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By Oediplex

Watching the folks do it.
How I got to make it with mom.
You can cum too!

For all sons and mothers who ever thought about committing incest with their parent or child, this piece of erotic writing is produced to make you cum. We all need a cum. To that end . . .

Home is where the hard-on is raised

Ever since I turned eighteen I had been listening to my parents make love. Each evening when they retired, I would be outside their door waiting for the action to start. Now our home was a split level, with my bedroom on the third level and theirs the forth. So I could plant myself on the short section of stairs and be ready to scuttle back to my bedroom if they might come out. This arrangement had my head at the foot of their door and sounds were clear and distinct. In other words, I could hear everything but the footsteps on the rug.

Thus I was sometimes caught by surprise, and sent back to my bed incurring my parent’s displeasure. Mainly it was that I was up too late because it was a school night, but sometime it must have been because they were annoyed that I was invading their privacy. However, that occasional nabbing did not deter me from returning on other nights to check if they were going to be doing it. Many times they were tired and just went to sleep. But perhaps a couple of times a week I was rewarded by the sounds of them screwing. Naturally, I was masturbating right along with them, quietly of course so as to neither get caught, nor interrupt our mutual good time.

It was no secret that I did so, though there was an unspoken understanding. My parents, as I learned in conversation with my dad years later, simply decided that I wasn’t going to spoil their fun and didn’t bother to try to police my curious nature. The door was closed and I couldn’t see anything and their language was rather tame though very tender. They got very vocal only when in the heat of passion, as the ecstasy mounted and then as they climaxed. Indeed, the cries of my mother as she peaked in orgasm were the trigger for my own cumming. Then I would spill my sperm on the carpeted stairs, wiping up the goo so as not to leave a stain.

This went on for years through my late adolescence. I oft have speculated that the reemergence of my Oedipal complex was due directly to the fact that my mother was my vicarious sex partner; in my imagination she was my lover. Oh, I had girlfriends and fantasized about many other sexy gals, but mom was the only one that I was actually fucking when we both came. So I had the hots for my mother for years, but never tried to act on it, nor dreamed that it might actual happen one day. But then the road trip came up.

Between kindergarten and first grade a serious illness had set my education schedule back a year, so that in the spring of my junior year in High School I had my eighteenth birthday. Dad was an executive with a very big corporation, and my grades were not great but above average, so I was headed off to college after graduation. I had been interested in a number universities and schools in the Midwest. Dad and mom planned a road trip during that summer, to tour the educational institutions I had wanted to look at, in order to see each campus and talk to a few admissions personnel.

Dad had an important business conference in Chicago in mid-July, so it was the strategy for mom and I to drive out to Indianapolis and he would fly down and meet us. Then we would go in a large round robin of school shopping, stopping every evening at motels, and then head home after a week. Dad’s secretary had set the reservations up; she was a wiz at that sort of logistics. Everything was in place for our journey. The one concession to frugality was that we all would share one room. We were family, no big deal; there are always two big beds anyway.

Now I bet your thinking AH HAH!! . . .that first night when mother and son are alone in the motel room on the way to Indy and dad is not on the scene. Perfect setting for a sexual encounter between me and mom, right? Too bad I didn’t think of that. Or not. If I had tried anything, instead of how things developed actually, perhaps I might have been traveling with two angry parents on my back all that trip. But I never thought of it. I respected my mother and never considered that she might cheat on dad with her son. Nor was I looking to cuckold my father. In fact it worked out much better, as you will discover.

A flash in the night lights more passions

So all went according to plan, and we all arrive in the Hoosier capital. Mom had directions to the airport, where we picked up dad, and then he drove us to the motel. We went out to dinner, and returned to our room. In the morning we would buzz around Butler University before traveling on to our next destination. Now mom changed into a lightweight nightgown in the bathroom. My folks had the bed next to the window and I was opposite the TV. We wanted to get to sleep early to be fresh for the next day’s explorations.

Best laid plans – and all of that. Remember that mom and dad had not seen each other for nearly a week since he was off on his business junket. I had foregone my usual masturbation routine for forty-eight hours since the night before the long drive out. Thus, there were three horny people in that place. I lay quietly, trying to fall into slumberland. My folks must have thought I was asleep, as I was silent and still. I heard their bed creak, and some rustling of sheets. Then there were low hushed tones, a conversation I could make out only snatches of.

Dad said something to mom I couldn’t catch. She replied’ “Do you think he’s asleep?”

Dad whispered, “He’s must be. God, I’m so horny. Come on just a quickie.”

Mom; “What if he hears us, we’ll have to be quiet, can’t make any noise . . oooh!” My father must have moved as the their mattress squeaked from a heavy body. Mom went, “Sshh!”

Dad said, “Lift your bottom”. More shifting, then both giggled. It was obvious they were getting ready to make love. With me in the same room! I could see anything but the dimmest outlines, but I had an instant erection. I took off my jockey shorts as sureptiously as possible to provide freer access to my penis, which I immediately began to handle.

Muffled sounds drifted to my ears from the other bed. I could sort of make out a large dark hump in the dim light that filtered in, through the translucent drapes, from a street lamp in the parking lot. The hump humped; as it rose and fell, so did my hand on my dick. I kicked the sheets off. Just then a car outside our window flashed its headlights as it passed by. The whole room was briefly illuminated. I saw dad on top of mom, her legs were up and the gown had slid to her waist, she wore no panties. His boxers were at his knees. They were both looking right at me, then all went black again.

