Battlestar Erotic: Revenge of the Sx'Nons – 1

“We have to do something,” Starfuck demanded.

“We’re working on it,” said the commander.

“But they’ll kill him.”

“I said we’re working on it,” the commander said tersely. “We’re working on it.”


Captain Illballya woke up in a darkened room. It was completely devoid of any light. Where was he, he wondered.

The last thing he recalled was being in a battle with a whole wing of Sx’Non fighters. Four vipers against twenty enemy fighters was hardly a fair match. He remembered killing six of the fighters himself, but he also remembered losing at least one of his own Vipers.

His fighter had taken a hit and the systems had fried. In just a second, he had gone from flying in an advanced fighter to a no-tech coffin, but if that was true, then why wasn’t he dead.

Maybe he was dead. No, he thought. If he were dead, it wouldn’t be like this, and besides, he wasn’t wearing any clothes. This was different and he was alive.

He tried to sit up and all at once, he realized something was different.

It took him a second to realize what it was. He had tits!

And then, he couldn’t keep his hands off of himself. His tits weren’t real big but they weren’t real small either. They were nice and firm and round and from what he could tell by feeling himself, he had a pair of nipples that just loved to be squeezed.

What was he thinking, he thought. He couldn’t possibly have tits, and yet, he did, and he loved them. But I can’t have tits, he thought. I’m a guy.

And then that made him think, too, and slowly, he worked a hand between his legs, and he gasped.

It was gone!

What he had, he realized, was a little, hairless pussy and as he sat there in the dark, and as one hand continued to fondle his tits, he explored his pussy.

He couldn’t help himself. He just moaned, and when he did, it wasn’t his voice he heard. It was a girl’s. What was happening to him?

Oh shit, he thought, his pussy was so wet and the more he rubbed, the hotter he got.

And that got him to wondering. Gently, he slid a finger into his pussy, but it didn’t go all that far. He moaned again. He was a virgin. He didn’t know how it had happened, but somehow he was a virgin girl with a hot, little body that was just begging to be fucked.

He slid his hand out of pussy and started to rub his clit. Oh shit, that was good. He wanted to make himself cum and he wanted it bad.

And he would have done it, too, if the door to his room didn’t suddenly opened and as light flooded into the room, there in the doorway stood a Sx’Non male.

“Good,” the man said, “you’re awake. Come on. There are some people waiting to greet you.”

“What have you done to me?”

“If you’ll stop playing with yourself and come with me, then maybe you’ll find out.”

Reluctantly, the captain did as he was told. He was sure that if he had been left alone for just a few minutes longer, he could have gotten himself off.

Captain Illballya couldn’t help feeling his nakedness as he walked next to the man and so, it seemed, the man couldn’t help noticing it either. “You sure do have a pretty, little body,” he told the man with the girlish body but Illballya chose to ignore that for the moment.

The captain was led into a great hall where he stood facing a tribunal of five Sx’Non magistrates. “Captain Illballya,” said the senior magistrate, “welcome aboard.”

“What have you done to me?” the captain demanded.

“Isn’t it obvious? We’ve changed you into a woman.”

“But why?”

“That’s a good question. Actually, since your capture became known, there have been any number of suggestions about what we should do with you. You have been quite a thorn in our side and there are lots of people who would like to have a shot at you. This is just one of the things we’ve considered, and it may not be the last.”

“That still doesn’t explain why.”

“No, it doesn’t, but it’s the best I can do. Besides, who knows. You might actually enjoy it.”

And that was just what worried the captain.

“But now,” said the magistrate, “it’s time for your punishment.”

“What punishment?”

“You’ll see. Take him away.”

The guard, for that was obviously what the man who had brought him there was, led the captain away and led him back to the room in which he had first awakened. He opened the door and pushed Illballya inside and then the door slammed shut behind him.

It was dark but Illballya managed to find his way to the bed in the center of the room. He was alone again, or so he thought.

