craving chocolate part 1

Sara arrived home from work early. After changing into some rather small shorts and a figure hugging tank top, she glides into the living room. Tv on, she flips through the channels when her son walks through the front door with someone new…her son introduces his new teammate from the basketball team named Rashaun.
Tall and muscular she tells him she’s happy to meet him and walks over to give him a hug on her way to the kitchen.. she wraps her arms around him, pressing her d-cup breasts into his firm chest.. her fingers running across his strong back muscles.. she feels a warm surge throughout her body as she embraces this hot young black man.. thinking to herself that he will be what she thinks of as she plays with herself later.
Rashaun and her son walk back to his room leaving her to fantasize quietly as she goes about her evening..
One scenario involves answering the door in a black see through teddy and black stockings with a black thong.. Rashaun sees her, speechless when she invites him in.. pushing him onto the couch she straddles him after she has pulled his jeans down around his ankles.
Sara jams her tongue in his warm mouth sucking at his tongue, pulling his hand around to place it on her round firm ass as she pulls her breasts out, daring him to suck her tits.. “my husband is coming home soon baby. I wanna ride the shit out of your big chocolate dick!”
Another scenario has Rashaun bending her over the dining room table before he buries his face in her shaved white pussy.. thinking to herself that 28 years old isn’t too old to fuck a hot 19 year old black man
The image that really gets her wet is making her husband watch as this young black man ties her to the bed, her round sexy ass in the air as he spreads her legs.. guiding his hard member into her slick cunt.. easy as he tells her that she’ll never want another white dick again when he’s done stretching her white pussy..
It’s when she thinks of looking over at her husband watching, his dick hard and bulging in his dress slacks.. that’s when she realizes that she’s standing in the kitchen, alone with her hand in her shorts.. rubbing her swollen pussy.. the crotch of her shorts moist as she leans against the counter..

This is when she practically runs out of the kitchen.. somewhat ashamed.. she goes for the bathroom nearly closing the door behind her.. she turns the shower on and stares into the mirror..”what am I thinking? What if my son had caught me playing with myself in the kitchen?”
She sits down near the tub when she happens to catch a glimpse of Rashaun standing in the door.
“Sweetie, what do..” she stops mid-sentence as she sees that he’s holding his dick in his hand.
As he squeezes the base of it, he shakes it almost asking if she wants it, without asking the question.
As Sara walks over telling him he should cover up his dick and not wave it around.. once she is standing next to him.. it seems that he is overcome at the moment and pushes her back against the sink.. pulling down her shorts.. her pussy still wet from the fingering she gave herself..
He buries his face between her shapely thighs lapping eagerly, spreading her open she feels his tongue exploring her.. plunging deep inside her she fights the urge to push him away while struggling with the fact that she wants to push him onto the tiled floor and ride his tongue to orgasm after orgasm.. he sucks up the juices of her pussy licking his long fingers before sliding them inside..
“Oh, god.. (panting).. I.. I’m gonna squirt on your fucking hand… uhhhmmm..uhhhhh!”
Her back arches as she tries to keep from falling off the sink..
With her foot she pushes him back against the door, closing it..
Her eyes, ravenous she says” jerk your cock. I wanna see you cum”
She pulls her tank top down exposing her breasts.. pulling one upward to lick her hard nipple as Rashaun groans.. furiously beating himself off
Sara slips off the sink to place one hand under his balls and her lips on his.. kissing him to muffle his scream.. a rather large stream of cum shoots upward.. landing on her neck.. then the spray continues across her chest and neck.. oddly bringing her to climax once more.. she screams into his mouth as his hands grope for her big white tits, squeezing, kneeding at them..
Sara stands up, the juices from her cunt running down her inner thighs as this young man’s cum dripping off her chest.. ..
She bends down and whispers
“I’ll have the house to myself Saturday afternoon. 2:30. Don’t be late. Maybe bring a friend”
With a kiss on the cheek she sends him out of the room..

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