Older Mother-In-Law True Story

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Last year we moved my mother in law close to us. She lived 12 hours away and had been a widow for 12 years, she was 88 when we moved her.  Her daughter and her did not get along well but her and I always had a good relationship.  I would stop by her apartment every day after work to check on her, she need her blood checked and a shot. I had never thought of her in a sexual way. She had lived here for about six month and had developed very dry skin, the doctor said to put lotion on it and it would be fine.

I stopped by one afternoon like always and she said her skin was bothering her. I asked if she had been putting the lotion on and she said no. I asked why and she explained that it was too hard for her to put it on. She was 88, light at only 105 lbs, 5 ft 2 with gray hair; she was the average old lady who would not catch anyone’s eye. I told her to sit and I rolled her pant legs up and put lotion on her legs and then her arms. I did this for the next week or so. Eventually, she said her back needed it too, and I would lift up the back of her shirt and put it on, working around her bra strap. I would stay for awhile, she liked the attention, and we would talk about all different things.

One night I got there late, she was just out of her bath and had on her robe and bra and panties. We talked for a bit and she asked if I’d put the lotion on her. We went to her bedroom where she would sit on the bed when I put the lotion on her. She pulled back her robe from her legs and I put the lotion on them. I said I would do her back and arms as well, so she pulled the robe off her shoulders and took her arms out. She had a bra on but still covered herself a bit. That night when I was doing her back and arms, I got aroused seeing her in her bra. I finished and we went back out to the living room and talked a bit. Normally when I was leaving I would kiss her on the cheek and give her a hug, but that night I kissed her on the lips; she didn’t seem to mind.  I called her before going there the next day and told her to take her bath before I got there as it would help with the lotion; she said ok.

I got there and she had taken her bath and was in her robe, panties and bra. We chatted for a bit and then went to her room where I started to put the lotion on her same as before. I put it on her legs and then she took the robe off her shoulders, leaving her upper body exposed and not bothering to cover up her chest. I put lotion on her arms, but with her bra covered breasts right there in plain sight I was getting aroused again. When I did her back I told her I was going to undo her bra so I could get her whole back. When I got done I hooked it back together and we when out and talked. Over the course of a few weeks I had told her that my wife, her daughter, and I didn’t get along like we did before. She asked me to explain further and I told her we hadn’t had sex in months; she said that wasn’t right.  That night when I left I kissed her on the lips again, this time a little longer and held her. I could tell she liked it; when I broke the kiss she just smiled and gave me another little kiss as we said bye.

This went on like this for a couple weeks. I was getting more and more aroused and horny every time. One night I rode my motorcycle and it had rained on me on the way over; I walked in and she said I needed to get my clothes dry so I went into the bathroom took them all off and wrapped a towel around me. She put them in the dryer and she didn’t think twice about me walking around in just a towel. Everything was normal, we went to her room and I put lotion on her legs, then started on her arms. I was getting hard and decided to do something finally. I sucked in my stomach and the towel fell to the floor. I stood there for a few seconds as she looked and my hard on, then I said sorry and put the towel back on. We went back the living room and I told her I was sorry for what happened. She said it was alright, she had seen a naked man before. I sad yes, but not in a long time, and she smiled and said yes. I asked if she liked what she saw and she giggled and said yes. She said she didn’t understand why her daughter didn’t want me. When I said goodbye that night I kissed her long and then we kissed a couple more times. During the last kiss, she opened her mouth and I touched her tongue with mine. She smiled and said good night.

The next night when I got there I gave her a kiss and we touched tongues and kissed for a minute or two before we talked. We then went to her room where I applied lotion to her legs first. When she took the robe off her shoulder that night, I saw she didn’t have a bra on. She covered her breasts up, but she could see I was aroused. She looked at me and asked if that was because of her and I said yes. I got done and she pulled her robe back up and we sat on the bed and talked for a minute. Then I kissed her; we kissed for a few minutes before I put my hand under her robe and touched her breast. She just kept kissing and let me touch her breast. After a few minutes we went out to the living and talked some more. She asked what I did when I would get aroused and I was embarrassed to say but I told her I would masturbate. She just smiled and soon after I left.

The next few nights went the same.  I rode my motorcycle over one night and before I got there I got a bottle of water and poured it on me. When I arrived I said I needed to dry my clothes, and though it wasn’t raining outside, she didn’t any thing about it. She put a towel around me when I was putting lotion on her arms. I was very hard and she could see it clearly through the towel. She wasn’t covering her breasts very much at all that night.  I put some lotion in my hand and started on her arm before I let the towel drop. She looked at my hard on then up at me. I took my hand from her arm and started to stroke myself as she watched. She moved her hand so I could see her breasts and I stroked till I came, getting it on her and on my hand. She just smiled and asked if it felt good, to which I replied that it had. I picked up the towel and cleaned both of us and finished putting lotion on her while I was naked. We kissed and I left like normal. After that night, things changed a lot more.

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