Adventures with Dr. Seduce I

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I called this series Adventures with Dr. Seduce because it is based on real life events. He is an older man than I am. He brought out the freak in me and it was shocking, yet fun, adventurous, and new.
She didn’t know about the sexual tension that was there for him. Angel was just a young naive 25 year old virgin. Among all things she was curious. She was waiting for the man that would bring the freak out of her. She was curious about Chris, being friends with a man for that long. He was an older man-5 years older than her. Something about him she wasn’t sure of, just curiosity. Maybe because she was a virgin and was ready for her first time with an experienced man that could bring out that side of her.
The night they hung out he piqued her curiosity. They were just talking in his car flirting. The more they flirted, the wetter she got. There was so much tension that night. She wanted to grab him by the shirt, kiss him, and rip his clothes off.
He could tell by her body language she wanted him.
Chris knew Angel wanted him, so he asked her, “What’s on your mind?”
Angel thought to herself, “He knows I want him.” Instead of saying “I want to kiss,” she was nervous and said nothing.
After their talk, he took her back home. When she went to take a shower, she realized how wet she was. “Damn, he got me wet.”
After her shower, she walked in her room and lied down on her bed and imagined him touching her all over. She started squeezing her nipples and played with her belly button before reaching her love spot. “Damn.”
She couldn’t get over how wet she was or how after one conversation he made her wet.
As she played with her love button, she thought of Chris touching her. Sucking her nipples, playing with her clit. Finally, she came in the biggest orgasm she had in a long time. She fell asleep wondering how far will this go.


That Next Day
She went to a hang out with friends and he was there. Immediately, she was wet and wondered how far they would go if they got a chance.
She didn’t have to wonder long because they went to his place for a movie. The tension and curiosity grew as the night went on.
The tension was broken by a kiss from him. She thought, “Finally,” as they made out.
As they kissed something inside her, something wanted out. As they made out, it got more intense and she started relaxing and just going with the flow of things.
She loved kissing and tried new tricks on him while his hands explored the rest of her body. Every spot he found created a new sound…a new moan escaped her lips. He kissed and licked on her neck and played with her clit, causing her to lose control. All she could do was  she moan his name, “Chris.”  He took off her shirt and moved down her body to her erect nipples. She moaned as he licked and sucked them one at a time. As he moved to her stomach, he made small kisses around her belly button before tongue fucking it. She making her gasp and moan. He took off her pants and saw how wet she was and knew he had to take his time with her. One lick, a soft moan; two licks, she got louder and he went faster and harder. Until finally he found her spot. She couldn’t stay still moaning even louder and groaning, even cursing. She couldn’t believe this was happening, but umm…his tongue was hitting her spot just right. She relaxed and went for the ride. “Ooh Chris, Chris, fuck Chris ooh ooh yea umm…yea yeeeaaa!” she screamed as she feels the release from her whole body until finally she goes numb. But she soon found out that was only the beginning because he told her before they even went down this road, “I love pussy and pussy loves me.”

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