Samantha Parker's Story

Chapter Eleven

Nearly three weeks had passed since that morning Burt saw Samantha coming down the path toward the house. During all that time, Burt had longed to sample her pussy. From his observation of Samantha, Burt figured he could have easily achieved his goal by now. His problem was Anna. Although she was friendly enough with Samantha, she was also extremely jealous. Burt didn’t want to risk alienating Anna by getting involved with Samantha right away. The sex with Anna was just too good to take the risk. He thought, Samantha could decide to leave at any time and then where would he be? Burt hoped to get Anna used to the idea of someone else getting some of his attention, but he had made little progress. Burt hinted at a threesome a few times when he and Anna were in bed together. But thus far, she was having none of it. In spite of the risk involved, Burt felt that he wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer. Samantha was just too damn sexy to ignore.

After watching Burt and Anna in bed that first evening, Samantha wrestled with the strong desires that had plagued her from early girlhood. She couldn’t deny her basic instincts. It had been nearly three weeks since that first night. Samantha was hungering for sex and her need was becoming almost too strong to be denied. Masturbation wasn’t the answer. It was merely a shallow substitute for what she really needed and Samantha’s body refused to be satisfied with anything less. Samantha knew Burt had his eye on her and she supposed he might have already made a move in her direction, if it wasn’t for Anna. Anna was friendly enough, but Samantha knew if she thought there was something going on between her and Burt, there would be hell to pay. Samantha didn’t need that kind of trouble right now. She vowed to keep her mind on her work and off Burt Hilbish for as long as possible.

Although she planned to contact her mom within the first week she was away from home, Samantha had continued to put it off. She was afraid of what her mom would say. Maybe her mom was happy that she was gone. Samantha didn’t know that for sure and as long as she didn’t know, there was still hope that her mom might forgive her and maybe even want her back. Samantha decided to wait just a little longer, before trying to talk to her mom again.

Things settled into a routine. Anna was a senior at Hadleyville High and after she left for school, Samantha had the house to herself for most of the day. Each morning, Burt was out of the house before Anna left for school. Anna told Samantha that her uncle always got an early start on the day. He had two very large farms to oversee and business ventures in Hadleyville that took up a lot of his time.

By now, Samantha had cleaned the house from top to bottom. When she began, Samantha was surprised at the condition of the house. It seemed as if it hadn’t had a good cleaning in a very long time. Most of the furniture was covered in dust, which seemed to have been accumulating for weeks, if not longer. It made Samantha wonder about Burt’s housekeeper. She certainly hadn’t done a very good job with the cleaning. Well maybe she wasn’t feeling well before she had that heart attack Samantha thought.

After Samantha got the house in good order, the days began to drag. There was just so much reading and watching TV one could do. Early one afternoon, Samantha wandered into Burt’s study. There was an elaborate computer work station in there and Samantha got the idea that she might try to send her mom an email. Samantha didn’t know a lot about using a computer. Before her mom started working, they couldn’t afford to have one at home. Samantha figured she might do something wrong and then Burt would know what she’d been up to. She debated for a while, and then finally decided to give the computer a try. She pressed the button on the CPU. When the welcome screen came up, Samantha saw Burt had the computer password protected and she couldn’t log on. As she reached to turn the computer off, Samantha knocked the mouse off the desk. When she picked it up, she noticed a little piece of tape stuck to the bottom. A series of numbers and letters was written on the tape. Samantha entered them and was able to log on.

When the desktop came up, the first thing Samantha noticed was an icon titled Anna. She stared at the computer screen for a long while, trying to decide what she should do. Then Samantha’s curiosity got the best of her and she clicked on the Anna icon. The screen went blank and nothing seemed to be happening. Samantha figured she had screwed something up and was ready to turn the computer off. Then a slide show started. Picture after picture of Anna came up. The first set of pictures was of Anna stripping. Then there was a series of pictures of Anna nude, in numerous poses. There were pictures of Burt giving Anna an OTK bare bottom spanking. Then there was a series of Burt and Anna having sex in various places throughout the house. This set had a significant effect on Samantha. She found herself becoming very aroused as she viewed them.

The next group of pictures puzzled Samantha. It took her a while to figure out what was going on in them. These pictures were taken in Burt’s bedroom. Anna was lying on the bed nude, with her legs spread wide. The dark muff of hair covering her pussy was clearly visible. Now Burt was bending down over Anna. In the next picture, Burt had moved aside and Anna’s pussy was covered in white lather. As the pictures progressed, Samantha understood what they were. Burt was shaving Anna’s pussy. Samantha had never heard of this being a turn on, but she supposed it must be and wondered what it would be like.

Samantha screamed when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around in the desk chair and saw Burt standing behind her. He said, “Looks like you’ve been doing a little snooping Samantha. I’m very disappointed in you. I thought I could trust you, but I guess I was wrong.”

Samantha said, “Please Burt don’t be mad. I didn’t mean to snoop. I swear.”

“That answer defies all logic. The computer didn’t turn itself on and open up that slide show. You did it. That’s snooping and you certainly meant to do it.”

Samantha replied, “I know. I’m really sorry. It won’t happen again. I promise.”

“Samantha do you remember what I told you the first day when I took you up to your room?”

“You told me that I should get some sleep.”

“Yes that’s true, but I also told you that you were part of the family. That means I consider you to be in my charge, just like Anna. Now what do you think I would do to Anna if I caught her snooping on my computer?”

“I…I don’t know Burt.”

“Oh yes you do know Samantha. You’ve seen the pictures. I’d give her a good spanking and that’s what you deserve. Am I right?”

“I guess so.”

