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Like any 18 year old man that doesn’t get out much, dreams are important. Andy looks forward to going to bed at night, sometimes sleeps half a day. His dad always hassling him to get up and do something. Andy’s only ally is his stepmother, Nicole.. only about 10 years older than he is she consistently stands up for him..
His parents for the most part just don’t understand what goes on when Andy sleeps. Once his head hits the pillow it’s like waking in an alternate universe. He wakes in what appears to be his room only there is something different, Kim.
Consistently half naked, she never lets him off the bed. Leaping on top of him, immediately pulling his dick out. Her soft voice nearly makes him cum as she slowly works his shaft.
“Oh my god, that’s such a beautiful penis!”
“Sweetie, let me help you with that.”
“Can I just suck it a little, please?”
He lays back as this hot Asian dream girl sucks him down to his nuts before she rides him. Covering her mouth with her hand, she bucks and moans on his thick 8 inches that none of the actual girls he knows have ever seen.
As he groans , she leans over holding onto the headboard.. her full delicious breasts bouncing less than an inch from his face.
Andy reaches up and takes her left nipple in his mouth, sucking her hard.. he hears his stepmother’s voice groan momentarily.. though as Kim grinds onto his cock harder, he disregards the voice as he feels his body arch as his member throbs. He shoots his big creamy load inside his dream girl..

The morning comes all too soon, the empty bed and then the abrupt figure at his door.
Nicole leaning against the door in her tight fitting top and running shorts.
“I see someone is up, how about you come downstairs and get some food inside you so you can lug that thing around all day.”
He looks down as she walks away to see his dick tenting the sheets.

When he gets downstairs he sees Nicole and her friend Jen, a 30 something blonde with huge fucking tits.. probably fake.. “there is the guy I’ve heard so much about.. the amazing 3 legged stepson”
Nicole quickly prompts Jen to stop teasing Andy as she rubs his back insisting that he eat something.

He grabs some toast and retreats back upstairs.
In the restroom, he jerks furiously cumming twice in a matter of five minutes.

Later that night, he hears his step-mom and Jen drinking downstairs. Laughter and music that keep him from getting to sleep, so Andy walks toward the stairs.. about halfway down where he sees long bare legs in the air. Nicole and Jen’s party is basically loads of alcohol, some lube and sex toys.. both of the women are sitting across from one another cramming enormous dildos up their pussies. Nicole faces away from the stairs but Jen catches a glimpse of Andy and pulls out the sex toy to taste her pussy as she maintains eye contact with the young man.
She sees the impression of his thick meaty dick in his pajamas which she imagines being shoved inside her as she reinserts the dildo.

“You’re such a nasty little bitch, fucking yourself while your son is upstairs.”
Nicole responds drunkenly to Jen’s tease, “that’s just ‘cuz I know I can’t go ride that big juicy dick again like last night..”
Andy was confused as he listened but found the tip of his cock leaking precum.
“Are you saying that you fucked him last night?”
Nicole responds, ” basically every night, I’ve been putting sleeping pills and Viagra in his drink for a month since I caught a glimpse of him in the shower. I couldn’t.. help…” Nicole’s response is cut off as she cums on the thick vein-y dildo inside of her.

Andy is stunned and turned on at the same time. Overtaken by an impulse he’s never felt before he pulls off his pajama bottoms and walks downstairs. With her eyes still closed after her climax Nicole doesn’t see Andy as her walks over to her. He reaches down to pinch her nose, opening her mouth and eyes in one surprised motion.
“Suck it mommy.”
He plunges his thick rod into her mouth, grabbing her by the hair as he roughly fucks her face. She slides over still shocked but taking the face-fucking he gives her. Making her choke on his dick. Jen moves over and continues to fuck Nicole with the dildo pounding it inside her wet horny hole. She moans drunkenly as her eyes bulge, coughing thick hot pearls of cum from the corners of her lips. Andy grabs her head forcing himself deeper in her mouth, “don’t you wanna eat my jizz mommy?” He looks down as she swallows as much as she could when he pulls out, still rock hard he turns to Jen and says, “your turn”
He pulls he off the carpet and bends her over facing Nicole, plunging his meat inside Jen. He hammers he dick inside the woman as she screams out, the screaming make him rock her ass even harder. She struggles to remain standing as he pounds her, until she falls over.. quivering and gasping.. her hips shiver as Nicole tries to console her friend.
” I’ve got hours left and you two are gonna help me work off this hard-on.”
The two stunned women sit and listen as Andy tells them to get on their knees.
They scramble to their positions between his legs as he instructs them to start sucking.. his mom sucks at his balls as Jen swallow his thick rod. He reaches down to guide their heads saying, “play with yourselves, finger each other as you suck me off.”
They reach between one another’s thighs and work at their gaping cunts. Slurping on this young hard dick, Andy revels in the moment.. standing in the living room as two hot older women are his bitches for the night..

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