Best Friends 3some

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Jill is my girlfriend and is a very hot looking blonde with a soft body and an incredible appetite for fucking. She lived with her best friend Andrea in DC and we would frequently go hit the town to have fun. Andrea is Chilean and is very pretty girl with a soft tan, dark hair, petite figure and very sexy eyes. One night we were out drinking in Georgetown and we all got pretty lit. When we went out we usually got into some pretty deep conversations about anything and everything. Well that night we started talking about the wildest sex experiences we had been in. Andrea was not shy about telling us she had been in a couple of group scenes (girl/girl/boy and boy/boy/girl) and that she was really horny because she hadn’t gotten laid in a long time. Just hearing about each of our stories got me going.

I must have been a bit out of it because I wasn’t picking up on the hint at the bar that she wanted to be with us. When we were in the cab on the way back to their place Jill whispered into my ear if I would be interested in being with them both this evening. It took me all of about <1 second to reply to that one. I guess what happened earlier in the bar is that Andrea asked Jill in the bathroom if she would be interested in it and when she said yes they started making out in the bathroom for about 15 minutes.

When we got home it was a little uncomfortable and we weren’t sure how to get started. Andrea asked if she could just watch us for a bit and we would see how things went from there. Basically we went into the bedroom and Jill and I started to undress each other. The room was very quiet and we slowly started to kiss each other while taking off our clothes. Soon we were on the bed naked and we were mutually feeling each other. I had forgotten all about Andrea and was getting into the heat of the moment. Next Jill was telling me how bad she needed to get fucked, and how incrediblly wet she was with someone watching. As we were going at it I looked over and saw Andrea, she too had taken off her clothes and was sitting across the room masturbating. I couldn’t believe how sexy and wanton she looked. Her face was moaning with desire and her hands were feverishly touching her whole body, with her fingers rubbing her clit and pumping in and out of her hole. She was telling me to fuck Jill really hard and how hot we both looked. When Jill yelled out that she was cumming, Andrea told us that she was cumming too. After they both came Andrea climbed into the bed and started to touch us both. Soon the girls were kissing each other while I was pumping in and out of Jill. That was all I could take and told them I was going to cum. Andrea asked me to cum in her mouth and when I pulled out she was down on me in a flash. It was all of about 2 minutes of recuperation time and Andrea told us that she wanted me to fuck her and asked Jill if it was it OK with her. Jill said sure and Andrea continued to suck on me in preparation for round 2.

It didn’t take much for me to be ready to go again and Andrea jumped on top of me. She wasted no time in getting into a rhythm was intent on cumming again. Jill was lying next to me, kissing me and touching herself. From there she moved up to my face and let me eat her out while she and Andrea kissed. We all went at it for some time and I think anyone walking outside of the house would have heard the bed creaking and our moans through the walls. When I said I was going to cum, Andrea once again asked for me to cum in her mouth. From there the girls then went at each other, for the next hour they attacked each other. I had just came twice but I had no problem sitting back to watch them and masturbate to the sight of the two of them going at it. When I was ready to cum, I shot my load all over Jill’s tits, which Andrea licked up while moaning. After we all came again it was about 4am and we finally crashed.

In the morning it wasn’t as awkward as you might think. We sort of laughed about it and went out to breakfast. We never got together again as a group (however Andrea fooled around with both Jill and I separately on 1 other occasion each). What is wild is that not too long after that Andrea got married to a guy who is a bit straight laced and I am pretty sure has no idea about her past. We went to the wedding and I have to tell you that night we were all together was all I could think about during the entire ceremony/reception.

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