My First Married Encounter

Jeremy was a friend of my husband’s and drove a water truck for a logging company, sometimes working 70-80 hours a week keeping the dirt road wet. He is a tall black guy, so he and my husband look a little funny together (especially considering my husband’s only 5’8″ and Jeremy is well over 6 foot tall). They became friends since they sometimes worked together at different jobs, and Jeremy became a regular visitor at our house. After awhile I was comfortable joking and flirting with him, which would become sexual jokes.  My hubby would watch and join in; we were all happy and it got to where I looked forward to his visits. He always had something interesting to talk about and our open sexual flirting was fun too. To make it worse Lee asked me a few times if I would fuck him while he watched. I always refused, but I began to think about it quite often; when Jeremy would hug me when he came over, I would wonder what it would be like to fuck him, and I began to hug him back pressing up against him. We flirted even more openly and knew that if the chance ever came up it would happen.

It was late August and he was supposed to be working when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and he was standing there, looking at me with hunger in his eyes. He told me that his water truck was in the shop–a fuel line broke– and it would be hours before it was fixed. My ears were ringing as I opened the door for him and stepped back.

Jeremy stepped inside and took me in his arms. I gasped as he pulled me roughly up against him, our body’s tight against each other; I could feel his hard cock against my belly as he lowered his mouth to mine. I stood on tiptoe and opened my mouth for him; we kissed, rubbing our body’s against each other. I was sucking his tongue as though it were a cock and we struggled to my bedroom, ripping our clothes off in our haste to satisfy our need. I backed up on the bed, watching Jeremy’s hard cock (it was huge) as he crawled on top of me; I was wet already and he fumbled with his cock, trying to get it into me. In frustration I reached between us and took his cock, guiding it to my pussy. I felt his cock head open me up and I gasped out.

“Easy you’re bigger than Lee.”

Jeremy was breathing so fast that he couldn’t say anything, he just forced his cock into me a little at a time. It felt wonderful as I looked up at his face locked in a tight grimace, his teeth bared as though he might bite me. I caught my breath at his demanding need as he moved back and forth slowly until his cock was fully seated in me. My excitement was off the wall and this huge cock that was working its way in and out of me was building my orgasm very fast; I was breathing shallowly, almost panting. I could feel his cock deep inside of me and the pressure of his cock head as he would bottom out. His grunts of pleasure made me feel very proud. All of a sudden I came, clutching at his back and digging my fingernails into his flesh as I gasped and bucked underneath him. As I came, I was on the verge of passing out from the intense pleasure his cock gave me but lay underneath him gasping for breath as he continued fucking me. Then I was cumming again; I cried out this time, again clawing at his back, my legs tight around his thighs. He groaned and was humping me so hard that my head was slapping against the headboard, his body almost crushing me with his powerful thrusts. Finally he rammed his cock into me, up to his balls, and I felt his cock began to pulse in me–it felt wonderful. My fingers traced tiny circles on his back and shoulders as he came and I cooed softly in his ear as his body trembled in orgasm. We lay this way for a long time until he began to breath normally, then his soft cock slipped out of me leaving a trail of his seed across my thigh.

He said, “My god, I have thought about this day for months and it was every bit as good as I thought it would be. You have one tight pussy there, babe,” as he rolled onto his side.
He slipped his finger into me and I laughed saying, “I like that,” as he fingered me.

He pulled his finger out of me with strings of his cum hanging from it. He offered his finger to me and I sucked it like a cock looking into his eyes. I took two of my fingers and scooped some more of his cum out of my pussy, grinning at him as I licked them clean, and hummed “yum.”

He threw his head back and laughed saying, “Monica you are something else.” Then he looked at me again asking, “Does it bother you, knowing that I am Lee’s friend.”
I told him, “No, what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him. Besides he has asked me several times if I would let you fuck me and have him watch.”
Jeremy said, “No way…Really?”
I said, smugly, “Yep. Wanna fuck me while Lee watches?”

He shook his head from side to side, saying that might be a bit to much, and laid back. It was my turn to sit up now and Jeremy was on his back with his hands clasped behind his head, a smile on his lips. I reached out, taking his cock in my hand and even with it being soft and my hand around the base of his cock, his dick still drooped over my fingers between my thumb and forefinger. I flopped it back and forth several times, watching as his cock was still very thick.