Mom exclaimed, “Oh my goodness!”

My father said, “Come on, Honey. Its dark again, and he won’t see any us anymore. He won’t hear anything he doesn’t already hear through the door at home and I can’t stop; I’m too close now.”

Mother sputtered, “But . . . but . .” then as dad began to really pound her, I could hear her moan over the slapping sound of their loins striking together. Her own orgasm overwhelmed her as dad was grunting. The sound of their cumming was just as it was back at the house. Mom squealed “I’M CUMMMINNGGG!!! loudly, and dad made a long growl. I popped my cork with them simultaneously and as the jism dripped over my fingers I said aloud, “Me too!” Then the only noise was the gasping for breath by all three of us.

Mother got up and went to the bathroom to pee. By the time she got back, dad was snoring. Instead of going directly to their bed she came over to mine and sat next to me.

“I guess you didn’t see that much after all,” she remarked, “but you still had plenty of fun! Was it more exciting, being in the same room with us?”

“Yeah! It sure was. You’re right, I really didn’t get a good look, but it was a very sexy flash, what little I did see. I wish I could watch when you’re doing it.”

“Nooo, I don’t think so! We’re not a porno movie, we are real people and that would be kind of embarrassing. ” She paused, then she touched me! I mean she began to gently fondle my dick!! I instantly became hard again. “Ah! The recuperative powers of youth!” mom murmured, she was stroking my cock now! “I got to see a little bit, myself, tonight. You have a very handsome penis, sweetie. Did you get all the fun you wanted? Or . . . do you need a little more?” Her voice was a lilting combination of amusement and suggestiveness at the same time.

“More . . . please!” my voice came out as a squeak. The thought of my own mother masturbating me was blowing my mind and I was ready to blow my wad a second time right in her hand!

Mom leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Okay, just don’t tell Daddy.” I could feel her breasts softly pressing on my chest. Her fingers grasp my tool and she quickened her pace. “Do you think of mommy when you listen to us?” again in my ear. She could tell I was nodding yes. And then she could tell that her manipulations had the desired effect, as my erection dribbled out another cum. She kissed me right on the lips and said, “Sweet dreams!” then returned to climb into her bed next to my father. I fell asleep almost immediately. What I didn’t know until later was that she masturbated herself before she fell sleep at last as well.

An open door policy pays off

The next morning, we all pretended as if the evening before had nothing unusual happen. Nothing was spoken, between the three, of us of the rather risqué events. Certainly I kept the second round of fooling around confidential, as my mother had told me to. Neither did she make any reference to it, even when we might have had the occasion to, when sometimes alone by ourselves, such as when dad was off parking the car. Nor did mom act like she and I had anything going on between us. I figured that it was a one-time thing, just icing on the cake of the unexpected intimacy between my folks and myself. Nor did I anticipate another opportunity for that family sexual familiarity to repeat itself.

I won’t bore you with our bustling about Butler, nor the hours in the auto traveling that late afternoon to the next college town. Another night, another motel. The room was in the back, on the second floor, so there was no chance of light shining in the window. In fact, it was so dark that mom suggested that the bathroom light be left on and the door opened a crack to provide a ‘nightlight’ so that nobody would trip over unfamiliar furniture. This time the bedding arrangements were reversed with mine being closer to the door and opposite the toilet. We ordered pizza delivered and watched a couple of sitcoms on the tube. Then we settled down to rest.

Only it didn’t quite happen right away. Not too long after the lights were turned out, my mother began to kiss my father. They were long lingering kisses and her hands were playing under the covers with motions that were much like what she had done with me a night earlier. I could see general shapes and shades by the light from the bathroom. My father was responding to my beautiful mother’s advances and after a glance at me, seeing that I was watching them with a sheet pulled over my hips he turned to her and began to participate in their foreplay.

I saw mom make her way down his body with her lips. He lay on his back and let her nibble where she wanted. As she drew down his shorts, I also removed my underpants; mom spotted my movements and smiled at me, raising her eyebrows. Eventually, her mouth found the goal post of her hunger and began to work on dad’s boner. I was working on my own of course. I envied dad’s hands as they caressed mom’s breasts, massaging them through the gown. Some kind of signal passed between them that I missed, but evidently it was time for them to couple, but mom held up a finger and said, “Got to pee.”

While she was on the toilet, dad turned his head toward me and winked. He spoke softly to me, “None of this gets out; it’s all private and stays within the family. I’m surprised your mother is allowing you to watch, but you’re old enough to see porno, so I suppose that you can handle it with out getting mentally disturbed. Understand?” I nodded my head that I did. Just then the toilet flushed and mom reappeared. As she was exiting the bathroom, she did not close the door but instead left it wide open. Though the lighting was indirect, there was plenty to give the bedroom a soft glow. When she paused in the doorframe, with the light behind her, the nightgown was translucent and I saw the svelte outline of her still trim figure.

She went over to dad and swung around so that she was facing the foot of the bed. Then she lifted her leg and straddled him. Mom crossed her arms and then, with a fluid gesture, in one motion lifted her nightie up and over her head, taking the gown off and tossed it to the far side. WOW! There was my mother, naked, with her tits hanging free and her tummy a sexy profile of a slightly swelling belly. Her hips full and nicely rounded, not an oversize butt, rather a broad, firm haunch. She was all woman, middle age, and in great shape for her matured body. With a feminine grace and feline flexibility, mom slid her crotch to dad’s face and, in the same action, went down on him. My folks were doing sixty-nine, right in front of me!

