,” she laughed.

“I’m just going to jerk off over here if no one minds,” offered Ed modestly as he unzipped his own fly.

“This is just wrong,” I complained, my pulse racing as my wife went and sat on the couch between the two preps, totally naked except for her black stockings. She leaned over and started whispering in Roger’s ear and then planted her mouth on his. Soon their tongues were flicking back and forth as he reached up and grabbed one of her heavy breasts in his hand.

“Wow, she didn’t waste any time did she?” laughed Janet.

“Lookit the other guy, he’s feeling up her thighs!” commented Ed as he stroked himself discreetly under the table.

“I see that Ed, I see that,” I snapped, and I felt my stomach flip as I watched my wife of 20 years fooling around with two strange young men on the couch.


…continued in Part Four.


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