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It was a dark and kinky Halloween night. Screaming orgasms and grunting were ensuing through the walls of my Charles Street condominium as I stood by my oversize windows gazing at the moon. The woman was sure a howler; she turned me on. Halloween had always been one of my favorite holidays. I loved the sight of hot girls walking around Manhattan, dressed as sexy maids or naughty nurses and Playboy Bunnies; a sure reason for a bad boy like me to enjoy the steamy raunchy nights.

Moments later, 2Pac’s “California Love (remix)” began blaring in my iPhone 5S. I knew who it was…Akeem. He was one of my best buddies who lived two floors below mine. Akeem was a tall, light-skinned handsome guy with a dark Caesar haircut and brown eyes. Acting and modeling were his hustles.

“What’s up, playboy?” I answered.

“What’s good? Yo, are you still going to the Masquerade Party aren’t you?” He asked.

“Hell yeah, you know we’re in there. Jeri Lee is expecting me already! I cannot wait to see the costume she is rocking in! Knock on my door in twenty minutes. I should be ready then.”

“I won’t say no!”

After taking a quick shower, I rushed to my bedroom and got dressed. Then I stood in front of my mirror, grinning broadly. I had on the Back to the Future Marty McFly Vest, 2015 Marty McFly Hat, and the 2011 Nike Mag sneakers. Yeah, I was the Black Marty McFly for Halloween and I had been planning to do the costume for ages.

My doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw Akeem, dressed in the red and black leather Thriller costume with the matching Red October Yeezy 2 sneakers. It never amazed me that every year most people paid homage to the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson.

“Your costume rocks, playboy!” I told him. “You’re the first person I see rocking the Yeezy!”

Akeem chuckled. “I was going to rock some Jordans, but I said fuck it,” he said. “I like your Back to the Future look! Are you ready to do this?”

“Let’s get outta here!”

We hopped in my rented gold plated DeLorean DMC-12 and sped off. I literally felt like a kid behind the wheel of one of my favorite iconic movie cars. I put on some music to keep us in party. Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” had me in a 1980s state of mind as I cruised up the energetic street. I loved how the city transformed into a character. Spooky colors, creepy paintings, haunting sculptures, and glowing carved jack-o’-lanterns adorned the city. Most of the windows I saw had flying witches, spider’s webs, black cats, and skeletons on them. Youngsters were running around doing trick-or-treating!

Forty-five minutes later, we arrived at the American Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side . There were limos and luxury cars lined all the way around the museum. Akeem and I smiled at the beautiful women dressed in the skimpiest costumes making their way inside. I texted Jeri to let her know we just arrived. After that, Akeem and I began making our way up the stairs to the entrance.

“Come on man; let’s go be stars up in this joint.” I said.

Pop music emitted from the party as we entered the ballroom. A tall door attendant dressed as a pirate offered us a bottle of Cristal. Akeem and I took a sip of our bottles and stood there, chatting jovially. Costumed photographers for the event began taking our pictures. Akeem did his usual funny poses that had the door attendant and photographers laughing. After they finished snapping pictures, we walked down the short flight of gold stairs that led to the ballroom floor. Laughter synchronized with the music that already blared. I scanned the room and saw many people wearing Halloween costumes. There were some women dressed as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé. I have to admit, the women did a great job dressing as the look-alikes of their favorite celebrities.

Akeem ran into his light-skinned runway model friend who was Lara Croft for Halloween. She had striking chocolate eyes and some freckles on her oval face. Her long dark brown hair was up in a ponytail, which waved as she laughed.

Akeem introduced her to me, “Siobhan, this is my pal, Mar’e!”

“Yes, I know him. He’s the Nature Boy, isn’t he?” She said, eying me smilingly. “I know you’ve made with as many women as Live has.”

Live was Akeem’s nickname.

“Who me? No.” I responded impassively.

“Nigga, please, I know you are getting as much pussy as he does. I’ve heard your stories and still recall your Goodfella$ days.”

“Whatever.” I chuckled. “Live is the freak, not me. I am going to leave you two alone and find my shortie. Excuse me.”

I left them to look for Jeri. Surveying the energetic crowd, I finally found her. She stood in a corner carrying some small beige basket. She had on a red hooded cape with a matching tutu skirt, and a black corset over a white inset that matched the chest and ruffled shoulders. Her bared toned belly made her costume look sexier than the women around. What I loved about this Filipino-Mexican adult model the most was her bubbly personality, infectious smile, and eye-catching looks.