I had to get a better view, a higher perspective, to see more. I sat up on the edge of my bed; the sheet slid off and I was leaning forward, my legs spread, my balls hanging out, as I was stroking myself. Dad’s face was hidden in mom’s thighs, and his cock was more in her mouth than out. I got a wonderful chance to see my mother’s chest, the ruddy nipples pointing the way as they swayed back and forth with her nodding head. Then she switched to face the other way, the dark triangle of her pubic hair clearly visible to me at the juncture of her legs. She reached down between them and I knew she was grasping dad’s dick. Her hips changed angle as she sat back and settled on pater’s peter, impaling her pussy.

Nobody seemed embarrassed as the live action played out right in front of me. It was better than any porno, better than any fantasy. Best of all, it was mom who was fucking. Better yet if it was me that she was riding, but at the moment I had no coherent thoughts. I was just lost in the moment of my dreams, watching my parents having sex. Dad was thrusting under her as mom rocked her hips back and forth. He gripped her hips and began to move her in wild gyrations. mom flattened her breasts on his chest and fiercely kissed him on the lips as his arms embraced her in a huge hug. Abruptly, she broke free of their clench and began to rapidly bounce on him.

Her wails and body language made it clear that she was cumming and cumming, again and again. Dad and I both grunted and groaned in counterpoint, first he then I, as both our peaks hit together like missiles firing. Mom’s cum had pushed our buttons. He exploded within her; my ejaculation had a trajectory that almost bridged the gap between the beds. In the light from the open door of the toilet I could see mom staring hard at my shooting shaft. Her eyes gleamed and a naughty smile was curving her lips. Then she turned back to look into my father’s face, which was reflecting the satisfaction of good sex and the peace of relaxing into slumber that followed.

Mother spoke to him in her soft voice and said, “I’m going to jump in the shower quick, so you boys can have it in the morning. Dad nodded, then as mom moved off him and their bed I could see him visibly nodding off. Mom moved across the room naked and gorgeous. To my surprise, she left the door open as she stepped into the shower. To my greater astonishment, she didn’t even use the shower curtain! I had a direct view of her in the stall, in the spray, in the nude. She got wet, the water glistening on her lightly tanned skin and glinting like rolling pearls off the white flesh of her breasts and derriere. She caressed herself all over, but made special time for the parts that I would have loved to put my own hands on.

Then she got out and turned off the water and dried herself, looking directly at me as she was doing so. My soldier was again at attention. He knew the shower-show had been just for him. He was hoping for some kind of second helpings like the previous evening. He was not to be disappointed. Mom crossed to the side of my bed with only a passing glance at my snoring father. She knelt down at the bed like she was going to say her prayers, but the object of adoration was my meaty manhood.

No words left her lips, but her lusting look said volumes. She took the staff of love into her warm wet mouth, engulfing my prick, and began to suck and mouth the tip and first several inches. I lay back to let her have her way with me. Mom’s hand wrapped around the base of my cock to take control of my joystick. She knew what a delicate instrument a man’s penis is. She showed me how it can be played, like one does with a Stradivarius, vibrations and tones and high notes and long slow strokes. Yes, mom was experienced when it came to fiddling with a guy’s privates, and bringing him to a crescendo! My balls were jumping for joy as I came for the second time that night. This time my penis was in my mom, albeit a different orifice than where dad had cum.

Mom climbed into my bed and lay next to me, our lips playing kissy-face and our hands exploring each other. My hands gravitated to her middle, toward the juncture of her legs and the seat of her sex. I was in familiar territory, not being a novice in the art of making-out. I gave mom’s clit the attention it deserved; she was plenty wet and it was full and firm, ready to be stroked and strummed. I let my digits dance on that pink pearl, then glide lower into mom’s opening. Two fingers began their invasion while the thumb was charged with keeping the joy button happy. My mouth captured a nipple and all three points of erogenous zoning were harmonizing with the vibrations of erotic excitement.

Then, as I knew she wanted to, indeed must, because of the onslaught of sensuous stimulation overloading her physical being, mom’s dam burst. The flood of spasms in her abdomen and contractions of her limbs and involuntary thrusts of mom’s hips shook her like some internal quake that racked her whole body. Then she went very still for long moments. At last she let out a long contented sigh and almost with almost a purring said, “Oh, Goodd diid I NEED that!!!” mom caressed the back of my head and gave me several long lingering French kisses. Then she obviously but reluctantly climbed back to the other bed. We both went right to sleep, I dreamed of nights to come of cumming with mom.

Leave the lamp on, to see better and bed her

When, the next day, the person giving a tour of the campus explained that there were several dorms that were integrated to be co-ed, mom gave a hoot and then followed with a subtle chuckle. Some few minutes after when we were out of earshot of both dad and the other guy, she leaned toward me and whispered, “I think you already have an idea of what co-ed living is like!! I smiled and kissed her quickly on the lips; no one caught our exchange. That evening, the motel had a nice looking pool, and we had some extra time. We decided to go for an evening dip after an early dinner at the adjacent restaurant. Mom wore her bikini; sexy enough to have a business traveler ogle her and an older matron type drag her husband away who was also enjoying the poolside scenery of my mom the MILF.

