Bend To My Will Part 1

Mike Hiwatari was a handsome young man of only twenty-two years. He was young, but he had plenty of experience with women. With dark brown hair and ice blue eyes and a penis twelve inches long, he was wanted by many women back in high school. Now he designed video games in New Jersey and he made a fortune off of it. Currently, Mike was living in a large mansion with butlers, maids, and anything else he needed.
Even with all of that, he still wasn’t 100% happy. Sure, he had maids, butlers, and servants. Yes, the maids were hot but they weren’t interested in what they called “Dirty Activities”, as Mike often tried to get them to join in. All they did was clean. The butlers were guys, Mike had issues with being with guys, and they were there, not for cleaning, but for Mike’s personal needs like food. Then there were Mike’s servants. They were all women, they were extremely hot, but some of them were like the maids. Half of them didn’t want to join in on Mike’s dirty fun. While the other half, Mike had already had his time with. Besides that, he couldn’t just pull them away from their work. His mansion was extremely large and needed many people to care for it. Distracting his people would make it so his home was less elegant. However, he needed at least one woman, someone who was free from all housework when he called, to be his slave.
“Oh, dear me!” Mike groaned one day as he sat on his bed watching porn on his 100″ Plasma TV. “Maybe I should give my brother a call and ask him for a little favor.” His brother, Kai McBeth, was just as handsome but was married. Mike was thinking about giving him a call and asking him to hunt down some hotties, take a few pictures, and send them to his mansion to see who he could try and pick up. Mike did just that. Within three days, there was an envelope full of pictures in the mailbox. He looked through them eagerly.
“Wow, you have some good taste in women!” Mike said excitedly as he tried to pick out the hottest women. At the moment, he was talking to Kai who was spending the week with his brother due to the fact that his wife, Maybelline, was at her mother’s. “Well, then again, I guess it’s kinda obvious considering you married Maybelline. I mean, she is. . .amazing!”
Kai glared at him. “Yeah, well, if I ever find your hands on her, you will be in a world of pain!” Mike just laughed. “I have one question, bro.”
Mike stopped his laughing and looked at his brother. “Yeah?”
“How do you plan on getting these women to fall for you?”
Mike grinned mischievously. “I have my ways. . .”
A week later, Kai was gone and Mike was out on the town looking for the women in the photos. He started with the hottest of them all. She was a busty brunette with tits a bit larger than average, a nice round ass, and the face of an angel. How hard could it be to find her? According to Kai, she was found at Kitty Cat Strip Club. Mike ended up at the club a little before six o’clock. She was nowhere to be seen. He hit the bar and had a few drinks before he finally spotted her. She acting the part of a cat slave onstage and was sucking some guy’s cock until he cummed in her mouth. After he cummed, she opened her mouth and let the cum drip down onto her exposed tits. She left the stage after her big act.
Mike found her in lounge not long after. She was dressed in a black mini skirt that revealed she had no panties on and a sparkling white halter top. You could see her nipples poking through the top. Mike walked up to her, grinning, with a glass of wine in his hand. He bowed before her and introduced himself, “Hello, your sexiness. My name is Mike Hiwatari.”
She merely yawned and continued to lay on the couch. “Okay. I’m Amber Winston. What’s up, loser?”
Mike acted like that insult stung him but quickly smiled at her. “I was amazed by your performance onstage. I bought you a drink. Red wine?”
Amber snatched the glass out of his hand and drank eagerly. Her eyes began to grow misty and she grinned at him. “Maybe your not so bad.” She said with a wink. “Still, what do you want.” She took another sip of the wine.
Looking around quickly, he saw that no one was in the room. He took the glass out of her hand and set it on the table. Without warning, Mike slid his hand up her skirt and onto her neatly shaven pussy. He dipped two fingers into her, making her gasp with surprise.
Amber looked at him angrily, but with a look of lust hidden in her eyes. “What the hell are you doing?!”
He plunged his two fingers deep inside her making her moan softly. “Shut up, bitch.” The cat slave said no more. “What I want is you! I want you to be mine! Now, you are going to quit your job here, you are going to come home with me to my mansion, and you will be my slave and let me do what ever I want to you! Understand?!” He flipped her over onto her stomach and slapped her bare ass three times. “And when you speak to me, you will do it in an obedient tone! You will refer to me as Master! Do you understand?”
