Dear Diary 1 – Bobby's Being Mean

September 29. Dear Diary. I had my first real orgasm today.

I think Bobby Williams has magic powers. Today, I was trying to get him to notice me, and I think he got kind of tired of me hanging around and all that, and then he told me to “Go fuck yourself,” and do you know what, Diary? I did.

I went straight home and I got mom’s dildo, (mom would be so mad if she knew I had that, wouldn’t she,) and then I took it to my room and I started to fuck myself.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt to jam that big, fat cock in my little, hairless pussy, Diary. I mean, it’s not like I hadn’t ever had anything in my pussy before, but Stevie Brown’s cock hardly counts compared to something that big, and besides, until today, I hadn’t really ever been sure if Stevie made me cum. Now, I know.

Well, there I am and I’m working that thing in and out of my pussy and I’m really starting to breathe kind of heavy like, and I know something is about to happen because I’m all kind of tingly like and to tell the truth, Diary, I don’t think I could have stopped myself even if I wanted to, and then I’m pushing it harder and faster and deeper, and I’m really on edge, and I know something has to happen soon or I’m sure I’m going to die and it hasn’t happened yet, and I’m still trying and then all of the sudden, it’s like wham.

I mean, it’s like everything is happening to me and I want to yell and I want to scream and I can’t catch my breath and my pussy is squeezing so hard on that dildo, and then I do catch my breath, and then I’m squuezing even harder, and it just keeps going and going and I feel like I’m going to die, and that’s when I knew, Diary. That’s when I knew I had my first orgasm.

But it was so weird, Diary, because even though I knew mom had that dildo, I had never thought to use it on myself, but it was only when Bobby Williams said what he said that I even thought about using it, and then it was like, I knew I had to use it. It was like I had no choice. I really had to go and fuck myself.

Isn’t that weird?

October 2. Dear Diary. It happened again.

I know Bobby Williams is a Senior and I’m only a Junior, but why does he have to be so mean?

I was hanging around the locker area because I was hoping Bobby might notice me, and then, I don’t know, something might happen. Well, he did notice me, Diary, and something did happen, but it wasn’t what I expected to have happen at all.

He saw me hanging around, and he told me to go “Fuck off.” Well, he and his friends all snickered at that, especially when I suddenly turned around and left, but what those guys didn’t know was that I had this insatiable urge to fuck someone, anyone. I literally had the urge to go off and fuck.

I really had no idea what I was looking for, Diary. All I knew was I had to fuck, and fortunately for me, what I was looking for found me.

I must have looked really agitated as I was standing there because all of a sudden, I hear someone ask me if I’m all right, and then I felt this hand on my arm, and I followed the hand to the arm and then all the way back to the owner, and wouldn’t you know it, but it was Ronnie Wilson who plays trombone in the band, and he’s looking at me all concerned like, (which I think was rather sweet,) but all I can think of is I need to fuck, and then I don’t know why I did it, Diary, but I just stuck my hand down the front of Ronnie’s pants, and he was a lot bigger that Stevie Brown, and right then and there, I knew I had to have him.

I just grabbed Ronnie by the hand and then I was pulling him after me, and he must have been so confused, but I just had to find a place where we could go and fuck.

We ended up under the bleachers, Diary, and I practically ripped my shirt off and then because he wasn’t going fast enough, I actually did rip his, just a little, and then I had my hands on his jeans, and I couldn’t work his belt fast enough, and then I had it open, and I was pulling his jeans down and then I was pulling mine down, and the dumb guy was just standing there all confused so I grabbed his underwear and I pulled it down and then I pushed down my own panties, and I stepped in close and I kissed him and then I kissed him again, and then I told him I needed to be fucked, and I needed it bad.

I guess he must have seen just how badly I needed it because pretty soon, I was on my back and Ronnie was running his cock between my legs, and I really moaned loud when Ronnie stuck his cock in because he has a really big one, and then neither one of us said anything because we were just fucking.

Actually, Diary, Ronnie was doing all the fucking. I was just lying there taking it, but let me tell you this, Diary. That guy may be a band geek, but man, he sure knows how to use his cock. Now that I know what a real orgasm is, Diary, I can tell you he gave me two of them, and on the second one, I felt him cum, too, which was really cool.

Well, after that, we both got dressed and we both went our separate ways, but I couldn’t help wondering why it was I had just done that, and the more I thought about it, the more I remembered what Bobby Williams said, so I think I must be right. It seems to me that whenever he says to “fuck this” or fucking do that”, I have to do it. I have no choice and I really wonder if he knows the effect he has.