While I had seen mom naked last night under the shower, and had her next to me as I felt her up, and made her climax with my fingers; still, the skimpy swimsuit provided an erotic effect to her feminine figure, creating an exotic element of mystery to her womanly mystique. Funny how a bit of cloth can make a gal even more alluring than being totally without a stitch on. Yet, I confess that my personal preference is always to see mom with nothing covering the places I worship. A strip-tease can then in some ways be the best of both worlds, but how long does it last when you only are clad in a two piece bikini?

When we got back to our room the tingling of the pool water chemicals had my skin more sensitive and provided a heightened desire to be close and cuddling with some girl. I think that it affected both my folks that way as well, as mom simply hung her wet duds over the shower curtain. Then she went over to my father and drew his suit down to his ankles as he stood there, the light making it clear that he was aroused by her forwardness. Mom gave him a little push to sit him down on the edge of the bed. Then she turned to me and shucked my shorts as well. I held on to her shoulders for support and my cock kept trying to poke her in the eye.

She took my arms and maneuvered me to sit by my father. “I want to see something and I need good light – so keep the lamp on,” she instructed. mom knelt before her two men and with a dicks in each hand, began to masturbate us. What tumescence we already had, gained its full expansion readily in no time.

“Stand up, both of you!” She commanded. “See! Like father like son!” she was pointing at our pointers, “You both have the same penis, they’re exactly the same!” Dad and I looked down, it was true, twin pricks of proud proportions stood out from our pubic hair. Mine was at a sharper angle upwards, but dad made his bounce like a diving board.

“Honey, if you don’t mind” said my mother in her sweetest pleading tone as she kissed my father’s cock still on her knees in front of us. “I’d like to keep the light on so that I can see our son stroking his handsome hunk as he watchs us tonight.” My father gave my mother a broad grin and raised his eyebrows. An expression I knew he used to say, ‘okay’ dear – Whatever you want!’ I was delighted that, contrary to the earlier remark by mom, she and dad were becoming a porno show, becoming a nightly live sextravaganza for my self-pleasuring, and every evening the lighting improved and mom’s and my sexcapade encores were more bold and intimate.

It struck me then, as a revelation as bright as any lamp showing the graphic coupling of my parents, that there was another unspoken dynamic going on in our family triangle. My folks were getting off on have me watch and cum with them. Clearly, mom got hotter, as witnessed by her post coital capers with me unbeknownst to dad. But, for my father to allow his son to share, at least in a vicarious way, the woman who was his mate, must mean that he was getting something out of the odd ménage’ as well.

Did he also have a secret Oedipus complex and have his own fantasies, lived out on a surrogate level through me? But of course, he didn’t know about the second act action of mom and me. Or perhaps, was he something of an exhibitionist. Was it just the kinkiness of the situation that brought new excitement and renewed vigor to their sex life? I am sure that having sex every night was not the normal rate of intercourse; after all I listen at their door at home nearly each evening in hope of them making love. Whatever the motivations or reasons for the disappearance of inhibitions that now provided for the current state of affairs, I was going to savor the full enjoyment while it lasted.

Mom suggested I pull up one of the cushioned chairs in the room close to their bed, and get something for lubrication – and a towel. While I arranged for a ringside seat to my parents’ erotic wrestling, she maneuvered dad to lay his head between her thighs and spread wide to provide access for him to eat her out. I knew from my audio monitoring at home that this provided a sure-fire routine to get mom to beg for having dad put his cock in her. I hurried back and got to see the bright pink slit open like orchid blossom. The folds of her vagina were still together, but already glazed with lube. Dad began his licking and I began my stroking with some baby oil I had found in mom’s cosmetic case. Mom began to murmur sounds of pleasure and growing excitement.

All the cues and instructions and encouragements that I had before only heard through their bedroom door, now were matched to the actions that elicited them. Her “just like that,” and, “yes! Good!” or “higher” or “back and forth”, “slower – faster – harder”; were happily carried out with enthusiasm by my father as he muff dived my mom. I wanted to do so too, but for now, my role was simple observer and I was responsible for my own self-gratification. I moved to their side to have a closer view of the oral/vaginal connection. Mom looked me in the face and said in a husky and demanding voice, “Kiss Mommy, baby, kiss me and then suck my nipples.

Like father like son, my mouth and lips were hers to command. I Frenched mom; we engaged in that fun tongue tangling thing and then I proceeded to do double delight on the pointed rosettes of her pulchritude. Mom’s utterances turn into nonsense as the multiple oral administrations made her go, “uuhmmm with aahh . . whoo . . oohh . .and ooouw”. Then her rhythms and sounds changed. From long listening at their bedroom door I knew this phase too. Mom’s tone was a single repeated “uuhh”, and her hips began a rocking pivot that lifted her mons a little higher each time. “Put it in!” mom began softly, “PUT IT IN!” her insistence growing and her volume as well. “Now! I need IT In NOW!! . . . Oh Please – PUT it IN!! NOWWW!!!”

