Having Her Way 7

Miranda leaned back in her office chair and let her hand work its way up under her skirt. She moaned as her fingers found their way between the folds of her pussy lips and all the while while she was fingering herself, Miranda couldn’t help but think about Helen.

Miranda moaned again as her fingers continued to play with her cunt. Damn, that felt good, but she really wanted to share it with Helen.

Using her little mind control device, Miranda had gone out and gotten Helen fired and it had been so easy. All she had to do was get Helen to seduce the boss’s daughter at the Christmas party and after that, well, after that, her career was history.

Miranda moaned again as her fingers found a really good spot.

What Miranda hadn’t counted on was that Helen had seen the same research as her, and that Helen had gone and built a mind control device of her own. Where Miranda’s device was slim and sleek, Helen’s was thick and bulky but what it lacked in elegance, it more than made up for in power. Helen soon realized what Miranda had done to her and it wasn’t long before she was subjecting Miranda to the full effects of her own device.

Miranda moaned again. She really couldn’t help herself. It just felt that good. Now, if only there was a way to bring that kind of joy to Helen.

Under the effects of Helen’s mind control device, Miranda had become addicted to Helen’s pussy and where the effects of her own device were rather transitory, the effects of Helen’s were much longer lasting. That was why Miranda was sitting in a chair in her office and playing with her pussy and wishing that it was Helen’s pussy she was playing with instead.

Miranda wanted to eat Helen’s pussy. Her fingers rubbed her pussy even harder. She wanted it so bad.

She wanted to make Helen cum. No, it was more than that. She needed to make her cum. She needed to make Helen cum so bad. As she rubbed her pussy, Miranda knew these thoughts were artificial. She knew they had been placed in her mind by another but that didn’t make them any less real to her. She needed to make Helen cum.

She was almost on the verge of cumming herself. It embarrassed her that she should be cumming first. Somehow, that didn’t feel right to her. She should make Helen cum first and only after she had taken care of Helen’s cunt should she be allowed to cum, but in truth, she really couldn’t help herself. She just kept this vision in her mind of Helen’s pretty, little pussy, all glistening and wet. She kept getting this vision of her tongue on Helen’s slit. She knew she wanted to taste her. She kept seeing herself pushing her tongue in Helen’s hole and then she would drag her tongue over to Helen’s sensitive nub. In her mind’s eye, she knew she would smile to herself every time her tongue made Helen jump and then she would tongue her even harder.

And that only made Miranda rub herself even harder. She needed to make Helen cum so bad.

The young manager basked in the afterglow of her fingers as they finally pushed her over the edge. Damn, that felt good, she thought as she felt her pussy bear down on her digits, but really, she needed to make Helen cum.

That was what Miranda was thinking as she licked her own cum off of her fingers. She really needed to make Helen cum. Making Helen happy was the most important thing in the world to her.

A sound in the hallway fianlly snapped Miranda out of her reverie. She pulled her clothes back in place and staggered out of her office. There would be time enough later to think of something she could do for Helen.

Sometimes, providence can be so easy.

When Miranda got to the hallway, she found that the corridor was soaking wet and a girl had her hands wrapped around a jug of water and a small crowd had gathered round her. It was clear what had happened. The girl had tried to change the water in the water cooler and somehow, she’d managed to mess up the whole operation. “What the hell is going on here,” Miranda roared.

Everyone turned and looked in Miranda’s direction even as water continued to gush from the upside down water bottle.

Miranda fixed her gaze on the girl at the center of the crowd. “You there,” she said, “come with me, and the rest of you, get back to work.”

People slowly began to move away from the center of the storm. They all knew what that tone meant. the girl was in trouble, and while they all wanted to see what was going to happen next, none of them wanted to incur any of Miranda’s wrath for themselves.

“Now,” Miranda said and the people moved away more quickly.

Miranda nodded, almost as if she were pleased with herself and then she turned and walked back to her office without even taking another look back. She fully expected that the girl would follow her and she did.

Mercifully, the girl had decided to leave the water bottle behind before coming into the manager’s office.

“Sit down,” Miranda told her and the girl did. “What’s your name?”

“My name’s Jodie,” the girl responded.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m new,’ the girl whimpered. “I just started my internship here the beginning of this week.”