The lights sudenly came up and the captain now found himself surrounded by six naked guys, all with very big, hard cocks. “Would you look what we have here,” said one of the guys. “We have a hot, little slut just begging to be fucked.”

“But I’m not a girl,” the captain protested in his new feminine voice.

The man stepped forward and he wrapped one his big, beefy hands around the captain’s tits. “You sure got tits like a girl,” he told him. He slid the hand down between Illballya’s legs. “Feels like you got a pussy like a girl, and you sure are making me hard like a girl. I don’t know about the rest of these guys but I’d say you’re a girl.”

And what really could the captain say to that, especially when his eyes settled on the man’s cock, bouncing there in front of him, especially when the sight of that cock was making him have some very girlish thoughts.

The man noticed the captain’s stare and he grinned. He held his cock out for the captain. “So you want this,” he told him. “That seems like a girl, too.”

Illballya was finding he was having trouble taking his eyes off the man’s cock.

“Here you go, little girl,” the man told the captain. “Here’s something nice and hard for you to suck on.”

The captain groaned to himself and then he just couldn’t help himself. He sunk his mouth down on that cock and sucked away as if he had been sucking cock all his life, and he was finding something else out, too. He liked sucking cock.

The other men had moved in around him and they were taking turns pawing his body and offering up their cocks to him. Soon, the captain found himself moving from cock to cock to cock and when he wasn’t sucking on one, he was pulling on it, and when he wasn’t sucking or pulling on a cock, he knew he would be soon.

Illballya soon found himself in a vicious circle. The more he sucked, the more he wanted to suck, and the more he wanted to suck, the more he did suck. He could not have stopped sucking on those cocks even if he wanted to, and besides, there was no way that the men would have let him stop, anyway.

Illballya was sucking on the first man again, the man he had come to think of as the reigleader for the group when the man suddenly pulled his cock from Illballya’s mouth. “You’re a pretty good cock sucker, little girl. I’ll give you that. But now it’s time for you to get what you earned. Where do you want it? Face or tits?”

Illballya stared at the man blankly.

“Where do you want it?” he repeated again. “Face or tits?”

The captain just stared at the man and then suddenly, it just came out. “Tits,” he blurted out. “Tits.”

“Okay, little girl,” said the man, “if that’s what you want, here it comes.” He aimed his cock at Illballya’s chest and fisted away. The captain actually squealed in surprise and then in delight as the first burst of cum hit his chest and then as he watched, the man continued to douse more and more of his chest with his cum.

The man’s friends hadn’t been standing idly by. Even as the first man moved out of the way, a second took his place. “Where do you want it?” he asked. “Face or tits?”

“Face,” the captain blurted out and suddenly the man was blowing his load all ov
er the captain’s face. Illballya couldn’t believe how good it felt to have some guy’s cum dripping off his face.

He took the next load on his face, too and then when the next man stepped up, Illballya fondled his ti
ts and pushed them together even as he looked up at the man. “Tits,” he declared eagerly and soon, the man was raining his cum down on the captain’s tits. The captain pulled his breasts apart, exposing his cleavae to the man. “Put it here,” he said excitedly and then the captain squealed excitedly as the next burst caught him square between the tits.

The next man caught Illballya in the face and Illballya almost caught an eye full of cum and then there was the last man. Illballya looked up at the man and almost instantly, he knew what he wanted. He leaned back as he looked up at the man. “Tits,” he said. “I want you to fuck my tits.”

The captain moaned contentedly as the man slid his cock between Illballya’s tits and then there he was, fucking away at the captain’s tits until his cock started to shoot and soon, he was oozing cum all over the captain’s tits.

The men were done with him, or at least that’s what the captain thought, but he was about to learn that that was anything but true.

The first man was back again, grinning broadly. “So,” he said, “I think we’ve seen what you really are, haven’t we … little girl. Now, I think it’s time we discovered just how little and just how much of a girl you are.”