I switched back to a view right between their legs, on the edge of the chair, as I watched my parents beginning to fuck. I saw dad’s dick hover over the hole and then – as like a key to a lock – it smoothly moved forward and inward, then withdrew until the head was just still aimed into the interior of mom’s pussy. The tip of dad’s dick was purple with blood and the veins were quite defined. Then, like the Titanic sinking, it disappeared into a wet darkness, as my mother’s vaginal lips expanded to engulf my father’s rigid member until all but a thin line ringed the pole at its base. The two hairy sacks of testicles rested pressed against the smooth bottom of mom’s behind, one lower than the other. Then the steam engine’s piston began to pick up power and speed until it was churning away at my mother’s sopping crotch.

What an unusual sight to view both your parents from that angle. You see both sets of genitals; both assholes and the private parts are doing private things up close and personal. There are no more physical secrets, nor an iota of modesty left at that point. Remember that that is how they see us when we are babies. But the innocence of the child is finally superseded by the interest of the youth in the opposite sex that ultimately is converted to the abiding desire of an experienced adult for sexual relations. Of course, This perspective came to me later on reflection, all that was going through my mind at the time was – ‘Holy shit!! I’m really seeing my parents balling’ and ‘jeez! didn’t I wish I had a video cam!!’

Dad’s strokes got faster and harder. Every once in a while it would draw out completely and have to poke about to find the hot haven of mom’s honey pot. It managed this like an old pro, but the up side to me was those times I got to see straight into the nether mysteries of my mother’s womb. It was dark in there. The labia were a bright coral of flesh framing a deep grotto that concealed her folds of love within. That’s where I came out of, and that’s where I want to poke my own pussy-pleaser, too! I watched, fascinated, as the performance of procreation, the completion of copulation, the action of intercourse went on – as I tried to burn the image upon my brain, a permanent memory of that very moment that might never repeat itself, for all I knew.

Then the sirens went off; they were cumming. Mom’s special climax wail of “Yeess! Now . . give it all to me now,! Ooooohhh!! Yyeeauhh! AaAawwh!! YESYesyes..ess!! – and – dad’s “Oooohh . . .OoohOOHHoohh!! Babe!! Ggrruuhhh! NNNnnnn!!!” alternately it rose and fell in pitch and volume with the dance of his balls as they supplied the jism being pumped into her. I was caught by surprise and had been so fascinated by the spectacle of their fucking that I had neglected to keep pace, and now, I just watch as they peaked and then eased on down the other side of the heights to the cozy afterglow of good sex. In fact, my dad rolled off mom after a couple of minutes and dropped off to sleep.

One good turn-on deserves another, and another, and . . .

“He does that quite regularly, doesn’t he?” I remarked to mom, as I stretched out and lay next to her on the other side.

“He has been very inspired on this trip, I must say. It’s not usual that we make love three nights in a row.”

“No, I mean that he falls asleep so soon after having sex. Not much after-play for you, huh?”

“No,” she said, a bit wistfully. “Not much for second helpings, either.” Then she added, in a slightly defensive tone, “Well, when your father was younger he did have more energy and we had more time to fool-around. Lately, however, it seems that our lives are so busy it is sometimes a chore to screw.”

She paused, a wistful look washed over her beautiful face, then she continued. “That’s too bad because I like sex even better now than when I was younger, when we were first married. Too bad it’s not acceptable for an older woman to marry a younger man.

Before I could suggest the obvious about her and me, she changed the subject, having had a sudden thought as she was looking at me.

“Did you cum tonight baby?” She asked, her tone both mothering and seductive at the same time.

I shook my head, and for added effect and to gain sympathy, stuck out my bottom lip and made a sad sack look.

“Then let mommy comfort her baby. Climb between my legs and I’ll rock you to sleep.”

Was this it? Were we going to commit incest at last? (Although all of what we had done to date fell somewhere within that definition surely!)

I scrambled to get my nude body between my naked mother’s legs. My chest resting upon hers, and my penis a snake in the pubic thatch. As my weight settled on my elbows and knees and then closed the gap between our bodies, we kissed lightly and sweetly showing our affection and playfulness. Mother spread her thighs and made me right at home like I had cuddled there many times before. Perhaps I had, when I was younger, but not with licentious purposes and a love lance longing to pierce her womanhood. Now we were closer than ever to that consanguineous violation.

“I used to do this with my boyfriends in High School.” mom explained quietly, “It always got them off, but there are rules. No going in, and no cumming on my pussy. You can’t enter my vagina, and you have to squirt higher than my clit or on the sheet – not anywhere near my hole – Okay?”

I thought that not going in might be hard to resist, for both of us, as my boner was ‘hard’ and her cunt would have little ‘resist’-ance since it had been opened by dad’s dicking earlier. As for cumming in her, there was no way that I was not going to cum in mom if I got in her. I was primed and ready to fire my wad when it went wading in the swamp and me with no ‘goulashes’! We had no rubber and we no had safety net of any other sort, a dangerous circus act, like putting your head in the lion’s mouth. If I could get her to allow the head of my penis in her pussy, I thought my mom might suspend the rules for her student and let me take the plunge for the final exam, the ultimate examination and exploration of her body, her very self. I would play by the rules until she became tempted into serious action, then I expected a ‘no holes barred’ game of cum what may!

I began to move my cock up and down the slick grove that was formed by her labia and the cheeks of her bottom. I slithered across her clitoris at the top of the stroke and skittered past her anus at the other end. With each rock ‘baby’ took, the goal of her hole was in mind, and I sought to establish by feel where the soft spot that led inward was. The underside of my hard-on was greased like a proverbial pig as I sought to rut in my mother and pork her. Little by little, the gash was spread and the sinkhole of desire was exposed to the testing of my probe.

