Stuck in Snow

I had been working away (again) and had planned to leave Wales much earlier than I actually did. The weather forecast was horrendous and heavy snow falls were expected. I eventually got away about 4pm just as it was getting dark. The wind was bitterly cold and the sky black. Snow was clearly on the way. I managed to make my way through all the small local roads, then the major A roads and finally I was on the motorway. All being well, I should be home by about 830pm.

To begin with, the lanes were quite clear, Mr Gritter had been out. But after about an hour, I hit an exposed part of the motorway and quite suddenly the snow was settling and the outside lane unusable. The traffic was surprisingly light, I guess sensible people had headed the weather warning and left earlier. A row of red stop lights ahead soon got closer and the motorway was closed due to drifting snow. I pulled onto the hard shoulder behind a large American motorhome. I got out of the car and looking up ahead we were all going to be stuck here for some considerable time. I got back in the car, switched on the heated seat and put on the radio for traffic information.

It was very dark now and the snow was falling hard. I got some blankets from the boot and settled back with the engine and heater running, glad that I had filled up with fuel before I left. After about 20 minutes there was a tap on the passenger window. It made me jump and I could see a young female face peering through. I unlocked the door and she jumped in the passenger seat. “Sorry if I made you jump” she said in a broad American accent. “My names Ellen and we’re in the motorhome in front. Would you like to come in and have some coffee, we have loads of supplies and its lovely and warm in there”. “Great, yes please” I said. “My names David by the way”. She jumped back out into the snow, and after locking the car I tapped on the door. It was opened by the most stunning blonde girl I have probably ever seen. She was truly beautiful. “Come in” she said. “I’m Ellen’s sister, April”. I took off my snowy shoes as the carpet was a deep red shag pile and went in the lounge.

“So what are you two doing over here then?” I asked. “We’re on our way back to London to pick our parents up. We left them there for a few days while we looked up an old distant ancestor in Wales”. “Did you find them?” I asked. “Sure did said Ellen. Managed to find their grave and get some photos. So, what would you like to drink, we have fresh coffee, tea or hot chocolate?” I joked that being English I’ll have tea please. “Come and sit next to me” said April. “Ellen will make the drinks”. I moved and sat in the deep cushion and immediately April moved rather close. “Us two girls have not had any male company since we left the States six weeks ago” said April. “Would you like to help with that?” Not really knowing what she meant, I asked her. “Would you like to have some fun with us, it looks like we’ll be here a few hours” she said. With that, her hand moved onto my knee and slowly her fingers walked up to my crotch. “blimey, you’re forward aren’t you!” I said. She laughed and said “So you don’t object then”. “How can I” I said “when you’re rubbing my cock.

By now, my dick was solid as a rock and bursting to be unleashed. Ellen walked over with the drinks and placed them on the table. “Let me have a feel” she said. “Mmmm  you seem quite a big boy. Time to get him out I think”. She leant over and unzipped my trousers and pulled them down. My cock had sprung out of the boxers already and was pointing North. “Wow” they both said at the same time. “That is English meat at its best”. I hadn’t noticed but alongside the tea was a small bowl of warm water and a flannel. “Mind if we give him a wash” said Ellen. Before I could answer, She poured some liquid soap on the flannel, dipped it in the hot water and began to wash my cock, with particular attention being paid to my helmet and long foreskin. This really made me horny and once she had rinsed it, she dried it on the towel. “That’s better” said Ellen. “Now I can suck him, now he’s tasting nice and clean”. She bent her head over my lap and very slowly with her hand, pulled my foreskin up so it covered the purple helmet. I was blesses with a fine foreskin. She then inserted her tongue inside the foreskin and licked my slit. Fuck I thought I was going to spurt there and then. What an intense feeling. April by this time had got on the floor between my legs and started to lick and squeeze my very heavy balls. As I had been away, there was eight days worth of sticky spunk to unload.

