Kickin’ It With Her Girlfriend

I had been kicking it with a Punjabi babe named Sunny Leone. She was short with emerald eyes, hot body, and long dark hair. Sunny was also the best friend of my girlfriend, Tia Bella. We both liked each other and enjoyed each other’s company. The truth was we did not even regret it or worry too much about the consequences.

One Saturday evening, I was in my Manhattan penthouse waiting for Sunny. She showed up at my apartment looking sensational as ever. Sunny wore a tight-fitting cropped black top that exposed her enviable abs and black pants. The outfit complemented her fair skin.

“Are you ready?” she asked excitedly.

“Yes, let’s go, baby girl!” I replied.

The weather was warm and gorgeous. We raced down the streets of Manhattan in my yellow Corvette C6. I felt excited to hang out with Sunny that I had a serious hard-on. Sunny smiled and kissed the side of my face. She seemed more thrilled than I was.

We went to a nice lounge in Tribeca. As we walked to the back, we obviously enjoyed all the attention we received. I felt like I was one the biggest hip-hop star in the place. We took seats at a table, ordered some drinks, and began talking.

“I like this place,” Sunny expressed. “It’s not too crowded and the crowd is not too wild and crazy.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “That’s why I really stop going to clubs. I prefer to go to a spot where the mood is cool and mellow.”

“How do you think Tia is going to feel about us hanging out like this?” Sunny asked.

I took a deep breath and said, “Well, she’s definitely going to be mad, but I cannot deny what I feel. We have so much chemistry, which is strange. It feels like we’re the ones dating.”

“I feel that way too.” Sunny sighed.

“Honestly, I am feeling you, Sunny,” I told her.

Sunny blushed. “Stop it.”

“What?” I chuckled. “You’re hot!”

“Well, thank you, Mar’e,” Sunny continued. “I think you’re very handsome and I’m feeling you too. I can’t believe you’re turning me on.”

Her comment put a smile on my face. I felt good about tonight. We finished our drinks and hit the dance floor. We danced innocently and playfully at first. Then our dancing became freaky. The more we danced, the bolder I got. My hands wandered Sunny’s sexy body. I heard Sunny chuckled and moaned softly. We engaged in a French kiss that seemed to make everything in the lounge stop.

Sunny whispered in my ear, “Do you want to get out of here and do something?”

“Yes,” I said. “Let’s go.”

In the Corvette, rap music blared. Sunny unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. Then she performed fellatio on me. The feeling was great that a bolt of electricity shot up my body. I stopped at a red light and Sunny rose up giggling.

Back at my penthouse, I sat up in my bed waiting for Sunny to finished showering. My erect dick already had a well-lubricated condom on it. I heard the water stop running, and Sunny walked in my bedroom. She stood there, hair down, and dripping wet. Sunny had round breasts with nipples sticking out invitingly, slim waist, and hips. I smiled at the sight of Sunny, anticipating great lovemaking with her. Sunny crawled to the bed and our mouths met in a tongue-probed kiss. I gripped her bare ass-cheeks that made her groaned. Sunny lowered herself, kissed my torso, and licked my stomach. My dick disappeared in her warm mouth, and she gave me one incredible blowjob.

“Oh, yes, shit!” I moaned. “That’s it baby.”

Sunny bobbed up and down on my dick like a pro, making it good and wet with her saliva. I enjoyed the view of her talent. I felt myself ready to ejaculate as she sucked my dick even harder. Then I filled Sunny’s mouth with my cum. She swallowed it and smiled seductively.

“I hope that smooth tongue of yours is ready for this pussy, because I am hot!” Sunny said in a sultry voice.

She lay on the bed and spread her legs. I slowly approached her, licked, and sucked her pussy. Sunny closed her eyes and moaned. I saw the enjoyable look resting on her face. She humped her wet pussy at my mouth while I drank her sweet honey as it flowed out.

“I’m ready to fuck this pussy, baby.” I expressed.

“Well, give it to me.” Sunny demanded.

I got between her toned legs and slid my hard dick into her wet pussy. I pumped slowly, but immediately began picking up the pace. Sunny’s cunt muscles squeezed my dick. She wrapped her toned legs around my waist and pulled me in tighter.

“Damn, you have some good pussy. Shit!” I announced.

“Fuck this pussy, daddy!” Sunny yelled.

“I love this pussy.” I murmured.

I was fucking her deeper and harder. Sunny was twisting, letting me know I was hitting her spot. She dug her nails into my back, and I stopped my pumping action. I looked down and saw that her pussy cream milked my dick.

I pulled Sunny on top of me, and she bounced up and down on my dick. The bed squeaked in a steady rhythm and the headboard bumped against the wall. We both cried out that we were cumming, and in seconds, we both climaxed.

Sunny collapsed on top of me, and she was sexual satisfied. She rolled over on her back looking up at the ceiling.

“Mar’e, you are the best I ever had!” Sunny confessed. “I can see why Tia can’t stop talking about you.”

“She can’t get enough of me,” I implied.

About an hour later, we got dressed and went downstairs. I was too weary to drive, so I decided to call a cab for Sunny. As we waited, we started kissing. I looked over and there was Tia standing there hot! I did not expect Tia to make a surprise visit. Sunny felt embarrassed as she slowly moved away from me. It was the first time Tia caught me cheating on her with her best friend. She slapped me in the face repeatedly. Then she chased Sunny down the street. I could not believe what was going on as I went after them.

I caught up to Tia, wrapped my arms around her, and held her back. Sunny vanished into the night. As I tried to calm Tia down, I apologized for me and Sunny, and everything that went down. Tia felt that she could not trust me, and decided to end the relationship. As she walked off, I felt awful that I hurt her. Now, I regret kickin ‘ it with her girlfriend!

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