I boarded the express elevator at the Goodfella$ headquarters and right behind me was a gorgeous, buxom, and shapely brunette woman. She reminded me of those models that posed in men’s magazines. She was short and light-skinned with a piercing in her left nostril. She looked hot in her button-up dress shirt and jeans.

“Oh, my God, you are Mar’e!” She shouted. “Wow, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Alicia Tyler. I love your Goodfellas magazine.”

“Thanks, Alicia.” I shook her hand. “I’m happy to have you as one of my biggest supporters.”

“I love your work.” She admitted.

As the elevator proceeded to rise, Alicia made me arouse. Then suddenly, the elevator came to a halt. The sudden stop frightened Alicia that she literally leaped on me like a pet dog. As I consoled her, I liked how her round breasts felt on me.

“Don’t worry, young lady.” I told her. “I got you.”

Alicia looked deeply in my eyes and sparks flew. She pulled me closer, and we explored each other’s mouths. I liked her pierced tongue. Slowly, we stripped, and we both were in awe at our nudity. Alicia lowered herself and engulfed my eleven inches of love stick like an expert. As she performed fellatio on me, she massaged my testicles. Then she put each of my testicles into her mouth and swirled them with her tongue that had me soared up to heaven.

All of sudden, the elevator began to move. We quickly grabbed our clothes and got dressed. The elevator stopped on Alicia’s floor. She walked off and blew me a kiss.

“Have a good one.” Alicia murmured.

“God bless you, thank you.” I responded.

It was 11pm, and I was ready to go home. I was about to leave the office when I saw Alicia standing there. As she approached me, little by little, she removed her clothes. This reminded me of a commercial for a brand new soap the way she undressed and moved so slowly. My clothes fell off, and we kissed passionately.

I took Alicia to my office and stretched her across my desk. As I buried my face in her wanting pussy, my hands roamed all over her sexy body. Spitting and tonguing her love hole, Alicia moaned, and moved around on the desk. Alicia never received cunnilingus like this in her wildest dreams. I wanted to laugh at all the crazy faces she made, but I remained in focus.

Slowly, I penetrated her pussy with my dick, and could not believed how wet it was. Once my dick was secure in her love hole, I began my pumping action. I fucked her fast and hard. Alicia screamed like a banshee and became more vocal.

“Fuck this pussy,” Alicia cried out in pleasure. “This pussy is yours, daddy!”

“Is this dick bigger than your boyfriend’s?” I asked.

“Yes!” Alicia shrieked her answer.

“Does he fuck you like this?” I groaned.

“No, you fuck me so much better than he does.” Alicia replied.

“That’s right!”

“Oh, my God, I’m cumming!” Alicia announced. “You’re going to make me cum, baby.”

We moaned and groaned together as we both climaxed. The smell of hot sex filled my entire office. I gazed down on her and saw a satisfied smile on her pretty face. She got up and tongue kissed me good night. As she walked off, I stared at the tattoo of a Japanese beauty symbol on her right hip and thought to myself, I am a Goodfella!

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