As I walked around the mirror
…my mind began to formulate an endless array of possibilities. The thoughts alone were enough to drive me to the brink…I was painfully aware of the growing heat in my belly…along with the wetness between my thighs. I could smell my own sex and it drove my wild.

“I’ll take it”, I said as I scribbled down my address. I handed the man his money. He caught my wrist…he looked me up and down and raised his eyebrows…an invitation?
It took all I had to not laugh. Instead I added money to his hand…
“Hmm…thank you but no. Deliver my mirror today?”
After checking out the cash he mumbled…
“Yeah sure.”
As I turned to walk away I noticed his boner straining his overalls…his eyes on my snatch.

Once inside my ride my hand fumbled with the latch on the glove box. I found my toy-friend…
By the time I pulled out of the parking lot I was well on the way to calming this unexpected storm.

A few hours later the mirror arrived…minus the man. Two younger men keep giving me
“looks” but I ignored them and they soon left me alone with my new possession. I would need to get it installed as soon as possible.

I now stood in front of the mounted mirror. I hit the switch and it magically transformed from a looking glass to a viewing glass. I could see into the next room perfectly. It was perfect. I changed settings and went to the other room. Now my room had center stage. My face flushed and as the heat worked its way down my chest
my nipples harden…my stomach muscles tightened and my clit began to swell. I went to my room and set the mirror so I could watch myself…as if he were watching me from the other side of the glass.

He was going to stay for two weeks. When he finally arrived I showed him to his room…then left him alone to rest. I went to my room and watched him.

Ohh…he is beautiful. He stood slowly removing his clothes. As each layer was stripped away I grew more and more aroused. When he dropped his jeans I gasped…his penis was flaccid and looked to be a good seven inches. His sack was well portioned. And he was clean shaven. He went to the door as if listening…curious…then went to a travel case and took out a small bottle. He then poured some of its contents into his hand. He rubbed his hands together briefly…then began to apply it to his cock. I watched as he deftly stroked himself into an erection. He is huge and thick. I drooled. He changed techniques and I could see that he was bringing himself to the edge of orgasm then back off. He did that several times then he grabbed the base of his shaft…his body contorted and he seemed to have a dry orgasm…he released his grasp and his cock throbbed. Before it stopped completely he grabbed it and pumped long and deep…he stood as the first rope of spunk fired out of him…he directed it toward a towel. I lay there with my legs spread wide my hand furiously
pumping a dildo into my hungry pussy…a pool had formed beneath me. I switched the view and proceeded to fuck myself to an explosive orgasm…removing the dildo just as ejaculated my nector out onto the bed. I switched views. He was standing with both hands pressed on the glass and his cock pressed up tight…as if trying to break through. I returned the mirror to normal.

We had a quiet dinner. Nothing was said about the mirror. We talked about family
…friends and made plans to go on a tour of the town. We then said our good nights and retired. I switched views to see what he was doing. He appeared to be writing. I was uncertain on how to proceed. I wanted him…craved him but didnt want to scare him away by my unabashed wantoness.

So I decided to display myself to him and hoped that he would accept my offer. I have wanted him for as long as I can remember. My heart raced as I did a sexy strip tease. I played with my nipples…stuck my fingers into my hot box…then into my mouth. I slowly bend over and spread my cheeks so he could see my pink pucker hole. Before I began to rise…

He was there. His hands grabbed my hips. His rock hard erection pressed against my ass. He picked me up then set me slowly down until my pussy lips just barely touched his cockhead…
“Are you sure to want to do this?”, he whispered.
“Yes…more than anything.”
Before I finished my sentence he was inside me. He completely filled me up. It’s an amazing feeling…he controlled the strokes by moving me up and down. My first orgasm soaked us both…
his was deep…dry…intense. We switched to dog style and I had several more. But when we were in the missionary position it proved to be extraordinary. He slipped past my cervix and as he stimulated my uterine walls I went wild and exploded into a mindblowing
…body pleasing deep tissue orgasm which triggered him. I felt him swell…his whole body
shuddered. We remained locked…riding orgasmic bliss until our bodies were well drained and completely satisfied.

I knew it was going to be the best. But I never dreamt it would be so sublime. How can something that feels so good…
be bad? I’d do it again. I will do it again if my little brother wants to.

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  1. dakotajane

    I’m not sure if I missed it somewhere early on in the story but the fact that there was the curveball in the end made it very much enjoyable.
    Keep it up.

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