“You’re an intern here then?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Already, Miranda was thinking about the little mind-control device in her desk. She’d been looking for something that she could give to Helen to please her and this girl was perfect. Big full breasts and young, pouting lips and a klutz as well. No one would miss her if she stepped out of the office for a while.

“I’m sorry about the accident,” the girl was saying. “I noticed the water cooler was out of water and I just thought I would help, and–“

“Yes, yes, yes,” Miranda interrupted the girl. Already, she had her desk drawer open and then she was wrapping her fingers around the device inside. She clutched the device as she pulled it out. God, that girl was cute. She was all wet and her clothes just seemed to stick to her. “Tell me–“


The device was already being aimed in the girl’s direction. “Tell me,” Miranda said again, “do you like showing people your tits?”

“Excuse me? No.”

“Why don’t you show me your tits anyway,” Miranda told the girl.

The mind-control device gave the girl no choice at all. “Okay,” she answered sprightly even as she stood up and took off her top as if taking off her top and showing off her tits was the most natural thing in the world for her.

The girl was wearing a sturdy bra. It had to be, Miranda thought, to be able to hold tits like those. “Take your bra off,” she commanded.

“Okay,” the girl said and again, she did as she was told.

“Come here,” Miranda told her. “Come here and smother my face with your tits.”

“Okay.” The girl got up and she came around the desk and then she was pressing her tits against the manager’s face, burying the manager’s face in her cleavage.

Miranda loved it. Those tits were just so big and full. Damn, that was good, and yet, the girl was taking her commands just a little bit too literally. She actually was smothering her with her tits. The manager tried to push the girl away but the girl just kept on coming back and kept on trying to smother her with her tits. That was the power of the mind-control device. She could force someone to do whatever she wanted and she had told the girl to smother her with her tits.

It was getting hard to breathe. She tried to push the girl away but mindlessly, the girl kept coming back. If she didn’t get this girl under control, the girl might actually smother her to death. Death by asphyxiation. Smothered by tits. Not the worst way to go, Miranda thought.

Finally, she managed to push the girl away just long enough. She focused the little mind-control device on her. “Stop it,” she told the girl even as she gasped for air. “Stop smothering me with your tits

Immediately, the young intern did as she was told.

Miranda looked at the young woman. “You ever had sex with a girl before,” she asked.

“No, never

“Well, that’s about to change,” Miranda told the girl with a smile. “Go ahead and put your clothes back on.”

Jodie did as she was told and as she did, Miranda continued to use the little mind-control device to put new ideas into the young girl’s head, ideas that the young woman would never have thought of on her own but ideas that for the duration of the effects of the mind-control device would seem to her as logical and as natural as if she had held those ideas all her life. By the time she left Miranda’s office, the young girl was convinced that she would never want a boy to stick his penis inside her, that the only thing that mattered to her was the love of a woman.

When Jodie left Miranda’s office, she hardly bothered to look at anyone, choosing instead to stare straight ahead as she made her way to the exit. Some of her co-workers even wondered if the girl had been fired.

The girl walked purposefully and directly. To those that saw her, it must have appeared that the girl knew exactly where she was going, but in truth, where she was going was somewhere she had never been before. Still nonetheless, it took her very little time to get where she was going. She rang the bell.

In short time, the door opened. “Are you Helen,” the girl asked.


“Miranda sent me,” the girl said, just as she had been conditioned to do. “She wanted me to do this.”

Without even waiting for Helen’s response, the young intern threw herself forward and then she was wrapping her arms around the other woman’s body and kissing her hard.

Surprised by the ferocity of the sexual assault, Helen took a step backward and suddenly, the two of them were tumbling to the floor in Helen’s house. The kisses continued unabated and then Helen was kissing the girl back.

The young intern straddled the other woman’s body and then she was ripping off her top. Off came the bra and then she was squeezing her tits. She smiled as her fingers found her nipples. “Miranda said you’d know what to do with these.”

Again, the young woman didn’t wait for the other woman to make the first move. Rather than wait for that, Jodie leaned forward and ground her tits against the other woman’s face and like Miranda before her, Helen loved it.

