Adventures with Dr. Seduce


She didn’t know about the sexual tension that was there for him. All she knew was that she was curious. Curious to see what was there, but didn’t realize how deep it would go. A 25 year old virgin with a 30 year old man with over 10 years of experience to her known existence. They were just friends. She didn’t know there was a side to him until that 1 day.

That night the tension was there for sure. She wanted to grab and kiss him right there in the car. She put her seat back to relax and when he asked, “What’s on your mind?”

“He knows,” she thought and said nothing. This only excited her even more. It all started with a kiss. He kissed her out of curiosity and met the other side of her.


She loved kissing and tried new tricks on him while his hands explored the rest of her body. Every spot he found created a new sound…a new moan escaped her lips. As he kissed and licked on her neck and played with her clit, it caused her to lose control. All she could do was  she moan his name, “Chris.”  He took off her shirt and moved down her body to her erect nipples she moaned as he licked and sucked them one at a time. As he moved to her stomach, he made small kisses around her belly button before tongue fucking it. She was gasping and moaning. He took off her pants and saw how wet she was and knew he had to take his time with her. One lick, a soft moan, and 2 licks later, she got louder and he went faster and harder. Until finally he found her spot. She couldn’t stay still, but was moaning even louder and groaning, even cursing. She couldn’t believe this was happening, but umm…his tongue was hitting her spot just right. She relaxed and went for the ride. “Ooh Chris…Chris…fuck Chris…ooh…ooh…yea umm…yea yeeeaaa,” she screamed as she feels the release from her whole body until finally she goes numb. But she soon found out that was only the beginning because he told her before they even went down this road, “I love pussy and pussy loves me.”

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