craving chocolate part 3

Her head bobbing back and forth, gagging and moaning as a long black dick forces Sara’s throat into submission. Bent over a chair in an apartment she’s never been in before as she takes two cocks from these sweating muscular black men.. talking trash among themselves as they fuck this young mother and wife from both ends..
Filling her ass with 9 inches of throbbing ebony bone.. her lips wrapped around another 8 inches or so being driven down her throat.. drooling onto the back of this cheap easy chair.. she can hear it creaking as they work her over..
Another attractive black man sits on the couch, stroking himself slowly having just shot a massive load right down her throat.. demanding that she swallow his cum
For the record, Sara loves dominant men! Loves them.
As the pain courses through her jaw, as the man shoving his cock down her throat pumps deeper than she ever imagined possible.. Sara feels a hot stream of cum shoot up her asshole.. this hard thick black cock draining in her ass.. cum pours out her gaping hole as he extracts himself.
Sara feeling ashamed and bursting with sexual energy.. fingers herself as her throat continues to get stretched, when she feels someone grab her arm and pull her up.. off the chair, away from the cock being stabbed into her mouth.. Sara is pulled onto the man that was sitting to the side stroking himself.. she is pulled onto him his dick placed near her gaping asshole before he thrusts himself inside holding her arms as the other man who was just in her mouth thrusts himself in her pussy.
The two men rhythmically drill Sara as she screams out in painful ecstasy. She feels the wet sloshing as they gouge her with their cocks.. legs in the air, arms pinned as they have their way with her white ass and wet sloppy pussy.. she wishes her husband was in the room so he could hear how these men make her cum over and over.. how they use her like a fucking whore.. and just how much she loves every inch, every twinge of painful exuberance.
Once she catches her breath, she begs them to cum inside her.
“Use me like a black cock whore. I’ll do anything you want, please don’t stop!”
Pleading with them as if black dick were her drug of choice.
The one fucking her pussy begins to choke her, at first with his hand then slipping a belt around her neck.. tightening until her face begins to turn blue..
Gasping for air, her body twitching and jerking violently.. she begins to tremble and her body tenses up forcing out the black dick in her cunt with a steady flood.. Sara screams out as she cums, shooting the spray half way across the room.. twitching as the cock up her ass fills her with cream once more.. bringing a sick dizzy grin to her sweaty sore face..
The man that was fucking her cunt steps onto the couch, jerking his large black member until he pumps his cream onto her face.. she opens her mouth trying to catch as much as possible.. smacking her lips.. swallowing as she begs for more.. not yet realizing she has just drained three young hard black men dry..

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