Rosalind Part Six

Dad’s passion was causing him to thrust his penis into my face and I happily allowed him into my mouth. My jaw had to open as much as it could to accommodate him. He was stretching my small mouth too. Once he was slicked with my saliva and his pre-cum, he found it easier to penetrate me and he began repeatedly thrusting his pelvis towards me. I hadn’t forgotten mom and my efforts were already paying off, judging by the deep groaning that was starting to emanate from her chest. I couldn’t take more than half my daddy’s cock into me as he was now battering the back of my throat and causing me to gag. He seemed very happy with what I was doing though. Soon both mom and dad were groaning with intense pleasure and I was overjoyed when I felt my daddy’s semen explode into my mouth and my mommy’s pussy clench around my fingers. Daddy held my head to his cock and mommy held my hand to her pussy until they had both finished twitching¬†against me.

I sat back and laughed happily to see them gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. I choked on the cum still in my mouth and swallowed. With unbridled lust in his eyes daddy bent down and kissed me for what seemed an age. I closed my eyes, loving the feel of his tongue exploring my mouth. Then daddy stood and asked both mom and I if we were ready for more. I nodded eagerly and mom threw her head back and laughed as if to say ‘of course!’ I had to kiss her again too. I had to make them both understand that I was sharing my love for them equally.

She squeezed me fondly and said, “I love you so much, my sweet girl.”

“I love you too, mom,” I whispered and was about to resume the kiss when dad, who had now stripped himself as naked as mom, took me from behind and began rubbing his already hardening cock up and down my crack.

He gripped my upper arms and thrust into me with no warning and I knew that he had no intention of sparing me or being gentle with me. I cried out in shock as I felt my pussy penetrated roughly, his cock entering me swiftly all the way to the hilt of his hips. He battered away at an incredible speed, forcing me to take little steps forward until I reached the window. I hung onto the window sill, bent forwards and cried as my entire body was continually pounded.
Dimly I became aware that the door bell had rung twice and that there now came the sound of knocking from the hallway. Mom was between my legs offering exquisite little twinges of pleasure as she tongued my clitty while pleasuring herself with her fingers. Thus the door went unanswered. A face then appeared in the window immediately before me and I wondered if I might be looking into a mirror. A round, small-mouthed face crowned with a haze of beautiful red hair stared back at me from outside. The mouth opened to mimic mine but apparently not in pleasure. I felt dad reach into the top of my dress to free my tits and pull on the nipples. I seemed to be the only person to have noticed the arrival of Rosalind so I greeted her with my tongue which I extended as far as I could. Her freckled cheeks flushed crimson, she clamped her mouth shut, angrily descended the steps and disappeared beyond the focus of my vision. An orgasm suddenly tore threw me and I lost control of my entire body. My legs shook and mom had to stop her lovely tonguing as my hips quivered violently from side to side.

Daddy’s cock popped out of my dripping pussy and was then seized hungrily by mom. I stepped out of my dress and shoes and fell on the couch to watch them together. Mom had absolutely no problem sucking him deeply until her nose was pressing into in his groin. Daddy held her head there and mom made strange noises in her throat. I was concerned that dad was hurting her, but for a moment he pulled out to let her breathe and she grinned up at him. She wanked him for a few seconds before allowing him back into her and again she took all of his prodigious length. Tears and saliva were streaming from her face but she was clearly loving it and began massaging his manhood up and down with her lips. After an age of this dad withdrew, laid down on the carpet beside her and mom sucked him again while offering him her pussy for him to lick. Mom embraced his hips while dad squeezed her bottom and extended his tongue until it was deep inside her. They rolled over twice while maintaining their tight hold on each other, groaning and moving as one. Daddy came before her, then mommy dribbled her love juices all over my daddy’s face as she shuddered and wailed.

“Ohh baby, you’re so good! So, so good, ooh!”

I took mom’s hand, then dad’s, and led them both into their bedroom. I lay in the middle of their bed and a moment later they were on either side of me, massaging my boobs and pussy. I now felt completely in control and that my parents were there to please me in any way I wished. Dad kissed me tenderly, then tongued me, working slowly down from my neck to my pussy. As I felt the tip of his tongue lap at my pussy lips I rolled onto my front with his head between my legs. Then mom planted gentle kisses down my spine until she reached my bottom which she squeezed and fondled playfully. She kissed my crack, pulled my cheeks wide apart and then I felt the most beautiful and pleasurable sensation yet, the feeling of my mommy running her tongue across the puckered entrance to my anus. Dad’s tongue opened me up and entered me on one side and mom’s entered me on the other. I shivered and breathed in sharply and reveled in the pleasure of having both holes penetrated simultaneously, gently and teasingly.

I had never even imagined such a delicious thrill. I moaned and moaned until I finally came again, gushing into daddy’s mouth. Then, full of my juices, dad planted his mouth quickly on mom’s and they shared a lingering, loving kiss. My whole body went into a series of twitches that never seemed to end and I think I even foamed a little at the mouth as if I was having a seizure. I watched avidly as my cum dribbled from their mouths, down mom’s gorgeous breasts and onto my dad’s stiffy. Using this lubricant she rubbed him vigorously while prolonging the kiss. When they parted, mom’s eyes were glazed with lust. She turned around until she was on all fours, offered him her pussy and squealed as he pushed himself into her. Desperate to regain the incredible orgasm I just had, I began to frig myself, driven wilder than ever by the sight of mom and dad doing what they evidently did best, showing their love for each other with sex. I smiled happily as mom came again on my daddy’s sweet cock.

They both had me again and again that day, fucking me crazily on their huge bed. When night fell they collapsed together and slept with me in between them. I cradled mom and dad cradled me.

We were the perfect family.

Copyright © Irma Cerrutti 2015

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