Amber moaned and looked at him with a new look upon her face. “Yes, Master. I understand perfectly.”
“I can’t hear you!” Mike slapped her ass even harder five more times. “What’d you say?”
Amber said it louder. “Yes, Master! I understand perfectly!”
Mike pulled her up off the couch and gave her a long, passionate kiss as he rubbed her pussy. “Good, meet me outside in five minutes. Quit your job first. Grab everything you need from here and then I’ll take you home.”
“Yes, Master.” With that, Amber scurried off.

Soon enough, Mike had Amber at his house and in his room. She didn’t have much with her. She only brought the handcuffs she used in performances, a sexy revealing latex outfit, a worn black whip, and a large vibrator the size of a fat dick. Mike had the items spread on the bed. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Someone’s been a naughty girl.” He said as he fastened a white collar around Amber’s neck and put white cat ears atop her head.
Amber nodded her head and ashamedly said, “Yes, Master. I’ve been a naughty little kitten.”
Mike laughed and kissed her again. As he pulled away he responded, “Yes, my slave, you have. It’s a good thing I’m here to straighten you out then.” Amber shook her head and mewed as he bent her over the bed. “Why don’t we start right now? How do you feel about a spanking, eh?”
Amber meowed and nodded. “Anything you say, Master. I am nothing but a tool for your amusement. If you say I need a spanking, then spank me all you wish.”
Her master grinned and pulled her skirt off quickly. “Good slave. Now, this may hurt a lot. I’m going to shove this vibrator inside of your pussy and then I’ll spank the crap out of you. If you say one thing, like complaining about pain or if you moan, I’ll just spank harder. I might even switch to the whip if need be. Understand?”
“Understood, Master.”
“And I’m going to handcuff your hands behind your back so you can’t try and stop me.”
“Yes, Master.” Amber put her hands behind her back and spread her legs out so her pussy was wide open.
As soon as her hands were securely clicked behind her back, he grabbed the vibrator and started rubbing it against Amber’s pussy lips. She moaned but quickly silenced as she got a sharp smack in the ass. “No moaning!” With that said, Mike began to shove the vibrator inside her slowly. He twisted and turned it inside of her as it was inserted. All Amber could do was bite her lip and close her eyes as her pussy juices dripped out down her legs. She couldn’t help but gasp as Mike inserted the toy all the way and turned it onto it’s highest setting.
“No, my slave, no gasping. Deal with it.”
“Y-Yes, M-Master. . .P-P-Please. . .Spank me as you w-will. . .”
Mike rolled his sleeves up and rubbed her ass and squeezed her cheeks tightly. He pounded his wrist against the end of the vibrator so more of her juices leaked out. He licked them up and then took his position with his hand on her ass. “Ready?” Amber nodded and the torture began.
Smack after smack landed on Amber’s ass. After about twenty or so sm
acks, her ass began to glow a dull red. He just kept bringing his hand
down upon her ass, and every so often, he would stop and change the setting on the vibrator. Then he would go back to spanking her. SMACK! SMACK! Amber had buried her head in the bed sheets as she continued to leak down her legs. Soon she was going to cum.
Mike sensed this and turned the vibrator on as high as went again. He licked the juices up and twisted the dick-shaped toy inside Amber’s pussy. Within moments, she exploded with cum and he pulled the vibrator out slowly, making her moan. This time, he only chuckled to himself as he licked the cum off the vibrator and tossed it back on the bed.
Mike flipped Amber on her back on the bed and started fingering her as he laid down next to her and started to French her. Oh my! She’s soaking wet! He thought to himself. Now it’s time for another activity.
“Now, slave.”
Amber looked at him with a look of pure lust on her face. “Yes, Master. What is it you wish of me?”
Mike stood and stripped himself. Amber gasped as she looked at the twelve-incher he had been hiding in his pants. He was rock hard and he was big. Very big. Bigger than the vibrator. “W-What do you want me to do, Master?”
He went over and got her onto the floor, her hands still cuffed behind her. “Suck me off. Don’t stop until I cum in your mouth!”
“Yes, Master.” She licked the full twelve inches of his dick at first but was then forced to take it in his mouth as he put his hand behind her head and shoved her mouth onto his hard dick.
