Dear Diary 2 – Getting Even With Bobby


October 28. Dear Diary. Guess what? Bobby Williams’s parents are going out of town the first week in November and he’s been bragging about how he’s going to have the whole house to himself. Michelle had an idea and we talked it over with Allison and we all agree it might just work. We think that Bobby’s been mean to us long enough. Now, we’re going to get even.

We’re going to kidnap Bobby Williams and we’re going to keep him tied up at his house. Michelle’s mom gave her this stun thingy for warding off attackers and when you get hit with it, it really hurts. We’re going to use it on Bobby until he promises to stop saying the stuff he says. As always, I’ll let you know how it goes.

October 30. Dear Diary. Allison went to the store and she bought these really cool ear plugs so Bobby Williams can’t speak to us and influence our minds. We tried them out and at first, we couldn’t seem to get the hang of it, but finally, we did, and then it was really funny because one of us would say something, and then the rest of us would say what, and then the other person would say what back and it kept going on and on like that. We’re trying to work up some basic hand signals that are easy to understand and remember.

October 31. Dear Diary. Halloween wasn’t as fun as it could have been because Michelle and Allison and me are all getting ready for the big day and tomorrow’s the day. Bobby’s parents are supposed to leave in the morning so we’re going to go over there and watch, and as soon as they go, we’re going to move in because if I know Bobby, he’ll want to start calling his buddies to have them come over before his parents are even at the end of the block so we’ll have to be quick.

In addition to the stun thingy, we also have a gun. It’s Allison’s uncle’s but we have it, so the plan is, we move in fast, take Bobby prisoner and tie him up, all without hearing a word he said. I’ll let you know how it goes.

November 1. Dear Diary. I can’t believe it. It actually worked. We waited outside Bobby Williams’s house and we saw his parents drive away and then as soon as they were out of sight, we went right up to the front door and knocked.

I have no idea what he said because we all had our ear plugs in, but then Allison pointed the gun at him and she told him to back up and I think Bobby could tell she meant business, because he did, and then because he was watching Allison, he wasn’t watching Michelle so he didn’t see it coming when Michelle hit him with the stun thingy.

The way he went down, I thought he might really be hurt but Michelle said that was just the way the thing worked. The first thing we did was put duct tape over his mouth so he couldn’t say anything and then we dragged him inside and tied him to a chair in the dining room and only then did we take the ear plugs out.

Man, you should have seen him struggle when he finally came to. He was mad, Diary, really mad but we told him he better be good or we’d stun him again, and of course, he just had to try and be bad, so of course, we stunned him again.

Actually, we stunned him a lot and sometimes, just for fun. But also, we’ve started to teach him that he better watch his mouth and better not say things we don’t want him to say. To tell the truth, I don’t think he knows the power he has, and none of us are going to tell him either. If he ever found out just what affect his words can have, then we’d all be in big, big trouble.

November 5. Dear Diary. Bobby almost got lose today. We’d been going home to sleep in our own beds because our parents would have noticed if we stayed out all night, and that boy must have been up all night trying to get free. Fortunately for us, I know how to tie knots and tie them tight because he never did get free, but he did manage to get the duct tape free on one of the corners and that must have hurt like hell, but there he was when we got there this morning. He’d fallen out of his chair, but he was glaring at us all evil like. “You fucking bitches,” he said.

Boy, we were sure lucky. If he’d told us to “fucking let me go” or something like that, we would have been powerless to resist. As it was, all he said was you fucking bitches, and I guess since we have been bitches, at least to him, those words meant only one thing to us.

The three of us were looking at one another and we all knew what we had to do, but it was funny as hell because the three of us just turned and headed upstairs to the master bedroom in Bobby’s house, and there was Bobby actually lying there on the floor and apologizing to us as we walked away. I think maybe he thought we’d just go off and leave him there or something. He kept saying he was sorry and he wanted us to let him up.

I have to tell you a deep dark secret, Diary. Ever since that day when Bobby Wiliams called Michelle a fucking whore, and then I went and paid Michelle to have sex with me so she wouldn’t have to go out and find some stranger to do it with, ever since that day, I’ve been having these fantasies about her, and do you know what? I’ve seen the way she looks at me and I think maybe she’s thinking the exact same thing. Does that mean we’re lesbians, Diary? I mean I still like guys. I like them a lot, but I like Michelle, too. Isn’t that weird?