“Wow, your costume is amazing, baby girl!” I told her.

“Thanks, babe, you know I have to look extra sexy for you.” Jeri Lee smiled. “I’m the 21st century Little Red Riding Hood.”

“You have my vote for the best Halloween costume!”

Jeri Lee chuckled and said, “Thank you! I like your costume too!”

“No, you’re just trying to be nice.” I joked. “Marty McFly don’t have anything on Little Red Riding Hood.”

“Well, you’re the sexiest Marty McFly I have ever seen.” Jeri smiled.

The deejay put on Justin Timberlake’s upbeat single, “Take Back The Night,” and it incited us to hit the dance floor.

“Oh, this is superb! I love this song!” I shouted. “The music is Luther Vandross mixed with Michael Jackson. This is the hottest song of the year!”

“Do you think Justin Timberlake is the closet to Michael Jackson?”

“Hell no, it’s Chris Brown!” I answered. “He is a better dancer and performer than Justin is. However, I think Justin Timberlake makes better music than Chris Brown.”

“Yes, he does. I loved FutureSex/LoveSounds and The 20/20 Experience albums.” Jeri admitted. “I go-go danced to them all the time.”

“I would love to you see do some go-go dancing in my place.”

“If you are lucky, you mind see that before the night ends, babe.”

The soulful music had us grooving. I seized Jeri by her slim waist, got my legs between hers, and we began grinding. Our bodies writhed. We laughed in unison and excitement had me developing an erection. Jeri was very receptive to me, and continued with the flow. We were soon kissing passionately and our hands wandered over each other’s body. The sensation rose after the magical teasing! We danced and danced, perhaps for more than an hour, and we felt like two. After the deejay played Drake’s single, “Hold On We’re Going Home,” we decided to leave. We bade farewell to Akeem and Siobhan, and exited. There were a few costumed people networking in front of the museum. Holding hands, Jeri and I walked across the street where I parked the car.

“Wow, you went all out with your Back to the Future theme.” Jeri said. “The car is a big surprise!”

“I knew you’ll love it!” I continued. “It’s not Back to the Future without the DeLorean!”

We got in the car, and drove off. Our destination was my place, and I had Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” blaring from the car. We were bopping to the music and singing the lyrics. Jeri had a big smile on her face. I loved her deep dimples.

“You’ve shown me the best dimples, baby girl.” I quipped.

“Thanks, hun.” She replied. “Did you come to the party to check on me?”

“Yes,” I answered. “I wanted to spend Halloween night with the sexiest woman in the city. You know how I do. You made Halloween extra sexy this year!”

I stopped at a red light and we began kissing. I slowly put my arm around her and began massaging her back and ass. Jeri responded by going straight to my hard-on. She licked and kissed the side of my face. Then Jeri nibbled my earlobe, which made me moan softly. We continued kissing before Jeri fished my big dick from the confines of my Versace boxers and began to stroke me zealously.

“You like that?” She asked.

“Yeah, oh shit!” I murmured. “Don’t stop, baby!”

The light turned green, and I resumed driving and enjoying the Jeri’s teasing game. She released her stranglehold on my dick and began sucking it deep into her mouth. Jeri wrapped her lips around my dick and deep-throated me like a pro. I was groaning and praying that I would not crash because her blowjob was incredible. Jeri nibbled and tickled the head of my dick with her tongue while she gently stroked me. It did not take long for me to discharge in her warm mouth. I felt she sucked part of my soul from my body. Jeri giggled like a girlie girl as I filled her mouth.

Back at my luxury condominium, Jeri did not waste any time stripping out of her costume. We were in the living room and I loved her naughty demo. She walked over to the windows and watched the Hudson River. She looked so sexy and desirable standing there in the nude. I gazed at her smooth fat ass as I  took my clothes off.

“You are so fucking hot, baby girl.” I spoke.

Jeri turned around and said, “Come over here, and fuck me now. You must never lose the delicacy.”