“What do you mean?” asked the captain.

The man pushed Illballya onto his back and then he was stroking his hand between the captain’s legs. The captain moaned as the man slid a big finger up inside his tight, little cunt.

“Oh yeah,” the man roared, “this girl is tight. Now, that’s what I call little. But let’s see now if you’re a girl or just a trashy, little slut.”

Illballya moaned as the man pushed his finger even deeper inside his cunt.

It didn’t take the man long to find what he was looking for. “Jackpot,” the man roared. “We got us a certified virgin here,” and the rest of the men roared their approval. The man turned his attention back towards the captain. “Of course, by the time we’re done with you, you ain’t going to be a girl no more, and you ain’t going to be no woman either. You’re just going to be a fucking, little slut.”

The captain couldn’t help himself. His heart skipped a beat at the man’s pronouncement of what was going to happen to him.

The man pushed Illballya onto his back and then he slid Illballya’s knees apart. The man slid between Illballya’s thighs and the captain moaned as he felt the man’s cock rubbing up against his pussy.

“There you go,” the big man taunted him. “I’m just going to pop that cherry of yours now. You don’t mind if I do that, do you?”

Illballya couldn’t help it. He just shook his head. He needed to be fucked.

It was almost as if the big man rad his mind. “Yeah, that’s right,” he said. “A little girl like you needs to get fucked and she needs it bad.”

Illballya moaned as he felt the head of the big man’s cock press past the lips of his pussy. It wouldn’t be long now, he thought. That cock was pressing up against his hymen. Oh shit, he thought, he needed to be fucked really bad.

The man pulled his cock back and then he thrust it forward. The captain’s hands clenched and unclenched as the big man battered his pussy.

That big cock was driving again and the captain knew it was almost through. One more time was all it would take.

The big man drove his cock past the tattered remnants of the captain’s virgin barrier. It hurt. It hurt. It fucking hurt, but it was feeling good, too. Really, really good.

“Yeah, little girl likes this,” said the big man as he continued to drive himself inside that pussy.

The captain could only moan. That cock felt so fucking good.

Another of the men moved forward and he pushed his cock into Illballya’s grateful mouth. With that cock moving in and out of his pussy, the captain would have done just about anything that these men asked of him. He sucked the cock hard. Man, he loved sucking cock almost as much as he loved taking a cock in his pussy.

The big man pulled his cock out of Illballya’s pussy but before Illballya could complain about its removal, the man was lying beside him on the bed and then he was pulling the captain on top of him and he was feeding his cock back into the captain’s hungry, little pussy.

The captain moaned as he rode that big, fat cock. Yeah, he thought, he could really get used to this.

The man Illballya had been sucking was moving around him and suddenly, Illballya felt the man’s hands on his ass. Then he felt the man’s fingers between his cheeks, but it was only when he felt something else between his cheeks that Illballya realized what it was that the man had in mind and by then, it was way too late.

Illballya moaned as the man pressed a finger inside his butt. That first one was joined by a second and even as he continued to bounce on the cock below him, those two fingers kept up a steady rhythm in his butt and Illballya liked it. He really, really liked it.

But then those fingers were withdrawn and something else moved in to take their place. Illballya moaned as the cock pierced his virgin ass and then he moaned again as the cock moved even deeper inside of him. With a cock in his pussy and one in his ass, Illballya felt really, really full.

Illballya could hardly move at all and to tell the truth, he didn’t really want to move. He wanted the men to fuck him and that was exactly what they were doing, and when another man moved forward and stood in front of Illballya, when he tilted up the captain’s face and offered up his cock to him, and when the man slipped his cock inside Illballya’s mouth and began to slowly fuck the captain’s face, Illballya thought it really couldn’t get any better than that. He was getting fucked in every hole possible and that was just fine with him.