Well, anyway, the three of us go upstairs to Bobby’s parents bedroom, and I can’t help wondering what Allison Chan’s body looks like and I know, Michelle is thinking the same thing, and then suddenly, the two of us are undressing Allison, and I have to tell you, Diary, she has the cutest, little body. Everything about her is little and cute. It’s almost like she’s a big, toy doll. She has these cute, little breasts and from the moment I saw them, I knew I had to suck on them, and I guess Michelle must have been thinking the exact same thing because suddenly both of us are there sucking on Allison’s tits, and you know, Allison has her hand down between her legs and she’s rubbing herself and she’s doing it hard.

I move up and I start kissing Allison’s tiny, little mouth even as I am stroking her between the legs, and then suddenly, I realize, she’s undressing me. She’s got my shirt open and one of her little hands is squeezing my tits even as the other works its way down inside my skirt.

She looks up at me with those, big, dark eyes, Diary, and she tells me she wants to eat my pussy and suddenly, and I don’t know how it happened, I’m sitting there on Bobby’s parents’ bed rubbing my tits while this hot, Asian girl is on her hands and knees, licking away at my pussy and while my best friend is on her hands and knees, working her tongue between Allison’s legs.

I’m close, Diary, really close, and I figure the frantic way that Allison’s going after me must mean she’s close, too.

Well, I’m right, Diary. We both cum at almost exactly the same time and I can’t believe that this is the second girl who has made me cum but I am like, hey, how come I’m the only person in this room who hasn’t been able to make someone cum, yet.

So then, of course, we all have to turn around. Allison ends up on her back with me between her legs and Michelle is playing with her tits as she pushes herself down on Allison’s face.

That Asian girl has one nice, tight pussy and it must be very sensitive because as soon as I touch it with my tongue, the girl jumps. Well, of course, that just makes me go at it even harder so there I am holding her down and holding her legs open as I drive my tongue inside her slit, and from the way Michelle is moaning, you can tell Michelle must be getting exactly the same kind of treatment and it’s a race to see who can make who cum first, and I have to tell you, Diary, that I won, but not by a whole lot.

Well after that, Diary, Allison is like totally beat because she’s cum twice and me and Michelle, we only came once, and she’s like do you guys like girls, too, and we’re like, “too”, and she
‘s like, yeah, she only likes girls. That’s when I realized that Allison really is a lesbi
an, at least I think she is, and I tell her I like boys, and Michelle says she likes boys, and Allison is all disappointed like, and she says but you did that so well, I thought for sure…

It was weird, Diary, but I was like proud that she liked the job I did, and I asked her how many pussies she had licked, and she said we were the first two, and I said maybe you just get better with practice, and then she was real confused so I told her how Bobby had called Michelle a fucking whore and how I had paid her to have sex with me, (and Diary, Allison was so cool, because she said it was so wonderful of me to do that for my friend, and I was glad she had noticed,) and then I just kind of let it slip out that I had licked Michelle’s pussy and I had liked it.

And then Michelle was like, me too, and then Allison asked if she could see us do it to each other, and Michelle and I are kind of shy but we’re like okay, and then I’m on my back and Michelle is over me, and I have my hands on Michelle’s bottom even as I’m pulling her pussy down to me, I can feel Michelle sliding her mouth between my legs, and out of the corner of my eye, I can see that hot Asian girl fondling her little tiny tits and her little tiny clit, and I know we’re all going to cum so hard, and we do.

I mean I’m tasting Michelle’s juices and she’s tasting mine even as our new friend gets herself off just by watching what we are doing to each other.

Well, after that, we went down and made sure that the duct tape was back in place but after that, we figured that we were going to have to set up some way that at least one of us could be there all the time, just in case Bobby ever tried to get loose again.

November 7. Dear Diary. Bobby’s parents are coming home in a couple of days and finally, we had a bit of serendipity today. Bobby’s coming along pretty well. We’ve even taken the duct tape off although he’s still tied up. We’ve even allowed him to get cleaned up a bit. Anyway, we’ve been engaging Bobby in conversation to test whether he can keep from using those two words, and today, he said fu– and then he stopped himself before he completed the word which was good. But then, here’s the fortuitious part. He said, “Fuck me, I almost let that one slip out.”

