Me, Jackie and Mike

It happened at a BBQ with a bunch of my friends. We were all hanging out drinking beer and relaxing. My friend Jackie and her husband were there. Jackie was 24, like me and Mike is 26. Mike is tall and skinny but has a muscular build and a large dick according to Jackie. Jackie is about my height and only she is very petite, she has a nice B cup and very smooth olive skin with brown hair and green eyes. I have more of an hourglass figure, a nice C cup, red hair and blue eyes.

Jackie and I have kissed before but it was more for fun because we were drunk. I have never been with a woman and she hasn’t either, but sometimes when we kissed, I found myself wanting more. Tonight was one of those nights, we had too much to drink and Jackie was wearing short cutoffs and a halter top. I had on a skirt and a strapless shirt. She came over and sat next to and kissed my cheek in a flirtfull way, “Lynae,” she says, “Mike has never seen us kiss, but he thinks he would like it.” We had kissed before so I wink at Mike before leaning in for a long slow kiss with Jackie. I hear some other guys at the BBQ wistle, but I tune them out because I am enjoying this way to much. Our toungs are swirling around and Jackie puts her hand on the back of my head to signal she doesn’t want the kiss to end. She she finally pulls away I smile at her and then at Mike. He was like, “girls that was hot, I would really like to kiss you Lynae.” I was shocked that he said this, but Jackie nodded and Mike leaned in and we shared a similar kiss that Jackie and I shared. I put my hand on the back of his neck and our kiss became more aggressive. I heared him moan in pleasure as I felt a soft hand move up my skirt. The hand was gliding over my panties and I was embarrassed that I was enjoying making out with my best friends husband. When Mike pulled away he looked at Jackie and said, “Damn girl” and realized Jackie was the one touching my pussy.

Mike said, lets go inside and get more comfortable. When went inside the house and sat on the futon. “Lynae, I want to see if you can lick Jackie’s pussy and make her cum, because she says she doesn’t like to have her pussy licked.” I was so nervous because I had never licked pussy before. I got on my knees infront of Jackie. I unbuttoned her pants and slid her shorts off revealing her plain white panties. I slide my fingers up her vagina and was shocked by wet she was. As I worked off her underwear with a free hand I finger fucked her with the other. Meanwhile Mike sat behind me and had slid off my shirt. He started fondling my breasts and my clit. When Jackies beautiful shaven pussy was exposed I started licking between those luscious lips. She started to moan which made me movre my toung faster. I started licking her clit. Meanwhile, Mike has slid off my thong and I am sitting on his face. I feel Jackie start gyrating her hips and I starting grining mine on Mikes face. Jackie and I start moaning and cum at the same time. “Oh my god,” Jackie said that was hot. Mike sat up on the couch, wiping his face of my juices. Jackie and I sit down on the floor and unzip mikes pants and pull out his incredible 9 inch penis. After kissing Jackie for a long time I deep throat Mikes penis as he lets out a groan. Jackie and I take turns licking his monster. Finally Jackie gets really into sucking her husband so I start fingering her again, when mike orders us on the couch. Jackie crawls on top me and we making out with our hands all over each others breasts. Mike gets behind us and starts ramming Jackie, “Oh god Mike, make Lyane come to,” she says. Then Mike starts ramming me and his dick feels so good. He takes turns fucking each of us and when I can’t take it anymore, Jackie turns around so we are in a 69. I start lapping up her pussing and she starts licking mine as Mike keeps fucking me. Finally he starts yelling, “God yeah, and is cumming in me, Jackie is cumming again and so am I.” Jackie licks up all of Mikes cum as it flows out of my pussy. We all decide to sleep on our friends futon, with me in the middle. I woke up in the night with my new lovers fondling my parts as well as their own. I am so glad Jackie felt the same way I did.

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