Jodie loved it, too. Under the influence of Miranda’s mind-control device, the young girl had been programmed to love having her tits sucked so having Helen’s mouth on her tits was exactly what she wanted.

But Jodie was programmed for more than just having her tits sucked. She loved having her tits sucked but she wanted more and she couldn’t stand it anymore. She ripped off the rest of her clothes and then she pressed her pussy up against Helen’s mouth. “Eat me,” she pleaded. “Eat me.”

Helen paused for only a moment before she buried her tongue in the girl’s eager, little slit.

The little intern pulled Helen even tighter against her pussy even as she ground her pussy against the other woman’s mouth. “Oh yeah, that’s it. That’s it. Eat me. Eat me just like that.”

The little intern continued to moan even as the other woman continued to eat her pussy. She was getting hotter and hotter and it was clear that she no longer had to keep holding the other woman’s mouth against her cunt so she let her hands slide up her body and she grabbed her big tits and she moaned again as she continued to ride the other woman’s face.

Helen knew the other woman was close to cumming and that just made her drive her tongue even deeper into the recess between the girl’s legs. She loved to hear the girl moan and she loved to feel her body twitch. She loved the way the girl’s pussy was nice and wet for her and she knew she was going to love it when she made the girl cum.

Jodie had never had a girl eat her out before but that really didn’t matter. Under the effects of Miranda’s mind-control device, she had been compelled to give herself to this woman and more than anything in the whole wide world, she wanted to make this woman happy and if that meant letting her eat her pussy to orgasm, then that was exactly what she was going to do.

Helen’s tongue stayed almost continuously on the girl’s clit making the girl moan almost continuously. There was no doubt as to what was going to happen.

Jodie squeezed her double D tits as she felt the orgasm coming. She knew boys liked her tits but she no longer cared what boys liked. All that mattered was that tongue on her clit. She squeezed one of her tits again and then brought it to her mouth. The boys could all just go to hell. All that mattered was that tongue on her clit.

The girl gasped as the intensity that had been building up inside her finally overtook her and reflexively, her hands gripped her tits even harder as her body shuddered and as her pussy squirted and all the while, Helen’s tongue was there, keeping her perched right at the point of ecstacy.

The young girl sobbed as her body continued to cum. No boy had ever done anything like that to her before. Damn, that was good.

Gradually though, Jodie’s body began to edge its way back from the precipice as her body slowly came down from her orgasm and still Helen’s tongue was coming after her, licking her pussy and threatening to take her higher again.

Helen knew the girl had just cum and had cum hard and she still relished the taste of the girl’s pussy juices in her mouth. She toyed with the idea of making the girl cum again but she didn’t want to wear the girl out before she did what Helen really needed to do so reluctantly, Helen pulled her tongue away from the girl’s pussy.

Jodie sensed the removal of that tongue and instinctively, she knew what that meant. Play time was over so sadly and reluctantly, she let herself dismount the other woman’s face.

“Hey, heay. hey, where are you going,” Helen asked as the girl continued to pull even further away.

“I thought you wanted me to go.”

Helen smiled. “I wanted you to get off my face but that doesn’t mean I want you to go.”


“You’ve let me have a taste of your pussy and now I’m going to return the favor.” Helen was alredy standing up and loosening the zipper on her skirt. She slid the garment down past her hips and she soon followed it with her panties.

The young intern looked on enthusiastically as the young woman let her pussy come into view. Now that she knew what the other woman wanted, she was quickly warming to the task. She wanted to lick that pussy. She wanted it bad.

Helen rubbed her moist, little slit and she smiled. “I know what you want and I’m going to give it to you. Now get your ass down on the floor because now I’m the one who’s going to ride your face.”

The girl couldn’t get her body down on the floor fast enough. She wanted to lick that pussy.

Helen smiled as she straddled the girl’s face but she didn’t let the girl taste her right away. She just crouched over the girl’s face and she rubbed her pussy. She liked teasing the girl.

The girl let out a little whimper. “Let me taste it,” she moaned.

“You want to taste it?”

“Yes. I want to eat your pussy. Let me taste it.”

Helen smiled. “Say please.”

“Please,” the girl moaned. “Let me taste your pussy … please.”

“You want to taste my pussy?”

“Yes-s-s-s. Let me taste your pussy, please.”

