More Subliminal Messages, Part 2

We left the first part when El Casque and Elena had used the subliminal messages  to hypnotize their friend Elaine and her daughter Sareida…

Before Elena could ask any other questions, I turned to Sari and instructed her that as soon I snapped my fingers, she would open her eyes and would answer all my questions with the truth. Turning to Elaine, I instructed her to remain silent and to listen to her daughter. I also commanded her to answer all my questions with the truth. I snapped my fingers and both opened her eyes, looking relaxed and willing to cooperate.

“OK Sareida, are you attracted to my niece?” I shot right away. Elena was bisexual and something told me Sari was more than willing to experiment but was maybe afraid.

“Yes, she is very attractive,” Sareida answered, looking toward Elena with an expression combining lust and innocence that melted my heart and made my cock stir inside my pants.

“Are you willing to make love to her?”

“Oh yes! But I don’t know if she would like to have some fun with me. I think she only likes boys,” Sari said with the same lustful expression. Elena had her mouth open and her face was like a little kid getting a gift in Christmas.

“Hold on Elena, hold on,” I told my niece before turning to Elaine. “Elaine, how long have you been without sex?”

The good thing about hypnosis is that I can go straight to the point. Elaine blushed and answered she had not been with a man for more than two years. She had been using a vibrator for the past three months, but she was tired of it. Then I asked why she had not tried to date and she simply said she wanted a guy she felt comfortable with. I asked if she felt comfortable with me and a tear came out of her blue-grey eyes before she answered in the affirmative. Elena and I looked at each other totally surprised. I never thought Elaine could feel anything for me and even more, I could not believe she had not had anyone for two years.

I told both women that they would fall sleep when I snapped my fingers and as soon I did, they slumped on their seats with their eyes closed. Elena looked at me and I could see her brain was working with an idea. I told Elena to follow my lead because both of us would have some fun that evening!

I turned to face Sareida and began to execute my plan.

“Sareida, when I count to 10, you will feel secure and relaxed. You will also take off all your clothes and your nudity will not bother you. In fact, it is going to get you excited. You will have no inhibitions and no restraints, but you won’t be able to orgasm until I command you. Understood?”

Sareida nodded absently and I counted slowly to 10. As soon I finished my count, she opened her blue eyes and with a smile, she took off the jeans and shirt she was wearing, peeling off her underwear in a blink of an eye and standing butt naked in the middle of the living room.

The girl was amazing! She had a slender figure, but her ass and waist were perfect for her. Like her mother, Sari’s breasts seemed to be too big for her frame, but their shape was inviting and sexy. Her sex was cleanly shaven, leaving a clear view of her beautiful pussy lips. My cock was already hard, but my plan was to allow Elena to enjoy her friend.

Elena got the hint and got naked in a single breath, sitting on the recliner right in front of Elaine. Then she told Sari to sit on her lap. Sareida’s ass hadn’t touched Elena’s lap when my niece’s mouth was already looking for Sari’s – and her fingers were already getting into the blonde’s pussy!

Now it was Elaine’s turn. I sat next to her on the sofa and  gave her directions. She would consider her daughter’s lesbian experience with Elena something very exciting and she would orgasm every time I commanded her. When I counted to 10, Elaine opened her eyes and seeing her daughter being handled by my niece, she turned to me and kissed me hard on my lips.

“Would you please fuck me?” she asked me as if I was doing her a favor.

For response, I placed my hands between her legs and rubbing her mound through the dress pants she was wearing I grabbed one of her big melons. Our clothes basically disappeared and soon she had my erection inside her mouth giving me an expert blow. Meanwhile, Elena and Sareida had changed positions and now the young blonde was licking my niece’s pussy as if it was her last meal. Elena was cumming like crazy, yelling and cursing like a sailor. All the excitement proved to be too much for me and I felt the familiar urge to cum. I instructed Elaine to have an orgasm when she felt my semen in her mouth and right away I began shooting inside her warm throat.