I asked, “Just how big is this thing?” flopping it back and forth.
Jeremy said, “About 9 inches, I think.”
I jumped off the bed and said, “Wait right here,” and went into the computer room, grabbing ruler. I said, “Lay still and we will find out.”

I got back up on the bed, grabbed his cock, and started to jack him off, saying once it got hard I wanted to measure it. His cock flopped wildly around looking very tasty so I leaned over and sucked the head into my mouth as I jacked him off.

As I stroked his almost hairless cock, I looked up at him and asked, “Want me to suck on your balls?”
He said, “Oh my god, yes!”

Hhis cock head was all slimy with my saliva, so I took it in hand and licked it like a lollypop as I worked my way down his shaft, smiling up at him as he watched me. I took each of his balls and circled then until they stood out like hens eggs and sucked each one into my mouth, savoring the slightly salty taste of his manhood. I sucked each one several times this way to his gasps of pleasure, then looked up at him with his balls in my hands.

I said, “If you ever tell my husband about this, I am going to bite these things off,” and I lightly scraped his balls with my teeth.
His cock jerked at that and he moaned, “Whew, Monica! You are mean, but don’t stop I love it.”

I lovingly sucked on his balls until I decided it was time to fuck again. His cock was hard and throbbing now and his eyes were closed as he laid there letting me have my fun. I asked if he had ever fucked a married woman before? He laughed and said it would be telling, wouldn’t it? I giggled, watching his cock throb in my hand. I told him to lay still and stood the ruler on his pubic bone, pulling his cock upright; I laid my head on his belly so I could see it properly, then I measured it.

I said, “9 – 5/8 inches. Wow, that is big, huh? Hell it’s almost as big around as my wrist.”

I threw my leg over his hips, straddling his body. I raised up on my knees until I could get his cock in my hand, then pulled it into position. When his hot cock head made contact with my vulva I closed my eyes and lowered myself onto his rigid cock once more. I loved the feeling of his very hard cock going into me. I moaned softly as I moved my hips from side to side, concentrating on the hot cock that was giving me so much pleasure. I asked if he liked it as I slid down his pole wiggling my hips from side to side, working his cock into me. He was breathing a little ragged now and I knew that I would have to move fast if I wanted to cum before he did, so I leaned forward and fed him my breasts one at a time as I moved up and down on his cock. I could feel his thick dick against my clitoris and it felt soooooo good. I was closer to orgasm than I had thought, so I closed my eyes and began to bounce up and down on his swollen cock; my orgasm built inside of me, demanding release. Jeremy was fucking me now, faster and faster. I began to chant “Don’t cum yet,” as my orgasm grew, then we both thrust against each other and I felt like I was being turned inside out as I climaxed. I was a jibbering maniac as I jammed my body down on his cock my orgasm now in control. I came and came until I thought I might pass out from the pleasure. I could vaguely feel Jeremy cumming too, his hot seed being forced out of me around his cock. I fell forward onto him, completely spent, and we just lay there panting. I could still feel his cock pulse once in awhile inside me. For a long time we lay like this, our ragged breathing all that was heard in the room.

I was finally able to raise up enough to look into his eyes and I said, “Wow; why did we wait so long?”

Jeremy sucked on one of my breasts, chewing gently on my nipple as I kissed his forehead. After that, we talked about what we had done and neither of of felt like we had done anything wrong. After all Lee had asked me to do this, so I felt vindicated, and Jeremy said that he could handle it. We decided that whenever tha chance came up, we would get together this way. Later I sucked him off before he left, just to see how much of his cock I could take in my mouth. His cum actually tasted very much like my husband’s.

We have done this several times now and Lee is still in the dark about it. Sometimes when Jeremy comes over and they are setting across the table from each other I will walk behind my husband, raising my blouse up to show Jeremy my breasts. I feel so slutty when I do it. I will eventually let some guy fuck me in front of him but I am having too much fun right now.


(Image Source: West Coast Productions)

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    damn girl! if you weren’t married already, i ask you to be my wife! i want a woman just like you!

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