My Sexy Step Daughter

Hi; this story begins a year ago. I met this wonderful woman through a old friend. I started to show my interest in her; we exchanged numbers and we then continued to get to know each other. Soon after we got to know each other and expressed to one an other that we have feeling that are beyond sexual, we continued to go out and get to know each others’ likes and dislikes. She tells me she has a daughter; I ask her how old is she and she tells me she had her when she was 17 and she is now 34 so that makes her 17. She tells me and that she is planning a big birthday party for her daughter that is turning 18. She tells me that her daughter has expressed to her that she wants to have a get together–not a party more like a kick-back and she asked her daughter is that like a make out party? Her daughter said yes, but not a couples thing. So then her mom asked if anyone was planning on having sex. Her daughter said, “Idk, maybe if it leads to that.” So then my girl tells me she needs to have a safe sex talk with her daughter before this so-called “kick back.”

Later that week my girl invites me over for dinner the night after her daughters actual birthday (the party is on the weekend), so I go over with her present in hand. I am greeted by her freshly 18 year old daughter whom is very good looking just like her mother. I give her a hug and her present and she shakes the box, asking what is it? I tell her its a pair of Wu Tang booty shorts and laugh, “Im kidding. Its a pair of sweats.” She says, “Oh, I was hoping it was shorts! I don’t really like sweat pants.” I then told her she can cut them if she likes; after all it’s her present. She smiles and runs upstairs. I then greet my girl with a kiss and grab a hand full of her big booty! We sit in the living room waiting for dinner to finish cooking on the hot stove. I began to ask my girl if she had the “talk” with her daughter? She tells me she did and that her daughter told her she wishes she had more practice before her kick back. I smiled and continued to drink my beer; my girl looks at me and whispered in my ear what I though of her freshly 18 year old daughter? I said, “she’s beautiful like her mother.” Then she asked me what I thought when I first saw her daughter. “Be honest!” So I began to tell her my first thought was, “Damn look at you; I’m glad you’re 18!”  My girl giggles, “Why? Because she is beautiful and sexy like her mother?” I smile and say yes! Her daughter yells from her room, “Hey do you guys wanna see my present? I just modified them.” Her mom says, “Let me see; come here.” So her daughter comes in with the sweats I just brought her, but she cut them into really small booty shorts where the bottom of her nice round butt cheeks where falling out. I said, “Oh nice. You cut them I see;” her mom says, “Damn a lil’ too short though hunny.” Her daughter turns and says, “Your man likes ‘em.” My girl then says, “No, hunny; he likes your ass hanging out, that’s what he likes.” I then said, “Really, babe?” She looks at me and says, “What? I’m honest with my daughter.” Her daughter then says, “It’s ok; don’t worry. I’m not shy!” as she sits next to me on the couch; we continue the conversation over dinner.

Her daughter asks me, “Are you gonna come to my kick back on Saturday?” I say, “Yeah. I’ll be here with your mom.” She then smiles and says, “Ok cool. I cant wait but I’m a bit nervous.” I asked why, and my girl says, “Because she is nervous to have sex. I don’t know why since she’s not a virgin anymore.” Her daughter then says, “Yea, but I only had it once. It’s not like I know what I’m doing.” I then said, “Hey, it’s ok. Practice makes perfect.” She smiles and says, “I hope so!” So as the night dragged on, we sat in the living room while me and my girl are drinking when suddenly her daughter asks, “Mom, can I have some beer?” Her mom says ok, but only 2.

As we sit there conversing my girl falls into deep sleep. I shake, trying to wake her but she wouldn’t wake up. “Ok, well your mom’s asleep. I’m gonna head out.” Her daughter stops me and says, “No, don’t leave. You’re going to leave me drinking all alone.” And as I stand, there are all these thoughts of me fucking her tight, young,  bearly legal pussy, I say I should go. She then tells me, “Come on. Just one more beer, then you can go.” I say, “Ok, but you have to change out of those shorts; I can’t stop looking at your big booty as you walk to the fridge.” “Why don’t you help me out of these shorts.” I look at her sexy body and say, “I don’t want your mom to wake up and catch us!” “Don’t worry! My mom’s a heavy sleeper, especially when she’s drunk!” So as I sat there on the couch across from where her mother lay deep asleep, my girl’s daughter leans over me exposing a clear view into her 38B chest. She lays her forehead on my forehead, and I take a whiff of her soft hair as she takes her hand to rub it upward on my leg. My cock starts to become erect; she smiles as she sees the bulge in my pants start to grow. She  takes my hand and runs it across her chest and I pull her towards me; we kiss, both as horny as can be. I take her shirt off and she rips off her bra; I take her booty shorts off and then start to get undressed. She then drops to her knees and gently plays with my cock and balls, so I sit there moaning as she pulls my fore skin back and licks the precum off the tip of my hard shaft. I run my right hand through her hair and grip it all at the back of her head, and she then looks up at me and smiles while she says to me, “You ready to fuck my face?” I push her head down on my erect, hard shaft and she licks, sucks, and deep throats my cock–trying not to choke on my 6.5 inch  length and 4 inch thickness of hard cock. I lay her on the floor as i start to lick the sweet juice off her soft pussy lips; she moans and groans, begging me to make her cum! As I tease her wet pussy with my tongue, as I go as deep as my tongue can go, I pull my tongue out and stat to nibble on her clit and lick it in a circular motion. She tells me she’s about to cum, so I stop; she looks at me and says, “What the fuck are you doing? I was about to cum you idiot!” I then shove my hard shaft in her soft, slippery, wet pussy and I tell her to shut the fuck up. “You cum when I say you cum!” She smiles and moans as she enjoys the feeling of my 25 year old cock in her tight, wet 18 year old pussy. She begins to moan louder and louder; she yells out, “I’m cumming!” I then moan; she asks to cum together so I thrust harder and harder. I feel my cock and balls drenched in her sweet warm juice as I release my warm seed deep inside of her. She sighs with pleasure and says we should do this again sometime; I replied with, “We will.”

The morning came as I laid in bed with my girl, she asks me what happened last night. I asked, “What do you mean?” She said, “Yeah, I just remember we were in the living room drinking.” I said, “Yeah, you passed out on the couch so I carried you to bed. You asked me to stay, so I did.” “I hope you didn’t fuck me while I was asleep?!” I said, “No, baby. What kind of guy do you think I am?” She smiled and said, “I know, I’m just kidding.”

Ever since then me and her daughter fool around here and there, as time went by me and my then girlfriend became engaged and are now planning on marrying some time soon. We are both happy, especially her daughter. She says to me that she can’t wait til I marry her mom because then she could have some cock whenever she wants. I smiled and said, “We’ll see.”

Thank you for reading my story. I am in Los Angeles, California; if any women get horny by reading my true story, please feel free to contact me at wink,wink

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