brother-in-laws vans part 4

five men and one girl, only just lost my virginity to my brother-in-law and had four more hard cocks to deal with! hard life eh?

whilst being fucked by mr brother-in-law, russ the rest of the “party” had arrived and constructed a very cosy four-man tent complete with matress and clean sheets, i had no doubt in my mind that they wouldn’t stay that way for very long, russ was holding my hand and helping me out of his van and the four guys looking over my teenage body with looks of approval being sent his way.
i looked at him “russ i’m not sure about this, i mean have you seen the size of his cock?!” he smiled “i’m more than sure your gonna have the best time of your life and in a few hours you’ll be thanking me” he put his hand around my shoulders and kissed me “and i’ll be thanking you even more” i had to agree that i was gonna have a good time, i was so horny i wanted them all in me at once!
he sat me down in the tent and said “pick a number between one and four,baby” i smiled what a fun raffle i thought “two” i said shuffling my way back into the tent “good girl, make yourself comfortable” i laid back and a white face appeared at the flap of the tent “good chosing darling!” i sighed in relief that it wasn’t the big guy from the van door! “i’m ricky” he said as he and russ clambered in russ sat himself in the corner,ricky was quite good looking, about 25 yrs old around 7inch cockand a rather nice athletic body i was impressed! he crawled over to me and sat in front of me “the deal is none of us can use the same position.” he smiled and leant over and kissed me he was much more urgent a kisser than russ and that took me by suprise as we kissed he unfasted his jeans and within minutes he was naked fingering my pussy, i was relaxing quicker than i thought i would and whispered “fuck me now!” into his ear, he looked shocked but was happy to oblige “fuck, i had no idea you’d be this filthy, your so young” he kissed me again and laid me on my back and placed my legs on his shoulders and guided his cock slowly deep into me “your so fucking tight!” he said as he began to pick up momentum he was shortly fucking me hard and calling me a dirt little slut, i loved it! “gonna cum” he said “gonna cum in your filthy, slutty pussy!” i didn’t even feel my orgasm building it was his words that triggered it and i came hard as he was just about to cum “oh yeah, love ricky’s cock don’t ya you fucking slut!” and then he came inside me he pulled out and let me drop onto the mattress “fucking hell that was good!” he said as he scrambled to get his clothes on staring at my panting naked body. “NEXT!” he shouted and laughed as he kissed me one more time before he left the tent.
i didn’t get to pick another number russ just shouted in the next.
it was the black guy, not the one from the door (thankfully) “get on your hands and knees please darling” he said as he entered not even introducing himself how rude i thought and did as requested and got on my hands and knees for him “now i’m gonna fuck your ass!” i was shocked i didn’t even realise you could! i heard him spit then felt the warm liquid run between my arse cheeks as he spread my legs and inserted his finger into my arsehole, oh god i thought it didn’t even feel like there was room for his finger let alone a dick! “i’m not sure it’ll fit!” i said panicked “oh don’t worry, we’ll make it fit!” he chuckled and i heard his fly unzip and prepared myself.
he placed the tip in my arse and i cried out “fuck it hurts too much, stop please stop” i begged and that just made him more adamant, he pushed it in further and i thought i was gonna split in two! “oh god please stop!” i pleaded, he pushed in further as i began to relax knowing there was no stopping him and strangly enough i began to enjoy it, the pain was still there but it was a good pain a pain that made me cum within just several pumps of his thick cock! “oh fuck!” i shouted “oh my god!”
“Oh yeah, like it now bitch!” he said laughing and started to ram his cock deeper and harder into my arse, my orgasm was so strong i nearly passed out and then another quickly followed i was light-headed and there was no more pain! i was a tad upset when he came, which was loads and loads, i could feel it running out of my arse and down to my pussy before dripping into a pool on the mattress mingling with a pool of my own cum. “NEXT” he shouted as he pulled out of my arse, and playfully slapped my bottom “thank you” he whispered and left.
the next was the other white guy “hiya darl” he said friendly as he entered the tent he sat in front of me. looked pretty average build not obviously good looking but he had a cheeky twinkle in his eye “i want you to come outside with me babe” he took hold of my hand and lead me to the van, sitting me on the edge with the doors open, “someone will see” i said not worried about the other guys but innocent passes by, who would probably end up phoning the police and we’d all get arrested! “don’t worry” he said and laid me back, my legs were hanging out of the back of the van and and he was inbetween my legs, he lifted them around his waist and rammed his cock in me hard “ohhh” i moaned and the other guys crowded around enjoying the show, the black guy who had not had his turn yet was slowly rubbing his cock up and down i looked at him “cum on me” i said without even thinking, he was wanking faster as the white guy fucked me roughly and i moaned in delight of the thought of them all watching me get fucked hard! i didn’t get the chance to cum nor did the black guy as the white guy came in me really quickly but now i knew whos turn it was now! i felt ready for him and knew from the anal that pain was not a bad thing, he helped me stand up and turned me around so i was bent over resting on the van and stood outside. he reached down and played with my clit and then placed his cock slowly into my pussy it was painful but i was so turned on i now liked the pain and he began fucking me relentlessly, i came around six times with him and felt exhusted yet exhilarated when he finally came in me!
i climbed into the van and just flopped onto the sofa, russ came over and sat at my head, lifted it and placed it on his lap, he looked down at me and smiled “thank you” he said and kissed me gently “i have never wanked so hard in my life with the sight of you getting fucked by those guys and the sounds of you made me wild!” “thank you for arranging it, once i get the feeling back in my body i’ll help to repay you”

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  1. omega27mc

    i love this story. I’ve also read everything that ypu have written. you keep bringing something new and refreshing true talent. i’ll be waiting for your next story

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