Meanwhile, I attempted to distract mom’s mind with kisses on her lips and suckles to her nipples. A side effect of these maneuvers was to inspire a counter roll of mom’s hips. The rock and roll of hips and hard-on, labia and haunches hunching was wonderful to the dorsal side of my dick. But this, in effect, thus provided a moving target for my heat-seeking love missile, so it was sometime before the angle and motion matched enough to allow the beginning of penetration.

“Careful!” mom warned with a gulp, “You’re right there! Don’t move! Stay still or you’ll pop into mommy’s ‘gina. We dare not let that happen; it would be too close to ‘doing it’!” I froze, as she commanded, but I withdrew from the field of my plowing not a millimeter. The moment stretched, and I thought I could detect an involuntary nibbling of mom’s pussy lips on my penis tip. Then she lifted her hips just enough to dislodge the cunt/cock contact, and I went back to sawing away at her crotch.

I was more excited, by the thought that I had tasted the forbidden fruit of sex with my mother, than by the fact that she and I were connecting at a level of physical intimacy all but short of actual intercourse. At any other moment I would have cherished and love the fact that I was stripped bare and in the erotic clenches of my equally unclad mother. But I had one thing only on my . . . mind, and my brains were all in my dick-head tonight!

Soon enough our movements were getting rambunctious in our growing passion, and I began a gentle ramming down into the saucepot of her pudenda. Now, as I began to dip, she would pause to let me get just a little deeper than a moment ago. So it began a gradual progression of entry, stroke – stroke & slip/dip; . . stroke – slip & stroke / dip; . . . stroke – stroke & slipp/diipp! Then mom would put her hands on my waist and lift my hips up and away from the heavenly haven of her weeping pussy.

Once more the rhythm and inevitable returned, inching into dangerous depths, as my dick was delving into mom’s divide. Finally, the glide of my glans which we had both been waiting for happened, and the tip slipped into the hot damp socket of flesh. I went rigid, and mom held perfectly still. We both wanted that moment to last, we both wanted more; again and deeper, repeatedly and as energetically as possible.

But mother had stated the ground rules for that evening and I was reluctant to go beyond those limits without her expressed permission. I could sense that she wanted to break her own code of conduct for this kind of encounter however, since she showed no sign of encouragement, I knew she was having second thoughts about allowing this peril of penetration to proceed. But, mom had an old trick up her sleeve (or should I say panties?). She began to buck her hips up and dropping them down so that my prick, as I sought to maintain contact, plunged into her opening but never got any further than the original depth. Like the prow of a ship plunging through the choppy waves, dip – dip – dip was all it could do. But that was enough. I was primed by the graphic display of fucking my folks had put on and now I was all but screwing my mother for real.

My penis gave several sharp thrusts and managed to gain another inch of penetration.

Mom cried out, “Don’t cum in me, remember! Don’t cum in me, you promised!!

With a heave that must have been like what Adam felt when he was expelled from paradise, I pulled back my dick and dropped immediately to trap it between our two torsos. Both mom and I could feel the strong throbs it made on our lower abdomens as I squirted shot after shot of white cream on to her tummy. I was both elated at nearly getting nooky which had just happened, and yet I was also disappointed mom had not been willing to go all the way with me tonight.

She must have known what I was thinking, as now she spoke tenderly. “I understand what you wanted to happen, just like the guys did in High School, you wanted to have me.” she said with a tender tone.

“Well, they never did beyond what we just did. I always got them off though, just as I did for you. I enjoyed it too, though I didn’t always cum as well. But it kept me from having a baby back when there was a lot less birth control available. I’m sure that you don’t want to hurt your father any more than I and, though I’m surprised that he has gone along with this much uninhibited display of our sex life already, he still doesn’t know about our messing around when he falls asleep. I’m not sure that he would approve of it, so I don’t want to take chances of things going too far, nor of him resenting our activities. We can’t be disloyal to him he’s your dad and my husband and we all love one another very much. Understand this is as far as we can go – for now. Didn’t you have a good time?”

While I nodded yes, I said nothing but simply cuddled into mommy’s arms and wept silently. She understood the longing and frustration of the situation and my feelings of love and desire for her, at the same time respecting her wishes and my father’s rights. We stayed like that for quite some time before I got up telling my mother to stay there I would be right back. I crossed to the bathroom and ran some warm water on a washcloth, wrung it out and returned with the soothing swath to clean mom’s tummy and pussy.

Then sitting next to her I held the rag in one hand while the other began to caress her labia and clit. The middle finger found the hole my penis had sought and entered boldly, withdrew and returned as two now. The thumb was placed over the hot button of flesh that was poking out of the wisps of pubic hair that hid nothing and made circular motions. With some light variation as minutes slowly passed, mom grew aroused again and made little movements that evidenced her ecstasy.

I whispered, “Cum for me, mom, cum for your son, I want to give you an orgasm too; you need at least two an night, don’t you?” Mom whimpered and nodded it was true. I made my words match the manipulations of my fingers, “I’m going to make my mommy cum again, she is going to cum for her baby, a nice yummy cummy in her tummy.

Mom grew more frantic as her peak approached; I quickened the pace and added a third finger to her cunt.

