Just free from Lust

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It all began when I was Going for Private tution class for the extra support that you usually need when you are doing Advanced Level Mathematics.

I was really cute and very popular among every one for my cuteness and nice hair that i have which falls from the both sides of my fore head.

I had a powerful personality but i had a lot of female charms like the beautiful rather than handsome face that i have.and the softnes and the innocent smile and fun and free personality like a butterfly.

I wanted to stay free as that butterfly and forever fly around in the cool breeze of my early teens.

in this private tution class that im going to tell you about has atleset 400 Students all same age or a year more or less, boys and girls sitting on the two sides of the class carefully listning to the teacher.

I was really intelligent and didnt need to pay so much attention th the teacher I could just relax and take a few notes down and figure out the whole Equation or law or Formula in the last fewminutes of the class.

and all i wanted was a bit of fun as we made jokes and may be a little noise which is always welcome by teacher to break the boringness of the class and may be i liked the fact that my jokes and good looks and pleasent personality was becoming increasinly popular among the girls.

there was one girl I relly liked as we guys talkabout them all the time we didnt have an idia about her name cause she came by car and went by car without giving us a chance to speak to them.so we called her by the name of her school ( museaus ) we knew that she was attending museus college because of her tie she is wearing that is seen when she comes to class right after school on week days.

I personally found her attractive because of her nerdy personality Her nerdy but fare body her neardy glasses the way she looks at me and her accent but it was out of the question to make her my girl friend cause it will create a lot of unwanted negative attention from the by passers like “oh come on you can do better than that”, or “he is after money” or ,” gotta be his sister who had a accident at birth.”

you do understand my problom dont you.?

and when i became more and more popular among these girls as i was speaking to them i saw rather noticed a really neat looking girl, she was so perfectly dressed from head to toe dressed appropriately but so neatly perfect was her hair combed so nicely and her body was not out of the race because it was even nicer and more neat than the dress she was wearing. her hands were so purely perfect with a shy smile a traditional beauty and a body so beautiful in shape, that made some impact on me just when i was about to call myself mr free from craving.

Little by little i found my self adoring her hands i noticed how she subcosiously starts to bite her finger nails when the maths lesson start to near infinity.

and i saw that her finger nails are already bitten a little too much her small fingers had small nails and they were a little bitten off expposing her almost red but call it rosy undernail flesh. I felt such emotions towards her fingers i wanted to touch that part wher it must be so sensitive but she was on the row on the right of me and we were learning maths and she has noidia that im getting closer and closer to her in a very innocent but special sensual way.

I made jokes about her and all she would do is smile and give a good reply and act like nothing special ever happened between us and I was falling so in love with her I had never been there before and only 18Years old like her.

I decided to confess and I wanted talk to her in the bus she was going in I was already at the que one day when she was arriving she asked what am i doing here in a supprised and a bit scared way i said just wait and i would have looked like a terrified soilder in front of a hundread of his worse enamies while being tied to a coconut tree undressed. I saw that kind of impression in her face and soon the bus arived and i got in after her there was one seat at the back and she found her self comfortably seated and me having no seat to sit near her she looked at me in a sorrowful way,

I didnt know what i was doing, feeling or happening all i wanted to know was how do i sit next to her and when she looked at me i said in a whisper lets take the next but PLeASE and i felt such emmotions when i said please……….! I would have looked almost ready to cry my eye balls out.

she got up from her seat almost immidiately and walked towards me slowly and we both got off the bus

and we chatted and she accepted my love.

but said that there is some thing that she needs to tell me.

and every day I accompanied her in her bus ride home acepting the fact that i will have to come back to the place i departed every day and then take my bus.

As we got closer we felt the urge to touch each other and the day I felt so much of feelings was the day that evening classes were cancelled and we had the whole evening to our selves, as there were pleanty of empty class rooms, we walked in to one upstare room poorly maintained and was used for classes for the lower nurseries some time ago , the chairs were so low so we had to sit on the table which is now at the back of the class not very clean and i suggested to her that we should go down stairs and sit in the cafetieria and have a drink while chatting but she said there was something that she needs to tell me and that she needs privacy.

I wiped the table with a old piece of cloth and we sat so close to each other in thick silence and slowly i asked her what is it that she wanted to tell me, she hasitated a lot and like always found it very difficult to speak and slowly taking her right foot out of her sweet black sandle and showed me. two of her toes were very short than the ones in her left foot.

