wife repays a favor

Not long ago, I fulfilled my wife’s fantasy by allowing her to fuck me and another man at the same time. Now, she wanted to repay the favor by allowing me to be with her and another woman. Here is what happened:

It was a typical Saturday night, my wife and I were out at our favorite club. We had a few drinks and my wife’s eyes told me she was a little buzzed. She had kept thanking me for letting her fuck two men at once. She told me how she loved sucking my cock while another man was pounding her slit. She reminded me how big his cock was and how good it felt in her ass. I remembered how hard my dick had gotten as she gasped for breath as we both entered her; he was spreading her asshole while I was buried deep in her pussy.

She mumbled in her drunken slur that she wanted to repay the favor. She told me to hang tight and that she would be back in a little while. She had a smirk on her face as she slithered her tight ass unto the dance floor. After a while I lost track of her.

Watching two girls grinding on the dance floor made me so aroused, I didn’t notice my wife approaching me across the floor. The only words out of my wife’s mouth was “Let’s go!” As she walked away, I noticed this dark drop dead stallion attached to my wife’s arm. My wife definitely knew what I liked. She had remembered that I had always wanted to fuck a black girl, but never got the chance to before we got married.

As we drove home, all I could think about was watching my thick white dick disappear into the dark pussy my wife was fondling in the backseat. About halfway home, my wife told me to hurry up if I didn’t want to miss out. I turned away from the rearview mirror which depicted my wife in the floor sucking this other woman’s clit, and focused on the speedometer which read 25 mph. So I sped up and only adjusted the mirror to expose the lady I now know as Jasmine’s voluptuous 36 DD breast.

We barely made it through the front door before my wife had stripped off her clothes exposing her 34D breasts and her silky red haired pussy. My wife made her way over to the arm of the couch and bent over it. Her tender ass and already wet pussy was open for all to see. Jasmine, who was wearing a short black dress, approached my wife and started licking her from front to back. My wife mumbled in her still drunken slur “Damn, this girl knows how to eat some good pussy.”

Getting into it, Jasmine’s dress rose above her waist exposing her saturated white cotton panties. Damn, her legs were so thick. Her ass was so round and tight. I couldn’t just sit back and watch, I had to join in.

First, I teased Jasmine by tugging on her panties. I tugged them so hard, her lips burst out each side, leaving only her clit hidden. I then pulled them up her ass to expose both her cheeks. Next, I pulled her now totally drenched panties half way down her thick thighs, only to get a close up visual of Jasmine’s juicy clit. Just the smell of her pussy alone almost made me cum. Being aroused by her scent, I just sniffed her pussy for a while. As my hunger increased, I flicked my tongue lightly across the outer parts of her inner thighs. She tasted so sweet. I could feel Jasmine twitch as I made my way towards her already dripping pussy. After I stroked my tongue lightly across her clit several times, I quickly jammed it in her ass. She let out a loud sigh of relief.

My wife is now breathing so heavy that her face is beat red and tingling. This is because Jasmine has stuck two fingers in my wife’s ass while still humming on her hard clit. Seeing this I do the same to Jasmine. I can tell she hasn’t been fucked in the ass before because I had to really force my finger in her ass. Jasmine’s head just laid on my wife’s waste. Heavy pants is all that came out of her mouth as I fingered her ass and sucked her clit. Seeing Jasmine like this made my wife so horny that she grabbed Jasmine’s head and started grinding her pussy into Jasmine’s face. As I sped up, Jasmine’s moans turned into screams. This made my wife cum, right on Jasmine’s face.

Seeing my wife smile with satisfaction, I lowered my jeans. She attacked my already rock hard dick, sucking it through my underwear. Jasmine slid my finger out of her ass and had joined my wife in sucking my cock. My underwear had been removed and as I looked down, I saw Jasmine’s big black lips encased around my cock. I enjoyed how she made my eight inch cock disappear in her mouth. As hard as she tried, my wife could never do it, she would always leave an inch or two exposed. Jasmine really knew how to suck dick. Seeing this, my wife made her way up my chest and I buried my tongue deep in her pussy. My wife leaned forward and continued to help Jasmine suck my dick while I ate her pussy. They would trade off, then they both would lick up and down my shaft, and eventually Jasmine was sucking my balls while forcing my wife to swallow my whole dick. My wife’s eyes watered as she let out a choking sound. I didn’t care it felt so good having her squirm and gasp for air. I liked it so much, I cummed right in her mouth. Jasmine helped lick up the leftover spunk that dripped off my wife’s chin.

After about ten minutes of watching my wife and Jasmine 69 each other, my dick was ready for Jasmine’s dark pussy. By the way my wife was working her I was sure she wanted some dick too. So, I walked up behind Jasmine, who was on top of my wife. My wife had her face buried in Jasmine’s ass, so I pulled her head down and before I knew it, my wife gobbled up my dick once more. Giving her the satisfaction, I continued to face fuck her. Before my cock entered my wife’s mouth, my shaft would rub between Jasmine’s lips causing her to slightly moan. This didn’t last very long before Jasmine started begging me to fuck her. Without hesitation, my wife guided my throbbing cock into Jasmine’s warm, dark snatch. It felt so good slapping my hips against her big tight ass. After a while, I just stood there while she backed her ass up to my hips. She did feel better than my wife. With every in stroke of my dick, she would relax her pussy, while tightening it on every out stroke. God, it was heaven. She worked me faster and faster and her breaths got deeper and deeper. She moaned “you like this black pussy don’t you, Well, fuck it good then.” At that time my wife buried her hot wet tongue in my tightly clenched ass. This made my dick so hard it hurt. Jasmine said “Boy you dick is so hard, so good, UMMM.” I couldn’t take it anymore, I cummed deep inside Jasmine’s tight hot hole. As I pulled my dick out of her cum filled pussy, our fuck juices dripped all over my wife’s breasts. I watched in amazement as I slowly rubbed my dick in between them finishing off any last spurts I may have had. Jasmine got up and started licking my cock and wife’s breast clean. She told me I wasn’t bad for a white boy. I told her she hadn’t seen anything yet.

I then positioned them so my wife was on top of Jasmine. I was now looking at four glory holes. First, I rubbed my dick between both their pussies, stimulating their hoods. They both wanted my dick. I then forced my now hard again dick into my wife’s ass. She let out a little grunt. While pounding my wife’s ass, I reached down and stuck a finger in Jasmine’s ass and another in her pussy. I finger fucked her hard and fast. My fingers were soaked. I then slipped two fingers in each of her holes. She was now grunting loader than my wife, whom I was pounding so hard that she was sliding up Jasmine’s body. It was long before I heard that all too familiar cry that signified my wife’s orgasm. I withdrew my dick from my wife’s ass and told Jasmine she was next.

As I laid flat on my back, Jasmine lifted one of her legs over my waist and eased down on my pounding manhood. Jasmine was so wet that my cock slid in effortlessly. I told her to make that booty clap. Oh it felt so good, she rode me tough. I didn’t know if I could
hang much longer. Jasmine started groaning, I me
an really groaning. I looked back and my wife had stuck a dildo in Jasmine’s ass. Now that both holes are stuffed, Jasmine had virtually stopped moving. So between my wife’s thrusts and my own thrusts Jasmine started shaking. Her pussy tightened around my shaft and she let out a loud wail. “Damn I’m cumming, Oh shit, I’m cumming, fuck, fuck me.”

I had tamed the Stallion thanks to my wife and her dildo

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