SLAVERY, A Necessary Pleasure Part 1

“SLAVERY, A Necessary Pleasure” Part 1

His slaves never tried to escape. Why would they when the plantation was like heaven on earth? There was everything you could possibly want. The beauty of it stretched as far as the eye could see. Rolling hills of sweet smelling grass…..shady trees to cover the sun’s rays……a cool, clear brook running through the center of the acres……but most importantly, the love games that all could participate in.
There was his wife, of course, a beautiful, slender, young thing with flowing blonde hair that fell to her waist. She never denied him anything for she had been taught to obey her husband. Yes, he was hardly ever away from home. There was no need. Why would he leave the pleasures and the contentment of Green Hills.
Today was the day he would finally impale the young virgin. His own Mella, the 17 year old slave girl he had watched grow into womanhood. She finally bore the smell of a woman…..and oh, how he loved the scent of fresh pussy. This he had inherited from his father, Samuel Calder, the man who had built Green Hills and who still enjoyed the fruits of his labor. Marcus Calder was now the master of the plantation, but he always took the advice of his father into consideration. Even as he fondled his balls that were heavy with cum, he thought of the delight his father would experience watching him mount the young slave girl.
The sun was setting and it was time. The slaves were slowly moving towards their shacks and the huge barn where they would play their erotic little games and satisfy their sexual desires. Their bellies were full and they had earned the right to relax and mingle until they grew weary and fell asleep. Marcus on the other hand was about to embark on one of his favorite sports………sucking and fucking some young black pussy. Mella was so fine, her young hips swaying as she walked towards him. Her mother had forbidden her to lay with the young bucks that sniffed after her. She was to be the ‘master’s’ love toy this night. He watched her rounded ass as she bent to dust off the tail of her dress. No matter, he thought, soon it will be off that gorgeous body and lying in the dirt.
Someone had painted her lips red and the color enhanced the darkness of her color. Her skin was flawless…..damn she was beautiful……she was just the opposite of his wife. He could not help himself wanting her this way. His craving for black flesh went back as far as he could remember. She reminded him of his first look at a naked slave……the smell was intoxicating and the taste…..oh God, he had to be careful not to cum too soon, before he got his fill of her. He pulled her into his arms and placed a passionate kiss on her ripe lips. They were full and red just the way he liked them. Her arms went around his shoulders and she clung to him, feeling the hardness of his cock. She had seen it before and felt honored to service her ‘master’. When they entered the barn the light of the rising moon cast a glow on the straw. He spied the others and saw their naked bodies glistening as they strained for release. Tom, his head slave was built like a stallion. His phallus pointed upward, its purple head wet with pre-cum juices. Had he already fucked one of the others….well, no matter, he would love a taste of this sweet smelling young cunt. Tom motioned for him to bring Mella to the straw bed. There was a white sheet spread across the makeshift bed. Tonight he felt the urge to just take….and so, grabbing her dress, he ripped it downward and heard her gasp. She wasn’t afraid, just startled. His eyes gazed longingly at the pert tits and perky nipples that stood out. He rubbed his thumbs over them and heard the others sigh their approval. He realized then that he would not be able to take his time with this one. He trailed his forefinger down to her navel and gently poked it, she giggled and her white teeth sparkled. Sliding his finger further, he parted the wiry pubic hairs that hid her clit. Bringing his finger to his mouth, he wet it with his tongue and returned it to the hard little nub. Mella’s body jerked, but not giving her a chance to withdraw…..he laid her down and opened her thighs and almost lost control as he hovered over the glistening, wet pussy before him. He pushed his face into the wetness, the smell, the hot slit. His tongue darted out and he lapped crazily as he teased the lips and dove his tongue deep into her cunt. She began to buck and grind her ass upwards to his face. His moans were as loud as hers……and he opened his eyes to watch the expression on her face. That was when he spotted his father, the old man’s eyes bright with lust as a milk chocolate brown beauty swallowed his hard dick deep into her throat. The sweet taste of cum assaulted his senses as he realized Mella had experienced her first cum of the night. He drank greedily swallowing the squirts that filled his mouth. She shuddered as she slowly returned from the height of her orgasm. Flicking her sensitive slit gently, he raised his head and watched as his father’s cum spilled into the slave’s mouth that was servicing him. He had to get inside her, but first, he wanted to feel her lips surround his cock and know the splendor of the sucking sensation he loved. He wanted to see this black woman-child taking his white prick in and out of her mouth. He wanted her eyes on him as she sucked him and her tongue circled his cockhead. Holding her head between his hands, he guided her towards his already dripping dick. She engulfed him readily and he almost choked her in his rush to feel the back of her throat. Her haunting brown eyes stared deep into his blue ones as she practiced the art of fellatio her mother had taught her. She was so eager to please him that her mouth was like a vacuum, sucking and gobbling his white cock faster and faster. “Aaaaaahhhhh”, he cried, as his cum bubbled upwards and spewed from the eye of his tool. Gobs and gobs of hot, creamy cum shot into her throat as she swallowed the salty brew. As she milked him dry, he continued to grind his hips into her face. God, she was everything he knew she would be…….but he could not let this night go by without plunging deep inside her and ripping into the virgin walls that sheltered her womb.
– to be continued-

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