‘You guess so? Don’t you know so?”

Samantha hesitated for a moment, weighing her options and finally said, “Yes Burt, I know it.”

“Good, then get up from the chair.”

Samantha got up from the chair and Burt took her place sitting there. Then he said, “OK Samantha get your jeans and panties pulled down and get over my knees.”

Samantha brought her hands up to unfasten her jeans. Then she hesitated, her face turning red as she stood facing Burt. Finally Burt said, “Well I’m waiting Samantha. You know what you have to do and I suggest you not delay it any longer.”

Samantha unfastened her jeans and worked them down over her hips to her knees. She brought her hands back up to the waistband of her panties and hesitated again. Burt said, “Come on now Samantha, the panties too. I’m running out of patience.” Samantha quickly pulled her panties down and draped her body across Burt’s knees.

As he watched Samantha pulling her jeans and panties down, Burt’s level of excitement built to a fever pitch. This girl was even sexier than he had imagined and the sight of the significant dark bush
covering her pussy was giving him ideas. Burt was already thinking about what it would look like afte
r it was shaved and he figured he was going to find out before too long. However, for now, Samantha’s beautifully mounded butt required his undivided attention.

As Burt began to run his hand over her bare bottom, Samantha felt a tingling sensation between her legs. Just the feel of Burt’s hand on her bare skin, was turning her on. Then she felt his hand splat into her butt for the first spank and instantly, she knew that this spanking was going to be much harder than the one her dad had given her years ago in the Weston’s family room. Within a minute or so, Samantha’s butt was burning as the spanks continued to land on her plump vulnerable buns. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.

There was no doubt in Burt’s mind that Samantha had the sexiest ass he’d ever had across his knees and there had been more than a few up till now. His hand literally bounced off her firm resilient butt cheeks with each successive swat. Before too long, Burt had Samantha squirming on his lap and crying “Ouch!” with each successive swat. From her reaction, Burt could tell that Samantha wasn’t used to being spanked. He thought, someone had really been missing out. This was one of the most spankable asses he’d ever seen. Samantha’s butt globed up perfectly from the small of her back. Burt’s cock was getting rock hard as he continued to give Samantha’s shapely ass some up close and personal attention. Now Burt wished he’d had Samantha take her jeans and panties off, instead of just pulling them down. He thought the sight of her sexy bare legs kicking in the air would have been very hot. As it was, her jeans and panties were hampering her movement in that area.

Finally Samantha cried out, “Please Burt! No more! I’m really sorry!”

Burt gave Samantha another half dozen quick hard spanks and then stopped. Now he began to lightly massage the prominent curve of her butt and instantly Samantha was thrusting her bottom up against the palm of his hand and moving it in a slow gyrating motion. Burt casually slipped a finger down to the juncture of Samantha’s thighs and just like “Open Sesame” her legs parted to the extent her lowered jeans would allow, to accommodate his exploration there. When Burt slid his finger into Samantha’s pussy, he found it was dripping wet, but he had expected as much. He figured Samantha was as hot as they came.

When he lightly brushed his finger over Samantha’s swollen clit, he felt her body tense, as if she’d received an electric shock. Burt thought, Jesus Christ! She’s ready to cum and I’ve barely done anything. When Burt moved his finger away, Samantha said, “No. Please don’t stop!”

Burt said, “Don’t worry. We’re just beginning.”

Burt got Samantha up from across his lap. Then scooped her up into his arms and carried her into his bedroom. Burt lay Samantha down in the center of the bed and within seconds, had her shoes, jeans and panties off. Samantha sat up and pulled off the sweatshirt she was wearing. Then her hands went behind her back to unfasten her bra.

Since day one, Burt had imagined how sexy Samantha’s breasts might be, but the reality beat his imagination by a mile. Burt had never seen a sexier pair of tits in his life. They were absolute perfection. They were large and perfectly formed, with big dark pink erect nipples that were just begging to be sucked and nibbled on.

Burt was so anxious; he practically tore his clothes off. As he gazed down at Samantha, Burt fully appreciated the expression about the kid in the candy store. Jesus H. Christ, her body was so damned beautiful; he didn’t know where to start first. With his heart pounding like it was going to explode, Burt got onto the bed with Samantha. He bent down over her and cupped her tits in his hands. The feel of the silky skin of these two firm beautiful mounds was exquisite. When Burt brought his mouth down to sample on of their erect nipples, the taste was sweeter than anything imaginable. Samantha cried out in ecstasy as Burt gently fondled her breasts and sucked on her taut nipples.

Burt’s cock was pulsating in anticipation as her rose up and straddled Samantha’s upper body. He looked down into Samantha’s big blue eyes and then glanced down to his stiff cock. Samantha rose up into a partially sitting position and took the head of Burt’s cock into her mouth. As Burt watched his cock sliding in between Samantha’s full sexy lips he thought he’d died an gone to heaven. It wasn’t long before Burt was thinking; she sucks like she was born with a hard cock in her mouth. In almost no time, Samantha’s expert attention became too much for Burt and he had to reluctantly pull away before he came. After all the waiting he’d done, he didn’t want things to go too fast.

Anna was on her way home from Hadleyville High. She started her period last evening and today she had terrible cramps. In the early afternoon, she went to the school nurse and got an excuse to leave early. As she drove up the road approaching the house, she saw Burt’s car in the drive. Anna was immediately suspicious. What was her uncle doing home so early? One answer crossed Anna’s mind, Samantha! Now her bad mood instantly got worse. Anna decided not to pull her car into the drive. If there was anything going on in the house, she wanted to find out what it was. She parked her car to the side of the road and began to walk up the long drive.

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