Asian Males Are Hot Too

As Marie walked onto her new ship, she saw she was going to be having some fun. She was new in the Navy, an enlisted military police officer, in fact, and ambitious and as energetic as they come. She finished checking in and reported to her berthing (the big room where everyone sleeps).

She accidently bumped into Bao Thao, a “man-friendly” female asian petty officer, in the passageway. She packed her things into her locker and decided to go shopping for some new clothes, she was partying tonight! She pulled her strawberry blonde hair back into a ponytail, grabbed her credit card and headed upstairs. Again, leaving the ship, she saw PO3 Thao, rubbing on PO2 Smith.
“Wow, thats weird,” Marie thought, “where Im from asian women stick to asian men…not white ones? Does that mean I can date asian men?”
She was on the prowl for something she had never done before–she wanted to fuck an asian man!

At the mall, she walked into Forever & Ever 20 and bought a very cute outfit–some nice tight pinstripe pants that hugged her firm round ass just right, a tight white shirt that rubbed against her nipples when she walked, and making her 38dd breasts irresistably ripe! In the food court she saw a buff asian man, reminding her much of a pit bull. Sexy jawline, nice build, and looks like he could take you down in two hits.

“Hi, Im Marie, I dont usually do this, but…are you single?”

“Hi, um, well, yeah, why?” he replied as he thought, “Wow, is this girl okay? White girls are never interested in asian guys, nice tits too…hmmm, wonder about the ass…”

“Well, honestly…I wanna fuck you.” she smiled as if it was a normal thing to say in a food court.

Thor’s jaw dropped. Sure his family was from Thailand, and in Thailand you can get a blowjob for 25 cents…but wow, a girl who is honest and knows what she wants. He thought that was sexy. And to think all this time he thought white girls were stuck up.

“Oh” he paused “well, I’m here with my friend right now, I can’t just ditch her.”

“Bring her along,” Marie interjected, “I like girls too!”



An hour later Marie was walking into this guy’s house with him and his friend Linda. Linda looked okay, she was asian, so of course she had no ass or tits, but at least she had an okay face, and a nice little body that you could break in half if you moved her the wrong way. Marie liked Linda’s mouth, she wanted to kiss it.
Marie leaned in on Linda on the couch and whispered in her ear.
Linda giggled and slid her panties off from under her skirt. All the while Thor watched and you could see him cover his pants.
Marie got on her knees in front of Linda, pulled off her shirt so her nipples could rub on Linda’s legs, and she spread Linda’s lips apart and went straight for the clit. She liked how Linda twitched as she flicked her toungue and soon came to realize Linda was cumming so much that it had leaked onto the couch. Linda’s grunts filled the room as she grabbed the back of Marie’s head, pulling her deeper into her warm little pussy. She wanted more, but Marie still wanted to kiss her lips.
As she rose to Linda’s face, she stuck her ring finger into Linda’s cunt and played with her clit with her thumb. MMM, she loved kissing Linda’s soft full lips. It made her wet.

“Thor, join us, what are you waiting for” Marie said, nudging her head towards the action.
Thor couldnt believe what was happening. His friend was enjoying this stranger’s mouth between her legs. He started kissing Marie’s lips as she took off her pinstipe pants. Nice ass!

Marie pushed Thor onto the recliner and started sucking his dick.

“Wow, Asian men’s dicks are sexy! And way more sensitive…maybe its because they dont have all the nerves cut off during a circumcision!” she thought to herself as she felt his cock harden in her mouth. She like the way his dick looked, felt, and everything. She played with his balls while she sucked his dick. By this time Linda had started to return the favor to Marie.
Thor just grabbed onto Marie’s large tits in awe. They were so nice and ripe! Not something he was used to seeing except in the porno’s he downloaded. His secret fetish was a white girl. He loved how their nipples turned pink, how their asses bounced in doggy style, how they had those thick thighs and hips you could grap. He loved a white girls body, and Marie possessed everything he had been fantasized about. Her nipples were large and pink, her cunt shaved and plump, something you could really bury your face in!
Marie was having a hard time concentrating on sucking Thor’s cock because Linda was getting so into Marie’s pussy that Marie began to shake. It was hard to hold herself up. So she put her hands on the ground and told Thor to get behind her. Linda laid on the floor and Marie buried her face again into Linda, who was so wet it was unbelievable.
Thor slid his cock into Marie. He thought, “God, she’s tight!” as she let out a moan that vibrated Linda’s clit, making Linda giggle in ecstacy. Every girl he had before was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway compared to her. He felt like his dick fit perfectly into ever groove of her pussy. He already wanted to cum, just feeling her warm tight pussy hug his dick. Damn.

As the night went on they found many positions that they enjoyed, Marie’s favorite being Thor’s dick in her ass and Linda’s tongue and fingers on her pussy and clit. They fell all fell asleep in the livingroom that night, tired from sex. Exhausting. Wow.

The next morning Marie woke up to the smell of rice and eggs. Thor cooks too? So, not only is he sexy, fucks better than anyone ever, is up for a threesome, and can eat her pussy as good as a girl–but he cooks too! Damn, she thought to herself–I found the perfect man!

On that following Monday on the ship, as she stood for muster, she looked over at PO3 Thao. Next to her was PO2 Smith and next to him was a buff asian guy. It was Thor.

“Thor,” Marie asked as he looked her way, “I didn’t know you were on this ship.”

“Yeah, I am…” he said, “by the way, I requested orders to work in your department so we’ll have the same hours. What are you doing later?”

—thats it for now—

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