I cannot describe how this felt. It was amazing. Ellen by this time was pulling her top off, revealing a fantastic pair of tits. Not large but very firm. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next… April got up and started to lick her sisters nipples. I felt a flood of warm clear precum leave my slit. This was eagerly gulped down by Ellen. She nearly gagged as it was unexpected but being a good girl she managed. April by now was slipping out of her jeans to reveal a perfectly bald smooth pussy complete with glistening lips. Oh my she was moist! Ellen slid a hand down and parted her sisters lips, exposing a rather large clitoris for such a young girl. She was very aroused. She moaned as Ellen rubbed it for her, parting her legs slightly. I was so close to my balls exploding that I pulled away from Ellen’s mouth. Precum was pouring out of my cock hole. I had to get inside her and beckoned April to come and sit on my engorged cock. She moved over and facing me, slowly sat on him, until the whole seven inches was deep inside her. Fuck she was tight but oh so wet and warm. She began to ride up and down the entire length very slowly. Ellen was on her knees underneath us and licking my slimy cock as it went in and out of her sister cunt. My helmet was swollen so much that the foreskin was no longer able to roll back and forth. This made it so sensitive but felt amazing. April was starting to cry and moan out loud and quickly approaching orgasm. Ellen moved her hand round and began to rub and almost wank her huge clitty like a cock. With that April come with a  flood of juice. I so wanted to cum but desperately stopped myself. April eased off my sticky penis and Ellen now jumped on. She was not so tight as her younger sister but equally soaking. She was clearly more experienced and twisted and rode and squeezed my cock inside her perfect pussy. She came hard and unexpected. Again, a flood of her juice poured from her, all down my legs. I was so close now I had to do something. I pushed Ellen off and laid back on the settee. They both knew what I wanted. They bent over me, taking it in turns to suck my sticky dick. April managed to get more in her mouth than her sister but they both knew how to suck a cock. I could feel my sperm boiling away inside and slowly rising up my shaft. I told them that I was about to cum and they stopped sucking and with their hands began wanking me hard up and down my length. I couldn’t stop it now, and a thick jet of sperm flew high in the air, landing on Aprils face. Jet after jet shot out and with some careful directing, I managed to cover both their faces and hair. I even managed to get some in Ellens eye which stung her. To make sure I was empty, they both slurped at my cock sucking every last drop out. I could take no more now, he was so sensitive and almost sore. I eased them away and laid there exhausted. They both looked a picture. Standing up, my thick spunk was dripping slowly from them. The next bit surprised me too… April went across to Ellen and started to kiss her whilst licking my sperm from her sisters face. Bloody hell, what is it with these two! Ellen reciprocated and cleaned Aprils face. I didn’t realise that neither had swallowed and they spat it out in a glass tumbler. I have to say I was very pleased with my copious spurting’s.

My cock was surprisingly still quite hard and noticing this, April came over with the glass and poured some of my semen on my shaft and began to massage it. I very soon became fully erect and without a word, April laid down, legs high and wide and invited me inside her. I knelt between her and pushed my sticky cock straight inside her. This time she was much looser. I fucked her hard and fast and made her cum many times, each time she was getting wetter and wetter and noisier and noisier. Ellen was frantically rubbing herself off with a couple of finger inside her. I was pouring sweat and fucking this beautiful young pussy for all I was worth.

At last, I could take no more and began to spurt my sticky seed inside her tender young puss. She felt it hit her cervix and orgasmed hard for the last time. I pulled out of her at Ellen’s request and pushed it into her while it was still hard. I hadn’t the energy to fuck her so she got on top and rode me. I have no idea why I stayed so hard, I never could before. But she was riding me like a woman possessed, coming hard, whimpering and squirting her lady juice everywhere. I knew I wouldn’t be able to squirt much spunk but I could feel it on the way. My cock was so fat swollen and sore I was aching to come and eventually as she bashed down hard I come inside her. I knew I was ejaculating liquid, I could feel it but instead of my usual thick lumpy spunk this load was runny. She was determined to milk me dry and once I had satisfied her, I pushed her off. April came over and with her sister gently licked my slit and sucked the very last drips of sperm from my drained penis.

I was absolutely fucked! And so were they, literally. The whole lounge area stunk of sperm and pussy juice. I opened the window to clear the air and noticed that a steady stream of cars were passing by. “Shit” we’d better clean up and go. The motorway seems to be open now” I said. I grabbed the cold flannel and carefully washed my flaccid cock. It stung slightly where it was sore but I had to wash all the juices off!

As I went towards the door, Ellen and April both gave me an amazing deep kiss and wished me well. I bade them farewell and gave them my phone number and email as I went out into the freezing cold.

I wonder if they’ll get in touch?



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