road trip with my mother in law

So last Friday I was heading back home after being away for work. I was to meet my wife and her family at their family farm but I had to pick up my mother in law on the way.

When I arrived to pick her up she was obviously running late and had not long been home from work herself as she was rushing around the house trying to get ready. I asked if there was anything I could help with and she just said she wouldn’t be long if I just wanted to wait on the couch.

From where I was sitting I could see straight down the hall into her bedroom; watching her rush madly around. Then I noticed she opened her cupboard door which had a mirror on it, providing me with a view around the corner. She obviously hadn’t noticed as she then took her work skirt and blouse off and gave me a view of her in her underwear! I had never seen her like this nor thought about it, but she had a pretty amazing body for a mother of 3 in her mid 50’s. Before I knew it I was having to flip and tuck a rock hard cock. Soon after this she was changed, packed and we were ready to go.

It was about a 3 hour trip to the farm which is why we only really went out on weekends. My mother in law Trish was quite proper, so the car conversation was rather dry. I had to keep stopping myself from thinking about her in her underwear as I wouldn’t be able to hide a hard on this time without her seeing!

About an hour into the trip my interest was sparked suddenly when Trish said she was busting to pee and should have gone at the last town. I can pull over for you if you like I said. No I’ll wait she said, there’s barely a tree for cover! We’re in the middle of the bush Trish, it’s just you and me – who’s going to see I said? We drove on for about another 10 minutes before she said she was really busting and the cover wasn’t getting any better. Would you like me to stop then I asked? You’ll have to she said. Otherwise I am going to wet myself! She asked me to angle the car when I pulled over so she would be hidden between her open door and the back of the car. I did as she asked and pulled the car over at just the right angle for her. Before she opened the door she turned t me and said absolutely no looking Dan! I just laughed and replied with the mandatory ewww you’re my mother in law! Trish swung the door open, dived out of the car and tugged her pants and knickers straight to her ankles. She had her back to me and was only about 2 foot from the car – this was lucky as I couldn’t stop looking! She spread her legs, squatted down a little bit and bent over giving me an amazing view of her perfectly smooth fanny, which was now quite open and her perfect, stretched tight ass hole. Holy fuck I thought as I reached down and grabbed my instantly rock hard cock. I sat there gently tugging my cock through my pants as I watched a thick stream of her hot piss come wooshing out of her fanny. I quickly let go and faced the front as she shook her bum to get the last drips off her fanny, so she wouldn’t realise I had been starring the whole time. She pulled up her pants and got back in the car. I asked if she felt better – much she replied, thank you for stopping. As I turned to face her to say that’s alright I noticed she was looking straight at my crutch! Shit I thought, I’d forgotten to flip my cock up to hide my hard on.

It was pretty quiet for the next 10 minutes until Trish broke the silence by asking what do you mean ewwww anyway? I was just stirring Trish. I think you look great for your age I mumbled nervously. For my age! She said – I’m not that old! No that’s not what I meant I said. Managed to get you pretty excited just before she said, especially for my age and seems you wouldn’t have been looking. I just laughed nervously. Was that what I thought it was before Dan? She asked. What are you talking about Trish I questioned? You know exactly what I’m talking about she said. You watched didn’t you? Does it matter I said. Just tell me she asked. Did you or didn’t you? Maybe I did I said nervously, why? I replied. You had an erection when I got back in the car didn’t you? She said giggling. Not bad for my age I think she joked. Did you like what you saw she asked? Your my mother in law Trish, Jesus! And you’re twice my age! I said. Didn’t stop you from having a good look when I dropped my pants before so why should it matter now she said. So did you or didn’t you she said? Of course I did! I said. What did you see she asked? Everything I said. For how long she asked. The whole time I replied; I couldn’t help it! Of course you could have she laughed. Did you like what you saw? She asked. Derr! You saw what happened I replied, now blushing quite a bit. Which bit gave you an erection? She taunted. All your bits I said! I was staring straight at your fanny which was spread wide open and at your ass hole. And you want to see it again by the looks of it she said gesturing at my now throbbing hard cock. Well do you she asked? But you’re my mother in law I replied. So what she said – It can be our little secret. She reached down and started stroking my cock through my pants. Fuck Trish, I said. Well do you want it or not she said quite sharply. Of course I do I replied. Well pull over already she said.

