Samantha Parker's Story

Chapter Twelve

At the time Anna was on her way home, Burt and Samantha were beginning to get down to some serious business in the bedroom. Burt got down between Samantha’s lush shapely thighs, lifted her legs and pushed them back toward her chest. With her pussy in perfect position, Burt wasted no time in beginning his exploration. He brought his tongue down into Samantha’s dripping slit and began to tease her clitoris with the tip of it.

Samantha cried out, “Oh God yes! That’s good!” and began thrusting her pussy up towards Burt’s mouth. At the same time that little voice inside Samantha’s head was saying, “God almighty! Do you have to act like such a whore! Where’s your pride? You might as well get down on your knees and beg for it!”

At this point, Samantha was ignoring everything except the waves of sensual pleasure washing over her body. Now she felt Burt push her legs further back, rotating her plump butt upward. In the next moment, Burt’s tongue moved down to her tight puckered anus and she felt the tip of it probing there. Samantha consciously relaxed to let it penetrate deeper.

Burt felt Samantha relaxing as he began to probe her asshole with his tongue. This was the exact opposite reaction he typically got from Anna, unless she was extra hot. He realized instantly that Samantha wouldn’t object to having her ass corked. He filed this away for future reference. Burt continued to probe Samantha’s asshole, lubricating and stretching it with his tongue. Samantha was moaning and her gyrations were becoming so frantic, Burt was having a hard time keeping up with her.

Now Burt brought his thumb to bear on Samantha’s puckered elastic rim and it neatly slipped inside. As Burt pushed his thumb deeper into Samantha’s hot ass, he moved back up to her pussy and began to suck her clit, swirling his tongue all over and around it. In another minute or so, Samantha let out a shuddering wail and her whole body rose up off the bed. She shot her legs forward, clamping Burt’s head between them as she came.

When Samantha began to relax a little, Burt moved to the side and lay on his back beside Samantha. Samantha opened her eyes and looked over at Burt’s sizable cock standing straight up at full attention. In the next instant, she was straddling Burt’s body, guiding the head of his cock into her pussy and lowering herself down onto it. This is what Samantha had dreamed of, since that first evening, when she spied on Burt and Anna in this very room.

Anna got out of her car at the road and walked up the long drive to the house. She went to the back door, quietly opened it and stepped into the kitchen. She immediately heard the sounds of frantic sexual activity coming from the direction of Burt’s bedroom. She knew her suspicions were already confirmed, but she had to see for herself. She only hoped that Burt and Samantha had been in too much of a hurry to close the bedroom door.

Anna crept into the hallway and saw the door was ajar. Now the sounds of her uncle’s and Samantha’s mingled moans were much clearer. Anna slowly approached the partially open door and cautiously peeked around the corner. No need to worry about Burt and Samantha noticing her. They were so engrossed with what the were doing, World War Three could have started right in the front yard, without them missing a beat. Samantha was straddling Burt and her ass was bouncing up and down so fast, it reminded Anna of a basketball being dribbled. As a result, Burt’s cock was literally pistoning in and out of Samantha’s pussy.

At this point, there was no need for Anna to see any more. She went back into the kitchen and out the back door. She went down the drive and got into her car. She drove away and turned into the side road that led to the family cemetery. Anna parked her car and ascended the hill. Now she was looking down at the house. She figured her Uncle Burt would leave the house eventually and come back later on, as if nothing had happened.

Anna concluded that she would have to do something to get rid of Samantha, if she intended her relationship with her uncle to go on as before, which is what she wanted. The only question was; how? Then she remembered that first day, when her Uncle Burt said that Samantha was probably a runaway. Now Anna determined to find out some more about Samantha.

Just as Anna expected, in about thirty minutes, she saw her Uncle Burt leave the house, get into his car and drive away. Anna waited a while longer, went back down to her car and drove to the house. When she entered the kitchen, Samantha was preparing dinner. Samantha asked in a cheerful voice, “How was school today?”

Anna replied noncommittally, “OK, I guess.” Then she went upstairs.

Anna was seething with jealously. God damn Samantha! That smug satisfied look on her face was disgusting! What a little whore she was! Anna thought that there was no doubt; all it took was a hard cock in Samantha’s pussy to make her day

Anna listened at the top of the stairs. Samantha was working in the kitchen and humming to herself. The coast was clear. Anna slipped into Samantha’s room. She opened the closet and pulled out Samantha’s suitcase. Just to be extra sure, she slipped back out to the top of the stairs and listened again. Yeah, Samantha was still working in the kitchen and humming cheerfully.

Anna went back to Samantha’s room and opened the suitcase. At first she was disappointed. The suitcase appeared to be empty. Then Anna worked her hand all along the lining and felt a hard little square of something hidden in there. She slipped two fingers inside and came out with an old and very faded Polaroid snapshot. Anna carefully examined the photo. It was of Samantha and a very plump older woman, seated at a table outside some sort of fast food restaurant. Anna guessed the woman was Samantha’s mom. It appeared that Samantha was ten or eleven, when this picture was taken. Now Anna studied the picture very closely. In the background, was a group of teenagers seated at another table; one of them was wearing some sort of a high school jacket. Anna could just make out what was on the back of the jacket; Bentlyville Bull Dogs. This was a definite starting point. Samantha was from somewhere called Bentlyville.

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