Well, of course, I’m sure you can guess what happened after that. As soon as he said, fuck me, we had to do it.

Allison and Michelle and I all looked at each other and then we all looked at Bobby, and Bobby actually seemed to think we were going to punish him or something because he’s all like, what, I didn’t say it, and none of us are saying anything which was good.

So then, Michelle reaches down and she unzips his pants, and Allison, she’s opening his shirt and then she’s stroking her little hand over his chest even as Michelle is pulling out his cock and Bobby groans when she does that and I wouldn’t blame him because Michelle is stroking him hard, and then Michelle does something I never would have dreamed of doing. She starts to suck on his cock.

It was weird because although I would never have dreamed of doing it, as soon as she did it, I realized I wanted to do it, too, and when I looked at Allison, I knew she was thinking exactly the same thing.

So, then the three of us are all down on our knees, all gathered around Bobby’s cock and he’s looking at us like he can’t believe it, and the three of us are all sharing that cock between us and Bobby starts to moan, and it’s like the three of us, we just can’t stop ourselves. We just keep licking and sucking on that cock until Bobby just lets out this long, low groan and all of the sudden, he’s groaning and then there’s this white stuff coming up out of his cock, and then I realize that’s what it looks like when a boy cums, and then Allison says we should lick it, so we do and we just keep on licking it until it’s all licked up.

Would you believe it, Diary, but with all that licking, Bobby had gotten hard again and that’s good because he said fuck me, not lick me, and I don’t know about the other girls but I still got this urge to get my pussy down on that cock, so I stand between his legs and I slide my pussy down on his cock and finally, I’m thinking to myself that I’m fucking him, and finally the compulsion to fuck Bobby starts to die.

Then Michelle says she wants to try so I get off and she gets on and it is so cool seeing that girl ride that cock because you can tell she’s really enjoying it.

And then Allison says she wants to do it and her being a lesbian and all, I was actually wondering if she’d actually want to do it, but she did, and I have to tell you, Diary, she never did look cuter than when she was riding that cock and she just kept riding and riding while Michelle and I watched, and it was really cool because when she finally made Bobby cum, we could tell she was cumming, too, and then she pulled her pussy up just a bit so Bobby’s cock was still partway inside her, and so Michelle and me, we got to get down there and lick the cum from both Bobby’s cock and Allison’s pussy, and I have to tell you, Diary, that was so cool.

After we were done, Allison said she’d never give up girls, but she might have to try a boy or two from time to time, just to see what it was like.

The funny thing is I think he thinks we fucked him because we were rewarding him for being such a good, little boy and for catching himself before it was too late. How lucky could we be?

November 8. Dear Diary. We let Bobby loose today. Here’s hoping we don’t regret what we’ve done but if the conditioning holds, we won’t have to worry about Bobby Williams making us do what we don’t want to do. One good thing is that Michelle and I have a new best friend. Allison may only be a Freshmen, but she’s a good kid and she’s really special to us.

November 18. Dear Diary. The homecoming game is on November 21, and Michelle and Allison and I have had it up to here with Kirsti Wendt. I mean, I know she’s the captain of the cheerleading squad, but she doesn’t have to throw it in everyone’s faces. Allison was giggling when she said maybe we should tell Bobby Williams to go call her a fucking slut, but the more we thought about it, the more we liked the idea, so we drew straws, and it looks like I’m going to be the one to talk to Bobby tomorrow.

November 21. Dear Diary. Homecoming game was so cool. We won in the last minute and then we kept the other team from getting into scoring position before time ran out although it was close, real close. It’s a good thing Scott Reynolds made that tackle or we would have lost it for sure.

Kirsti Wendt was named Homecoming Queen although everyone is calling her the homecumming queen. Ray Simpson won’t even talk to her any more because he thought they were going steady and here’s Kirsti fucking just about everyone she can get her hands on, and Michelle and Allison and I think it’s so funny.

In fact, we’ve decided that it all worked out so well that Bobby Williams deserves a reward, and if you think that reward is the three of us, then you’d be right. So you see, Diary, as mean as Bobby was in the beginning, things can come out just fine in the end.

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