Wife Excited About Date With Two Guys Part 4

“Oh, jeez, look, she’s jerking his pud!” gasped Janet, fanning herself as she watched my wife’s hand sneak down and grip Roger’s stiff wang, protruding from his open fly. “Are you OK, with this, Sam? How are you feeling?”

“This is so crazy, she’s really grabbing that guy’s dick. I almost can’t believe it, but there she is naked as a jaybird and just tugging away on that young guy’s prick while he feels her boobs up,” I said.

“This is incredibly kinky,” panted Ed as he fapped away, sweat beading on his forehead.

“I can’t believe you are jerking off over there,” commented Janet, peering under the table to get a peek at Ed’s penis.

“Oh, shit, now the other guy is fingering her!” shouted Ed.

We all turned to watch the show as we sat on the dark patio in the cool evening air with crickets chirping peacefully all around us, watching a veritable sex show in my warmly lit living room. We were gazing through the sliding glass door, invisible to the occupants within. Sure enough, the other fellow, Jeffrey, was pushing his fingers in and out of my wife’s pussy and we could tell it was exciting her because we saw her increase her pace as she jerked on Roger’s prick.

“Isn’t this making you jealous, Sam?” asked Ed.

“I don’t know, Ed,” I admitted as my cock grew stiff at the sight of my wife making out with one guy, jerking him off while getting fingered by another. “I mean yes, and no. On the one hand, we’ve been together too long for me to even consider breaking it off. And I’m sure Anne would never leave me for some arrogant young prick she just met. But on the other hand, it feels weird watching her do these intimate things with other men. She had reserved her intimacy for me alone all these years and it feels crazy to watch her getting naked and having her genitals violated. But somehow, you know the earth doesn’t explode or anything. She’s breaking the rules and really it doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, look, here she goes, she’s sucking him off now,” panted Janet, fondling her own boobs unconsciously as my wife knelt on the couch next to Roger and lowered her head down to suck his cock. Her hair hung down so I couldn’t see the cock actually enter her mouth, but there was no doubt what she was doing. Jeffrey found himself confronted with my wife’s round white ass and he wasted no time in kneeling on the couch behind her and positioning himself so that he could sink his dong into her from behind.

I watched in fascination as Jeffrey’s stiff boner penetrated my wife’s puffy labia and she lifted her head and looked back at him with surprised amusement and shook a scolding finger at him. But he just gripped her hips and started humping away on my wife and she arched her spine and threw her head back in pleasure as the eager young fellow dogged her enthusiastically. Roger impatiently grabbed a handful of hair on the back of her head and forced her back down onto his cock and so she submissively resumed sucking him.

“Oh wow, they are getting rough with her,” grunted Ed and then he snarled. “Oops, sorry, I just uh, came on the underside of your table.”

“You are cleaning that up,” I said distractedly as I fingered my hard on through my pants while I watched my wife getting roughly used by two privileged frat boys.

“I’m glad he’s got her by the hair, now I can see his cock better with her hair out of the way,” said Janet as she rubbed her crotch shamelessly and watched. She glanced over at me seductively. “Why don’t you whip out your johnson and start stroking it, Sam?” she purred.

“I would feel a little weird about that,” I gulped, looking at Janet’s big boobs.

“Look, look, he’s getting ready to cum!” shouted Ed, and we looked over to see my wife flicking her tongue rapidly across the head of Roger’s cock while he wriggled dramatically and then suddenly streams of jizm erupted from the tip of his penis and shot into my wife’s waiting mouth and across her cheeks and forehead.

“That boy must have been eating oysters,” commented Janet, as Roger sent spurt after spurt of hot cum onto my wife’s face. She turned to smile out at us, and though I knew she couldn’t see us through the light reflected from the glass, my stomach flipped and my gonads swelled with arousal at the site of her face slick with another man’s seed. Presently Jeffrey gave a telltale spasm as he humped Anne and we knew that he had cum inside her. He pulled out gingerly and she licked his penis clean for him and help him zip up in a disturbingly motherly gesture. Then she helped Roger tuck his own limp dick away again and she shooed the two boys out of the room like naughty schoolboys late for class.

When they were gone, she headed back out to the patio with a swagger in her step, totally naked and soaked in cum, inside and out.

“Well, was it good for you?” asked Anne with a devilish gleam in her eye.

“Oh my god, you filthy whore,” said Janet. “I nearly came just watching you getting ravished by those two young stallions.”

“They did get a bit rough with me for a minute there,” said Anne, casually wiping the cum from her face and plopping down in my lap, totally unconcerned about being nude in front of Ed. “Did you enjoy the show, Ed?” she asked, shimmying her shoulders a bit to make her bare boobs jiggle for him.

“Yeah, I jerked off while I watched until I came under your table,” he admitted, gazing at my wife’s hard pink nipples.

“Eww, you pig, go grab some paper towels and clean that up this instant,” scolded my wife. Ed scurried off, thoroughly chastised. Anne wrapped her arm around my neck and looked me in the eye. A glob of stray semen was dripping from her brow. “How are you doing, honey, I can feel your hard on down there.”

“Yeah, well, I guess that was pretty, um stimulating,” I admitted.

“Problem is, that those two jokers blew their wads before I had a chance to cum,” sighed Anne as Ed re-appeared with the paper towels and hastily cleaned up the mess he made under our table. “Can you come inside and ahh, finish the job those two lightweights started?”

“Ok,” I said eagerly, pushing her from my lap and jumping to my feet.

“You can join us if you want, Ed,” said my wife, giving me a daring look. “That is if you’ve got any shots left in the old bandelier. I promise not to tell Caty if you don’t.”

“I want to come too,” whined Janet. “I’m horny as fuck right now.”

“Sure, the more the merrier,” laughed my wife, and we all went inside and had some really fucking strange sex until we were all exhausted.



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