October 14. Dear Diary. Sorry I haven’t written so much over the past week, but now I think I know why. My friends have been saying I’ve been kind of spacey recently, and the more I think about it, it seemed to start with a conversation I was having with Bobby Williams about a week ago. I still don’t remember exactly what it was all about, but I do remember I was thinking about Bobby’s special powers, and then he tells me to “fucking forget about it,” and I think that’s when everything went hazy. It appears that his powers, whatever they are, aren’t permanent, but for my own good, I really have to avoid that boy.

October 16. Dear Diary. It happened again. Not to me, thank God, but it happened again. It was after school and I saw my best friend Michelle and she was looking all perplexed so I asked her what was wrong.

She said she was about to go off and do something and she wasn’t even sure why she was going to do it and I asked her what she was going to go do and she said she was going to go out and get someone to pay her for sex.

Well, you can imagine my reaction, Diary. Why are you going to go do that I wanted to know and poor Michelle, she looked like she was about to burst into tears. She kept saying she didn’t know why. All she knew was she had to do it, and I’m like why and she’s getting more and more frustrated because she can’t explain why.

So, I’m like, but what about your friends? What will they think, and she’s like I hope they never find out, and I’m like then don’t do it, and she’s like but I have to.

So I ask her why again, and she says she doesn’t know, and then she says she was just walking down the hallway when she runs into Bobby Williams. It wasn’t even on purpose but he gets mad at her.

I have to tell you, I got a real creepy feeling when she said that, Diary. What did he say, I wanted to know and she said he called her a fucking whore.

Well, Michelle might dress a little on the trampy side sometimes but there was no reason for him to call her that and besides, I know she’s a good girl, just like me, but then I realize that he’s done it again. He called her a fucking whore and now she wants to go out and charge someone so they can have sex with her.

Well then, I tell Michelle about my theory and she’s all relieved like because now she knows, except she still feels like she has to go out and sell her body.

I look in my purse and I tell her I have $10.71, and I ask her if I gave her that and then told her not to have sex, would that be good enough, and she thought it over and then she said no, she had
to charge money so they could have sex with her, and not so they wouldn’t have sex with her.

Michelle’s my
best friend, Diary, so I wouldn’t have done it for anyone else, but I told Michelle to come with me and she was looking so unhappy because she knew she was going to have to go out whoring after we were done, but I took her home and I took her up to my bedroom and I gave her the money and then I told her she couldn’t tell anyone else about this, and then even though I’m not a lesbian, I told her I wanted her to have sex with me.

You should have seen the look on that girl’s face, Diary. One moment, she was all down and then the next, she realizes what I’ve just said and she looks at the money in my hand and then she takes it, and she’s like she’s all relieved because now she doesn’t have to go out and find some stranger, but then she looks at me, and I know by the look in her eye that she’s going to do it.

First, she comes to me and she unzips my skirt and then she’s pulling it and my panties down. I let her unbutton my blouse and then she’s sliding it off my shoulders, even as she leans in and kisses me and even as she reaches behind me and unhooks my bra.

Next, she unbuttons her jeans and then off they come and off comes her top and then off comes her bra and finally her panties, and then, there you go, Diary, we are both standing there naked.

But not for long, Diary, because Michelle pushed me down on my bed and then she’s pushing my legs apart and then she’s sliding down between my thighs.

I can even feel her breathing, Diary, as she kneels there between my legs and then I can feel her fingers as she strokes my pussy and I can’t help myself. I moan at the feeling of her fingers and then I moan again. She rubs her fingers across my slit real gentle like, almost as if she’s exploring me, and then I feel it. My best friend slips her face down between my thighs and she starts to tongue my pussy.

I couldn’t help moaning, Diary, as Michelle ate me. It was just so incredible what she was doing to me and as she continued to lick my pussy, I couldn’t help squeezing my tits as her tongue gently explored my slit.

My body jumped, Diary, when she found that special spot and it jumped again when she came back to it. She didn’t dwell on it but she would touch it and then go away only to come back the next time for an even longer time, and she was spending more and more time there, Diary, and I knew it was just a matter of time and then it happened.

I was cumming, Diary. My best friend made me cum, but more than that, my best friend was still between my legs, licking and sucking on my slit, and I just kept cumming and cumming because it was so good.