Mega pulses pounded mom’s frame as her body convulsed with the paroxysms of orgasms. She lay there panting and helpless. I could have jumped her bones right then; no objection but an open welcome (well, cum!) and enthusiastic participation on her part. But I was not going to violate her trust in me, not when keeping faith mean each next day’s encounter was sex in ways they had yet to try! My patience was being rewarded. I knew we could not hold to the principles we thought were obsolete, since our lust tugged on every desire and drew us closer to the implosion of incest. So it was that I returned to my own bed and dad was none the wiser. We thought.

Mr. Possum gives his permission, making family fantasies possible

Now I am sure you are ready to read in detail all about the next school we visited. How the campus had lots of trees, the town lots of bars and clubs, the curriculum lots of choices. No? – Okay, I’ll just say that by the time we pulled into the last motel before our final leg home, there had been a lot of walking and many hours of driving. We grabbed the evenings grub at the golden arches chain and ate in the room with the idea to retire early. Dad was especially bushed. I was up for the regular session of sexual playtime being renewed by burgers and ever invigorated by youthful lust. Mom came out of the bathroom naked; both dad and I smiled at the sight of our beautiful woman, and at the signal to let the games begin!

I sat on my bed’s edge, still the one toward the front, stroking my shaft while my folks fondled one another. Then with out mush ado, dad rolled on top of mom and commenced to fuck her. Mother, after a few minutes of this nice pastime, motioned me to her. I crossed the three feet separating us with cock still in hand and hard as hickory. Mom reached out and took it with her slender fingers, drawing the salacious sausage to her mouth. She didn’t ask dad’s permission but, from the way his pace picked up, the lurid act was an inspiration to him. Mom’s delicate digits caressed my buns and played with my balls. I could see my father pistoning between mom’s legs, sending his own hotdog into the gap that was framed by her muff.

Mother began to make muffled sound of her happy climb to a climax. Dad was close behind with his grunting of cumming and all I could say as my own peak was rising from the depths was, “Oh yeah! OH Yeah!!” But then dad seem to just explode all at once and, before either mom or I had reach critical mass for our own orgasms, he plowed into mom with a heaving blast of cream that seem to drain all the energy he had left. He rolled off mom, back on to his back, with great shuddering gasps of breaths racking his body, as though he had just finished a marathon. Mom let her child’s lollypop drop and asked him, “All you all done, hon? It’s been a long day hasn’t it?”

I was afraid that perhaps mom was going to say that she was tired, too, and that the games were to be done for the evening. And what about when we got home? Would I be relegated to being outside the door once more?? I needed not to have feared. I should have known mom better, by now.

Dad interrupted my thoughts, and surprised mom and I both when he said, “I’m sorry babe, but I am really exhausted, but you two carry on” he said, still panting slightly.

Both mom and I stared at him in utter surprise, our mouths agape.

Neither of you came, why doesn’t he finish the job I started.” He had a sly smile as he spoke. “Go ahead son, get on top of mom and make love to your sexy mother. I know you two have been messing around when you thought I was asleep, but I was able to hear what was going on and, while I don’t have the stamina of youth, my puerile curious nature has remained strong.”

“You knew all along?” Mom was a bit befuddled by his confession.

“I let things progress while I was playing possum, because I really get turned on when you two were making out and fooling around. So that’s why I made no objection to our son watching and getting a ‘bird’s eye view’. Between his avid voyeurism and your exhibitionistic enthusiasm, and the extra-curricular activities when you guys thought I was zonked out, that’s has been the reason that I have been able to get it on four nights in a row.

But tonight, when you were sucking your son’s cock, that was too much and I got so excited I couldn’t hold back. Now I want to be the watcher; I want to see you two making love, balling, and bringing each other off. Fuck your son – screw your mommy, it’s time that you both had the joining each has longed for. And I get the hottest, most erotic show I ever could hope for.”

Mom and I looked at each in wonder, then with a little laugh which culmination in a big kiss. My body slid on top of hers, where dad had lain but a minute ago. Back between mom’s thighs, with my erection bumping against her vulva, I began my incestuous ravishing of this wanton and willing woman who was my mother with long lingering French kisses and caressing everywhere my hands could roam.

While our tongues swirled in oral romping together, my palms made their way over the hills and valleys of her body. From the luscious pillows that pressed my chest to the damp crevasse I had seen split by my father’s member, they traveled the hot hips and clutched the tender shoulders from where her arms wrapped around my back and held me firm. All the while the nuzzling knob of my cock was attempting to burrow in the haven of mom’s sanctuary.

With some slight adjustments and the gradual widening of mom’s legs, the electric socket my plug sought was giving way to the insertion it craved. The moist heat of the slick cavity of sex was now nibbling on my meat. I experienced a momentary sense of ‘deja vu’ from the day before when that playground had its gates open but ‘no trespassing’ signs were still posted.

Now the wet hot hole had a wel-cum mat out and I had the license to make licentious merriment in my parents’ playground. Where before I had first listened to their sounds of sensual delight, then on this trip witnessed the physical jubilation of their union; so now I too engaged in the act of love, the celebration of bodies uniting, the happy fun of fucking, with my mom!! Even as my dad observed and approved and appreciated.