I slowly sauntered up to Jeri. Her eyes were dreamy yet fiery in lust. We French kissed instantly. As our tongues exercised, I cupped her supple tits, pushed her against the wall, and clutched at her buttocks. Lifting her to my hips, I jammed my cock into her receptive pussy. Jeri’s moaning and sex sounds that she made felt like the perfect Halloween soundtrack to my ears. Fucking in plain view of the traffic racing up and down the Joe DiMaggio Highway was indeed spectacular. Jeri and I did not give a fuck if somebody watched us or not. We were too preoccupied in the pleasure to be wary. My dick got coated with her sex juices that dribbled down my legs.

While still holding Jeri by her buttocks, I moved backwards from the window and down to the floor. Jeri was on top of me, laughing. She rode me, moaning ecstatically. Jeri pinned my arms to the floor as she fucked me. I loved the view of her breasts, flat stomach, and the liveliness of her hair that settled on her delicate shoulders. The pleasure she was giving me while bouncing up and down on my dick was incredible. I looked up and saw Jeri biting her lower lip as she accelerated her tempo, which had me moaning.  I began playing with her tits and pinching her erect nipples. Jeri’s mouth opened in a big “O” as the lust hit her senses.

“Keep riding my dick, baby! Make me cum!”

“Yes!” She sighed.

We were fucking to the max. Pleasure and lust got intense! Jeri bent forward a little and braced herself with a hand on my chest. I could see her flushed face, being on the verge to cum. Seconds later, we released the floodgates and moaned loudly. Our bodies trembled to a quick resolution. It was amazing! Jeri regained her breath, and smiled. She looked radiant flashing her perfect teeth at me.

“Now, that’s what you call a Halloween delicacy!” I said.

“I have more delicacies for you.” Jeri continued. “I want you to taste my cookie in your bedroom. Come on, I want more of your body. You know, I can fuck for hours!”

We went to my bedroom and Jeri picked up where she had left off…my dick. She licked and sucked my dick for a few minutes before she lay back and spread her legs. The aroma of her wet pussy was driving me wild. I did not waste any time diving for her pussy. As I proudly tongued away at her, Jeri giggled and moaned with pleasure. I enjoy laughter from women when I eat them out. It’s big fun, specially for Halloween! Jeri’s sex sounds rapidly went down to heavy breathing as her body trembled.

“You are so hot!” I murmured.

Jeri jumped up and kissed me. She wanted to taste her own natural honey. Then she grabbed my dick and began rubbing the whole thing. I pushed her on back and she chuckled. I sank my dick into the drenched depths of her pussy. Jeri wrapped her toned and tanned legs, firmly around my hips and locked her ankles against my lower back as I pounded her receptive entrance. The only objective in my mind was to give Jeri the best fuck possible. Jeri’s pussy was tailor made for my dick. We were fucking at a fast pace and our bodies thudded in the heat. Jeri held on to my neck to meet my every thrust with an arch of her voluptuous hips. I slammed into her repeatedly like a big fucking pile driver; stretching her pussy.

“That’s right, baby, fuck the shit out of me!” Jeri hollered.

“I love your pussy!”

“I know you do! This pussy is yours!”

Our dirty talk encouraged us to fuck harder and faster. Jeri kissed me again, teasing my lips and tongue with her own, nibbling at the width of my bottom lip. I enjoyed it! Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head as I went deeper. I felt the insides of her pussy churned and her thighs quiver as I increased the tempo. We heaved, moaned and emitted hoarse cries of pleasure. Tiny drops of perspiration trickled down the side of my face and our bodies struck in unison. I knew I was about to cum any moment as I fought to stave off my orgasm for as long as possible.

“I’m gonna cum!” I yelled.

“I’m cumming!” Jeri sighed.

We both could not hold it much longer and climaxed simultaneously in a chorus of orgasmic moaning. It was so intense that Jeri dug her nails into the bulges of my biceps. The pain turned into pleasure. I kissed Jeri to stifle her screams while her orgasm reached fruition. Her body writhed under me and we held each other entirely until our vitalities drained out completely. I rolled off and gazed into her big lustful eyes.

“Now, that was the best Halloween delicacy I received.” I said.

Jeri laughed and said, “You were amazing too! That was the best sex I had in a long time. I don’t know how much you made me cum.”

A grin broke across my face. The sex had us totally exhausted and we lay back. The aroma of sex and juices still permeated the air. I was about to close my eyes but cries of passion beyond the walls caught my attention. Jeri and I looked at each other and started laughing.

What a kinky Halloween!

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