I found a spot to pull over and nestled the car as hard into the bushes on the side of the road as I could. Before I could even get the handbrake on Trish was undoing my pants. She tugged my cock out, leant forward and started sucking it madly. I was just sitting there watching as my mother in law cupped my balls in her hand and sucked my cock deeper and deeper, pushing it right into her throat! I always thought you’d have a big cock she said! I thought you said I was going to see your fanny again I asked? She sat up and took her shirt and bra off revealing her lovely large breast and rock hard nipples. I leant over and started massaging them in my hands while I sucked madly at her nipples as she took her pants and knickers off. I started to finger her while I sucked at her nipples – she was so wet! She moaned loudly as I pushed 2 fingers deep inside her. Her pussy was so wet it was making a slopping noise as I fucked her with my fingers. Fuck me she said, FUCK ME DAN! I want to feel your cock inside me she moaned! Hop in the back I said so we have more room. She climbed through the gap between the 2 front seats leaving me with a view of her again spread ass hole and dripping pussy. I grabbed her thighs and held her there and buried my face in her pussy, sucking and licking her very swollen clit. I started pushing my tongue inside her as she rocked back trying to fuck my face. She tasted amazing – I could still taste the saltiness of her early piss on the side of the road. I replaced my tongue with my 2 fingers again and started fucking her again. She reached back between her legs and started madly rubbing at her clit. Fuck you have a hot ass I said! You can have that too she said between moans; so I quickly started licking her tight ass hole, round and round and gently pushing my tongue just inside the rim. With this she started bucking harder and harder – Fuck Im cumming she screamed, Im cumming! I could feel every convulsion of her pussy as it clenched down on my 2 fingers. I watched as she clenched and relaxed her ass hole as well, fuck it was hot! When she had finished cumming she climbed through to the back and dragged me through. I sat in the middle with Trish straddled over my lap. She grabbed my cock and shoved it straight inside her. She slid down and made it as deep in her pussy as she could get it. As she pumped up and down my cock I watched her gorgeous big tits bounce up and down – rubbing my face in them and sucking at her nipples. I was cupping her ass in my hands squeezing them and slapping them! I let her suck on my finger to get it all wet and slippery and then slid it into her tight ass hole. Ohhh you dirty little prick she moaned! I madly fucked her ass with my finger while she slid up and down my cock. Do you like that do you Trish I asked I’m going to cum again soon she said! Are you close? Very I said! I pushed her off my cock and rolled her onto her knees. She leant over grabbing my dick as I got up on my knees and sucked her pussy juices of it. I pushed her away before I blew my load in hr mouth. She was leant right forward spreading her ass cheeks and pussy nice and wide for me. I rabbed my cock and pushed it straight back into her swollen dripping pussy to get it wet again. I leant over and spat on her stretched ass hole and slowly pushed my cock into it. She squirmed, moaned and scream a little bit as her ass hole relaxed around my cock. I watched as I slowly slide my cock all the way into her ass and then back out, leaving her gapping a little wider each time. Fill me with your cum she begged as she madly fucked her pussy with her fingers. I grabbed her waist tight and pumped deep and fast into her ass. Im cumming again, Im cumming again she moaned Fuck FUCK she screamed. Her orgasm clenched down on my cock sending ripples up and down it. I pushed as deep into her as I could and came . I could feel it pumping out of my cock into her red hot ass!

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  1. MikenDel

    Fantastic!! Well written and details were great.

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  2. esmith67215

    This is a great story!

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