The slick, steamy grotto of mom’s opening was enveloping my dick as the tip was engulfed in the sweetness of her pussy. This was truly entering the gates of paradise, the moment in which I teetered on the brink of manhood. The moment of my loss of virginity is forever engraved and enshrined in my memory. With my mother, the ultimate sex goddess of my soul, I went where this boy had never gone before and came back a man, then went back into the never-never-land.

My peter sought the mother-figure, and her womanhood welcomed it like Wendy’s window and the girl’s heart. We began to fly on the happy sensations that boys and girls, men and women, have enjoyed together since time immemorial. My cock was going deeper and deeper into my mother’s body, the heat was so incredible and the squeezing of her muscles gripping it was an unexpected bliss of physical delight.

The six inches of the journey seem to be twice that in length as every fraction of an inch was made to be ever the more intense as my dick delved deeper and further into mom’s burrow. Though hoping that downward thrust would last forever, I was finally at my true goal, the merger of mother and son as one. I felt the mash of pubic hairs entangle as my body banged her pudenda, ground her clit and bounced balls on butt.

The nubs of her uterus were just touched by my tender tip, I as all in, she was all open and we were all, dad too, at high pitch of sexual fever. Like a locomotive’s piston the sluggish chugging of the initial in and out seemed to be almost in slow motion, but it began to gather speed and then to become a fluid motion of powerful forces that could not be held in check.

Dad had his dick in hand and he was hard again, but I had no intention of relinquishing his wife back to him; I was sure that he wanted to have this show to culminate in a grand finale for all of us. The slapping spank of flesh meeting flesh was only joined by grunts and groans and moans of three people in the throes of ecstasy. Harder and harder I had to pound my mom, I couldn’t help myself, it was an urge and urgent drive that I needed to obey. Mother was no slacker. Her hips were counterpoint to mine, the clashing motion creating the most exquisite of sensations on my mind and genitals I had ever experienced. I was in a rush, though at the same time I wanted this to last for all night, but I raced toward the climax that was inevitable as sunrise and would be as brilliant as a supernova inside my head. The fuse was lit on the ruddy stick of dynamite that was my cock.

Then we were there, my dick was a geyser in mom’s gushing vagina, as her hands grabbed my haunches and held me tight in her. Her pussy squeezed around my throbbing penis and milked the cum that hosed within. Dad’s prick spurted seed several inches out, as he finally had to close his eyes in ecstasy when his climax overtook him. Like the calling of birds our cries and orgasmic clamor were a cacophony of sounds that for a few moments were a repetitive chorus of ecstatic pleasure which gave way to ragged panting and puffing. Dad’s dick soften almost immediately while my boner took a couple of minutes to retreat from mother’s sweet hole. As I lay, there still partially in her, I stroked her hair and kissed her face. Dad recovered his breath and strength to lean toward us and kiss her too. He put his arm over my shoulders and we wound up in a three-way sort of hug.

When our ménage managed to untangle we all headed to the toilet to pee. That was a comedy to see; mom on the pot, I used the shower, and dad the sink. When we were done, mom asked dad if he would mind if she shared my bed for the rest of the night. He replied that he was going to crash and wouldn’t know the difference any way, so it was fine with him. He plunked down right on top of the disheveled bedding and was sawing wood in minutes. Mom cuddled with me (my bed was less sweaty and smelly) and we kiss and stroked each other until we fell asleep. A few times I awoke briefly and realized that at one point we were spooning, another time later it was reversed with mom’s bush tickling my buns. Once I was using her boobs for my pillow. It was a very special might!

The son rises in the morning, mother has dew, but dad’s in the dark

Father woke first, and went to the bathroom, closing the door so as not to wake us when he was in the shower. I did hear him start to run the tap and came to the realization that a woman was in my bed with me, that that woman was my mother, and that we had finally and uninhibitedly made love together. The very memory, and verily most mornings gave me a rampant hard-on. I kissed my mother awake ever so gently, then poked her firmly with my stiffy and smiled. She smiled back, kissed me back, rolled on her back and rolled me on top of her. “Maybe your dad knew about the other times, but unless he comes out in the next few minutes, he’ll not catch us in the middle of a quickie! Put it in and let’s go for it, make me cum fast, shoot your cream into my sugar bowl!!”

Of course, that was what I was hoping would be the first order of business for our day. I understood that mom still wanted her little secret affair between us as a spicy sexual adventure, safe with her son but without the knowledge (abet with the permission) of her hubby. I slid into mother’s already damp pussy. I began to make the ancient motions that made babies from time immemorial.

It felt especially good as my dick was still sensitive from the action of last night. My balls were reloaded and mom was already verging on her cum after just a few minutes of thrusting. Once more I felt the nubs deep and the grip of her muscles. We kissed as my chest rubbed against her soft pillows, her hands clasp my back as if she were holding on for dear life. Then we had a really nice cum, as one we went over the top of that peak, our soft moans in harmony as we descended from the height of delight.

We rested in the warm after-glow until we heard the shower water stop. I got up and was at ready to go in to use and the facilities when dad came out. Mom came in at the end and had to go potty, but nothing happened. All three of us sharing the driving made the trip home much easier, It was great fun, because now I was accepted by my folks as an “adult”. We started swapping stories about how everybody had lost their virginity. I heard about my folks first time and surprised them with some of my own adventures.

But I was wondering with every mile that passed what would happen when we got back. Would the intimacy of we three continue to be as it was in the last several days or would things return to ‘normal’?

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