The man underneath him groaned and then Illballya felt it, the surge of cum into his up until then pristine pussy. Illballya moaned again as the cock continued to surge. Oh man, he thought, was his pussy ever getting a baptism of cum from this one, and when the third pulse of cum shot into his pussy, the captain started to cum.

That seemed to set the man in his ass off and as the man underneath him continued to cum, the one in his butt shot a bolt of cum deep in Illballya’s ass. The man fired off another round in the captain’s butt before finally pulling his cock out and fisting off the rest of his load all over that little, round ass.

The captain was still cumming even as the erections of the men between his legs began to wane. The man with his cock in his mouth pulled his cock back and then he sat on the bed and pulled the still cumming captain on top of him.

The captain groaned as he felt the man grab him by the hips and pull him down but there was no doubt what the man had in mind. Illballya leaned back as the man pushed his cock in the captain’s ass and as the captain’s ass sank lower and lower on the man’s upright pole.

“Go ahead and play with yourself,” the man told her even as he continued to pull her down on his cock. “Play with yourself and show these guys what a slut you really are.”

Illballya’s hand seemed to move of its own volition and soon he was stroking his clit and rubbing his pussy. He saw the men watching him and it made him so hot. He wanted to put on a show for them. He wanted them to see what a slut he was so he slid a finger in his pussy even as the man continued to work that cock in his ass.

That was all it took. One of the men was moving forward and then he was hunched over the captain and then the man was pushing his cock in the captain’s pussy and the captain purred with satisfaction as he was again taking a cock in his ass and in his pussy. Yeah, he thought, he could really get used to this.

The captain rubbed his clit as he looked up at the man hunched over him. “Come on,” Illballya told the man, “fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me like the slut I am.”

The man groaned as his cock detonated, sending wave after wave of hot cum rocketing into the captain’s hot pussy, and that was all it took
to get the captain cumming too. Moments later, the man underneath him joined in and for the second time in short succession, the captain was cumming as his sluttish holes took it from both sides.

By the time these two had finished with him, the captain was in a near frenzied state. More cock. He needed more cock.

Another of the men was moving forward and the captain felt the man push him down on his hands and knees. The man moved up behind him and the captain moaned as the man entered his pussy. Yeah, that was what he needed. More cock.

The last man moved forward and then he was pushing his cock in Illballya’s mouth. Mmm, yeah. More cock. More cock. Fuck me hard. Give me more cock.

The man behind him was driving him hard and the captain knew he was about to cum. He wanted to beg for it. He wanted the man to hear him beg. He wanted to tell the man he needed more, more, more cock.

The man groaned and then he let out a low grunt and the captain felt it, the feel of cum as it surged deep inside his cunt. Fuck yeah, he needed that. More cock. His pussy was cumming as the man continued to cum. More cock. He needed more cock.

The cock in his mouth slipped free from his lips but it wasn’t gone for long. Even as that depleted member slid out of the captain’s pussy, that new one was there to take its place and the captain purred happily. More cock. He needed more cock.

The captain moaned as the moan shoved his cock inside him. Fuck, that was good. “Give it to me,” the captain pleaded. “I need more cock. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me! Give me more cock.”

The man continued to drive his cock in that pussy and the captain continued to beg. “More cock. I need more cock, please!”

The man was moaning loudly and the Illballya knew it was only a matter of time before the man gave him what he needed. He needed more cock. He needed cum. He needed cum from a cock to make him cum.

The man grunted as he launched the first volley of cum into the captain’s pussy and even as he did, the captain started to cum, his pussy strangling the cock within as it tried to wring out every last drop of that male sperm.

Finally, it was over and the captain rolled over onto his back. Cum leaked from every orafice and he was finally content.

“Hoowhee,” the ringleader exclaimed, “you’re not a little girl anymore. You’re one hot, little slut now, and believe you me, baby doll, you ain’t seen the last of us yet.”

Illballya groaned. Somehow, he knew the man was right and what was worse, he knew he wanted it, too. He wanted these men to use him over and over again.

to be continued …

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