At first, she merely swirled her tongue around the head. She began to take in more and more and began sucking the full length slowly. But with his command, “Faster, slut!” she went faster until she had him moaning and his dick was throbbing. “Go on! Make me cum!” With Amber switching between slow sucking and fast, she had him cumming in her mouth in a half hour.
Mike groaned. “Not as fast as I would have liked, but at least you made me cum.” Amber was unable to say anything as she swallowed Mike’s large load of cum in her mouth. Once she was finished, he uncuffed her hands from behind her back and pushed her stomach up against the bed post. “I am going to rape you, my slave. I am going to cuff you to this bedpost and you will beg me to fuck you. After I cum inside you, you will beg me to eat your pussy. You will tell me to bite your clit so hard you scream because you enjoy it. Understood?”
“Understood, Master.”
He cuffed her to the bed post and stood behind her, rubbing her red ass. “Now, what do you have to say to me?”
Amber shook her ass at him. “Please, my Master, please fuck me. Please cum inside me. I beg you. Fuck me.”
“You asked for it.” With that said, Mike began inserting his throbbing dick into Amber’s tight ass. He didn’t go slowly, no matter how tight the fit was, he plunged it right in and shoved all twelve inches in within a minute. Amber screamed and squirmed, but all she could do was take the ramming that she felt in her ass.
Mike rammed his dick into her ass over and over as he lifted Amber’s halter up over her tits. He started pinching her nipples and tugging on them. He let one hand drop to her pussy and began fingering her as he drove his dick into the deepest recesses of his slave’s ass. She screamed again and cummed once more. He let both hands fall back to her ass and spread her cheeks apart as far as they would stretch. He pulled his dick out and waited a few moments. The only sound was Amber’s heavy breathing. At least until Mike rammed his cock into her ass once more without warning. She gasped and screamed at the same time squirmed some more against the bedpost but was unable to do much else. Her master was going to cum right inside her.
“I’m gonna cum, you dirty little bitch. I’m gonna cum right in your ass and then you’re gonna tell me how much you enjoyed it.”
“Y-Y-Y-Yes, Master! P-Please cum in me!” As soon as those words left her mouth she screamed one last time as he released himself inside of her. It took five minutes, but eventually he pulled himself out of her and watched as cum dripped from both her pussy and her ass.
He grinned and uncuffed her, shoving her onto her back on the bed. Taking the cuffs again, she put them on her ankles and then hooked a link of the cuff to a gold hook on the wall above her. Now Amber’s pussy was totally exposed for some clit biting fun. “Now, Amber, what do you have to say?”
“Thank you, Master, for fucking me and cumming in my ass. Now, please start eating my pussy and bite my clit. Please bite my slit very hard so that I scream. I enjoy having my clit bitten very much. Please, Master.”
Mike bent his head and licked her clit a few times. She did nothing but moan. “I’m going to make you scream, slave. Be ready for this. It’s going to hurt like hell!” Amber gulped. Mike pulled back her pussy lips far enough so he could get his teeth on her tender little clit and bit down softly at first. The slave moaned softly. “Oh, enjoying this are you?” She nodded and gulped again, preparing for the worst. Her pussy was wetting itself against Mike’s face. Suddenly, she felt excruciating pain as he bit down violently on her clit. She screamed as loud as she could and squirmed but could not free herself. He bit down again and she screamed until her throat hurt.
“Please. . .” Amber said as she began to cry from pain. “Stop. . .Master, please. I can’t take anymore of this. . .”
A gentle look came upon Mike’s face. He started to pity Amber. She looked so cute with tears on her face. He let down her legs and took the cuffs off. He climbed onto the bed next to Amber, who was crying and whimpering like a scared little puppy, and put his arms around her. “Shh, Amber.” He cooed softly. “Don’t cry. It’s over now.” Gently, he wiped off the tears from her cheeks and kissed her. He called down to the butlers for someone to bring a glass of ‘special’ red wine. He turned back to his little slave. “It’s okay. Don’t cry anymore. I’m getting you a drink so you can relax.”
He dug through his drawers and found some clothes she could wear for now. The drink soon arrived at his door and he gave it to her. She had finally stopped crying and she sat with his arm around her. She was wearing nothing but one of Mike’s large t-shirts. As soon as she finished off the red wine, Amber fell asleep on his bed.
Mike grinned at her. “Now you will forever be mine, Amber. Thanks to my special mind controlling red wine. You will forever be my slave.” And this was just the beginning. . .

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