Finally though, my pussy started to calm down and I really thought that was the end of that, but then Michelle said she’d done me so now I had to do her and that’s when I realized there were two parts to her side of the transaction. She was selling her body to me so that she could bring me pleaseure. She’d brought me pleasure, Diary, but she still needed me to use her body.

I couldn’t believe I was about to do this, but we switched places Diary and then I was sliding between Michelle’s legs. Her hand was already rubbing her clit as my mouth approached and she was already moaning, and then she told me she wanted me to eat her pussy.

I took a deep breath, Diary, and then I dove right in, and I have to tell you, Diary, that girl might have been moaning before but as soon as my tongue hit her pussy, she was really moanning then. And she just kept on moaning as her little body thrashed around on my bed.

Her fingers weren’t on her clit anymore because that’s where my tongue was and to tell the truth, Diary, I was rather merciless about how I went after it. I just kept going after her clit over and over again. I might go away momentarily but I always came back and man, that girl was really starting to moan.

She was begging me to “eat me.” She kept saying that over and over again. “Eat me. Eat me. Eatme.” That’s what she kept saying, and do you know what, Diary? I did. I ate that girl so hard that she eventually started to cum and then she was cumming in my mouth and I kept on eating that girl and she kept on moaning until her moans turned into sobs and then until the sobs turned into whimpers of pleasure.

Well, that seemed to satisfy Michelle’s urge to go out whoring, but I told her that if she ever needed help, I would always be there, and do you know what, Diary? I always will be there.

October 21. Dear Diary. This is getting way to weird. There’s this girl, Allison Chan, and she’s this cute, little Asian girl and she’s a freshman. Anyway, I saw her today in the lockers and she was crying and I ask her why and she tells me she can’t tell me, and I’m thinking, okay, if she doesn’t want to talk, then that’s okay.

Only, she’s really, really crying and I’m thinking something is really wrong. The bell had already rung for fourth period so I knew we were both going to be late, but I figured this was important, so I took Allison and I led her away from the lockers and I found a bench where we could sit and talk, and we did.

And do you know what she told me, Diary? She told me she fucked her dog. She said her mom has this strap-on dildo, and I asked her what for, and she just gave me this look and I knew I should keep my mouth quiet so I did, but I’m still wondering. I mean, does her mom use it on other women. That’s what I would guess but if so, what does her dad think about that? Or maybe, I thought, her mom uses it on her dad, and Diary, that’s a thought that’s just too weird to ponder.

So anyway, Allison tells me her mom has this strap-on dildo and she says she knows about it because her mom just leaves it out where anyone can see it except none of the kids in the family are supposed to go into the bedroom, but she did and so she saw it. So Allison goes home and she gets her mom’s dildo and she puts it on and then she goes to the door, and she calls for Jinx, and when Jinx comes, Allison brings her into the house.

Allson tells Jinx to stand and then she comes up behind her, and then she lifts Jinx’s tail, and she says the dog is kind of jittery because she tries to step away, but Allison tells Jinx to stand again, and this time when she comes up behind Jinx, Jinx stays, and Allison is working her cock down between Jinx’s legs and then she is finding the place where the cock needs to go.

Allison said she leaned over Jinx and then she is pressing forward, and she can tell the cock is inside Jinx, and she just keeps fucking Jinx, and Jinx is making these pathetic woofs as Allison fucks her, and then this is where it gets even weirder, Allison can tell Jinx is getting ready to cum so she just fucks Jinx harder, and then Jinx does cum, and finally Allison can stop fucking Jinx, only now, Jinx keeps following her around as if she wants something which I expect she does and Allison doesn’t know what to do.

So, I don’t know what to say, and then suddenly, it’s like brain flash. I ask if Allison talked to Bobby Williams yesterday, and she said no, and then she said wait, yes, she accidentally bumped into him in the corridor.

And did he say anything to her, I wanted to know.

And she thought about it and she shook her head. “All he did was call me a fucking bitch,” she said, “and then he stomped off.”

Well, then I told her about what had happened to me, and I said there was another girl, too, although I didn’t mention Michelle by name, and she seemed really relieved to know that it wasn’t her fault. She still has to deal with the consequences of her actions but at least she knows it wasn’t her fault.

October 23. Dear Diary. This is just a short one to let you know that I told Michelle about what happened with Allison and now the three of us are going to get together. Something has to be done about Bobby Williams. We’re not sure what, but something has to be done. I’ll let you know more about it later … if I’m able.

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