When my juice hit her tongue, Elaine had a strong, deep orgasm, humming all around my erection. She swallowed everything and letting go my now clean cock, she placed her head on my lap to rest from her orgasm. I concentrated my attention on her daughter, who now was on the receiving end of Elena’s mouth. The girl’s face was a mask of pleasure and desire, wanting desperately to have the orgasm she was denied. Honestly, I did not have the heart to make her suffer, so I allowed Sareida to orgasm – and she did hard! She howled like a wolf on full moon, bucking her hips against Elena’s face while my niece was trying to hold on and lick as much as her friend’s fluids as possible.

The smell of sex and the view of two young ladies enjoying sex had me hard again, so I placed Elaine on all fours and penetrated her from behind. I used a slow pace, wanting to enjoy this woman as much as possible. I grabbed her breasts and started to play with her nipples. Her pussy felt like velvet around my cock and I could feel Elaine getting wetter and wetter by the stroke. I had an idea and instructed her to have an orgasm every time I pulled back her short hair.

Oh my! As soon I had a handful of hair I felt her pussy contracting around my meat, squeezing and bathing it with her fluids. It felt so good, I kept pulling her hair forcing her back to arch with the strength of her desire. With every orgasm Elaine pushed her ass back until I was completely impaling her, forcing me to hold her by her gigantic breasts to avoid hitting the floor. I don’t know how many times Elaine came, but I remember instructing her to have the biggest, strongest, loudest orgasm of her life when I felt reaching the point of no return. When my semen began to fill her pussy, I felt every muscle in her body tensing like a violin string and then her body started to have what can better be described as convulsions. Her orgasm was so strong, we ended on my back, me grabbing her breasts as if they were life savers and her pussy bathing my groin with the mix of our fluids.

Elaine turned around and kissed me, closing her eyes and basically falling sleep on top of me. I instructed her to sleep tight until I snapped my fingers and carefully, I removed myself from under her body and turned my attention to the two young ladies in the room.

Elena and Sareida were still going on strong, with Elena now wearing a 7 inch strap-on I recognized as one from my studio, fucking Sareida, who was sitting on her lap facing her and sliding up and down frantically on the dildo. Looking at Sareida’s face, I recognized she needed release – but somehow my used cock was hard again, ready for another round. Her release would have to wait.

I lied on the floor in front of them and signaled Elena to allow me to continue the effort. She understood and helped Sari to get off the rubber cock and mount the real one. Sareida felt just like her mother, just slightly tighter and much, much wetter. Her pussy was really swollen and she was imploring me to make her cum. I told her she had to work for it and that she would have her best orgasm if she was able to make me cum inside her pussy.

When she received the instructions, Sari placed her tiny hands over my chest for support and began fucking my rod as if it was the end of the world. She was so wet, I felt my cock was inside a pipe full of oil. I felt her pussy gushing fluids all over my groin and her body tensing, getting ready for a huge release. Elena was sitting next to us, enjoying the show and inserting the dildo on her own pussy, encouraging Sari to make me cum.

It took time and lots of sweat from the poor girl, but finally my balls gave the signal to shoot the remainder of my seed inside the young woman’s pussy. At the same time, Sari had her last orgasm of the evening, hard and strong. After our orgasm, I could see her face, flushed with excitement, her eyes closed and a big grin on her angelical face.

I instructed Sari to sleep next to her mother. I told both women that when I snapped my fingers, they would wake up from the trance. They would remember talking with us and that the conversation lead us to have sex. They would remember the orgasms they had and they would feel happy it happened at least once in their lives.  Also, I said that after they wake up, I would not be able to hypnotize them ever again. At this last command, Elena looked at me with some disappointment, but she understood.

I snapped my fingers and both mother and daughter woke up happily tired. The whole room – the whole house – smelled of fresh sex, but Elaine smiled and thanked me for the experience. Sareida was rubbing her aching pussy and was telling Elena that the next time, she would be the one wearing the dildo.


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