Helen grinned as she brought her pussy lower ant then lower still. Her pussy was only a few scant inches over the girl’s face and it was wet, and then she brought her pussy lower still.

The young intern’s tongue practically jumped from her mouth as it raced to meet the lowering pussy and then her tongue found what it was looking for. The young girl moaned as she tasted the older woman’s pussy. This was what she wanted. This was what she craved.

Helen could have ridden the young girl’s face either way, riding forward o
r riding backwards but what really made up her mind for her were the big tits of the young intern. She liked big tits and as big as they were, the young intern’s tits were stil
l young and firm and Helen just couldn’t wait to get her hands on them.

Jodie grabbed the other woman’s ass even as she continued to eat her pussy. At first, she just marveled in the roundness of the other woman’s ass. Almost from the first moment that she felt that ass, it was as if a charge went through her. She loved that ass and she couldn’t help but caress it, but as time went on, her touch became firmer and more insistent. She didn’t just want to touch it. She wanted to squeeze it, to grip it, and then she grabbing that ass and pulling both it and the pussy it belonged to even closer to her.

Helen liked the way the girl manhandled her ass and she loved the way the girl’s tongue played with her cunt. She didn’t know if the girl was a natural-born pussy licker or if Miranda had conditioned her to be that way but it really didn’t matter. She certainly was a pussy licker now.

The girl’s tits no longer were the center of Helen’s attention. She still loved them and she was sure she would come back to them later but at that moment, there was something else she wanted more.

Helen stretched out over the girl’s body and she rubbed her fingers between the girl’s legs. Mmm wet, she thought. She slipped a finger in the girl’s wet, little hole and she felt the girl moan against her pussy. Mmm yeah, wet and tight.

Helen continued to work a finger in and out of the girl’s and the girl continued to moan. She thought about adding a second finger but she thought better of it. The girl’s pussy was just too tight for that.

Helen let her body drift lower still. The girl’s pussy was right in front of her face and the girl’s mouth was still working over her cunt.

Helen brought her mouth lower still and then she took her first tentative lick of the girl’s cunt. She could feel the girl moan against her cunt. Damn, that felt good.

Helen’s tongue wasn’t holding back anymore. It dove onto the girl’s cunt. It lapped at her juices. It savaged the girl’s clit and the girl just kept on moaning.

The girl’s body twitched and her tongue jumped as Helen’s tongue savaged her cunt and then she was turning it around and giving as good as she got.

Both women were moaning almost continuously, moaning and panting and then licking at the cunt of the other, trying to make the other one cum first.

Maybe it was only fitting that Helen was the one whose pussy succumbed first. After all, the girl had already had her pussy eaten out once already, but really, it didn’t matter all that much who came first or whether it was fitting or not. All that mattered was that both the women were starting to cum and both of them were cumming hard.

The licking and the moans continued as the juices continued to flow. The girl still squeezed Helen’s ass even as her tongue continued to lick and Helen’s tongue just couldn’t seem to keep itself off the girl’s clit.

In time though, all good things must come to an end and so it was with those two tongue-induced orgasms. Helen basked in the post-orgasmic afterglow. The girl was spent. She knew that. They would have to rest a bit before they did it again.

Something really good ought to happen to Miranda for sending this girl over here, Helen mused. It wasn’t like she had to be magnanimous, Helen thought. Her own mind-control device had made Miranda her devoted slave so she really didn’t have to do anything, but it was always good to let your slave know when they’d done well, if for no other reason than it encouraged further good behavior.

And that thought brought another thought to Helen’s mind. She picked up a device that might have looked at first as if it were a flashlight but that wasn’t what it was. Where Miranda’s device had been sleeker and more elegant, Helen’s was bigger and clunkier looking but whereas the effects of Miranda’s were rather transitory, the effects of Helen’s device were much more permanent.

She pointed the device at the girl and watched the young woman’s face go blank and then she watched as the girl listened to her, listened to her give the commands that would make Miranda’s commands permanent. From now on, this girl would be just as much her fuck slave as Miranda was.

Helen nodded with approval as she pointed the device away from the girl and watched the blankness leave her face. There was more there than had been there before. The girl wanted her. The girl wanted to please her and Helen smiled. It was good having things her own way.

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