I noticed how difficult it was for her to say that her mother has the same problem and it is genatically transmitted from her Great great great great grand mothers to their daughters and finally its her problem and looked at my eyes in such a sad way and said I will be spreding this disees to mychildren its a curse.and she was crying.

i really felt so bad nd felt my heart melting and I wanted to comfort her so much that I bent down and slowly removed the other sandle of her left foot and i lift her legs from the ground and kept them on the table and she had to turn around to adjust and i told her that it was infact nothing and they look the same to me but that didnt cheer her up so I tickeled her toes so gently and said why do you feel so bad about this its not at all a problom for me and i couldnt help touching the bare soles of her beautiful and small feet and i tickeled them so much that she moaned softly and her eyes were looking so different.and i took both of her hands and softly touched those reddish almost damaged bitten nails of her with my lips and asked why do you do this to your self and I kissed that reddish part and took the tips of her fingers in to my mouth and with my toung tip i touched that finger tips that might hurt if i touch it with my fingers. she moaned so softly but from so much deep within hmmmm m m m it was so divine for the both of us i kissed her fingers a littler and when i looked at her she was so warm and wanting my touch and kisses i was so wanting from within to make her feel good I put my hands behind her and stroked and carrased her back down the spine a couple of times as she couldnt keep her head up as it was feeling so heavy I unbuttened her dress so slowly and i was enjoying her beauty so beautiful she was i said oh you are so beautiful. she put her hands around my head and kept her head on my shoulder to rest it as it cannot stay straight a nother microsecond.

I strted to make love to her i was stroking her back and kissing and making love to her bare chest so full of love and i wa
s gently sucking it , i felt her going through a orgasm that she has not expierienced before her finge
rs clasping tight on my head and her moan said the divine trip she had taken in to heaven.

i didnt want to stop her trip there and I really knew that was just the suppymentry welcome juice that you get when you enter heaven and i moved on to show her heaven and what its all about when i started to kiss her sole and toes so slowly and so pasionately her warm feet made me so hot and the taste and aroma of her toes being stuck in that tight sandle from morning was a treat a 6star hotel meal will never get close to in providing fulfilment.

and her soft but changing mons were more entertaining and beautiful and heavenly than bethovens symphonies redone by celine-dion and dr dre with snoop dog.

i moved her skirt up as i saw her knees and her bare thighs and softly but so passionately kissed and carrased her.

and i looked in her beautiful eyes and sked her whether she loves me all she could say was soft moan and she pressed my face against her neck and said tht she needs my love. i kised hel slowly and our right hands were together fingers tightly holding one nother and i felt her wanting to be touched there i felt it so much and simultaniously as i was moving my hand down she supported me by pressing it against a little below her tummy then i held her with my right arm as by then she had lost all physical controll aver her body and I kissed her lips while my right hand went down a little from her tummy and between her tightly closed legs and felt such warmth and after i went through her skirt such warm wetness i felt the tightness of her legs loosing the more and i stroked her wet lips.her breething was so intense and hard and was wanting to breath harder so I kneld down besides her and raised her skirt all the way up and pulled her wet wet wet panty down and kised her lips first i kissed it and stroked my face on it getting my face all wet but soon i wanted to give her more so i licked her as deep as i could she moned so hard without a care in the world.

as i felt her sweet legs get hard and mussels were stiffening her clit was bathing in my warm mouth and going through a body scrub that my toung was more than happy to give.then i felt her orgasm as she pressed my head against her and bend down very fast to kiss my head she cried “oh ahh hmm aahhh”

just like that the sweetest set of letters that i had ever written in my life.

I didnt have any intention of jerking on her at that moment because the stimulation, relaxtion and love was needed by her and after that was done mision accomplished and i helped her to ger dressed and again and i held her embraing me so warmly as we felt each other breath for a nother couple of hours. her sent was the last sweet memory of the day as she held me on her chest i was so near her warm and sweaty under arm and i inhaled her sweet sent for a nother couple of minutes and finally kissed her under arm perfectly shaved and liked it fetishly as she smiled shyly i rebuttned her blouse and put her sandles back on i wanted to rub my penis on her feet till i could get rid of all that juice but i hesitated cause i knew that she was still not ready to have sex with me yet.

i dropped her at her bus stop some where close to the time that we get there when the classes are there.
and we were about to leave each other for a few days I touched her hand and said good bye ill see you on monday take care.she held my hand tightly and s i was pulling it away she tightened her fingers and that sensation ran through my hands and all over my body and shook my whole body and i shivered in the middle of a busy town and had a relly mindblowing orgasm standing right there at a bus stand she felt it as much as i did we embraced each other for a moment and said i love you to each other and went out seperate directions doing some math work but nothing to do with the exams

i was calculating

40+(15*2)+00.50 = 70.50

( if a room to stay a full night costs you 40 $ and dinner would cost you 15 $ per person and a condom packet will cost you 50 cents will you have enough money on monday to give her a taxi ride home?

and I knew the answer is yes as I am always good im mathematics and I have stright A’s……………………………………………………..


please tell me what u think bt this one.

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  1. hmmm

    Very innocent indeed but so erotic and so lustful at the part where the guy smells her smelly feet that had been stuck in her shoes allday, never the less divine passion is seen here with a lot of foot and finger craving added…

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