Ellis and My Virginity…

Well it is Summer Break and a bunch of friends and I have rented out this beach front mansion. We felt that we needed some time together since we were all
at different colleges and we rarely saw each other. I think that it is great! Nothing like the beach, a multi million dollar house in Miami and my friends. That is
what I call a summer.

But that isnt my story. See, there is my friend, Ellis. Ellis is the man of my dreams! He is smart, built with the most beautiful butterscotch muscles and has the most
prettiest gray eyes. His hair was cut short and from I heard he was as hung as a black male porn star. So you know why Im practically wet when he looks at me.
But — his girlfriend.
She is also my worst enemy. But I have wanted him since I first met him. When I watch him work out to the point of sweating I would to be the bead of sweat
that runs dow his clean shaven baby soft chest.

Everyone went out but I had to stay in because I caught a really bad sunburn. I was walking in the house in a tie bacl triangle bikini top and a white terry JLO
short. My ass was showing with every sway. I walked by the weight room and saw Ellis. He was sitting on a mat doing sit ups. He looked like we was lifting
weights before. Damn where was I. I stopped and looked in there was my golden god keeping his body in shape. I was wishing that it was for me. But it was
for Ryna his girlfriend. She must pray every night to bless the catch she made and to keep it as long as she can handle him. I want for my own though. He was
on his 50th sit up when I started to feel my nectar overflow. I pushed my hair back as I humped the wall pretending his sit-up was his thrust to his lovemaking.
By the 100th, the juice between my thick and lovely nutmeg legs was all over my fingers. I leaned against the door and watched him wipe off his sweat with a
towel. I am blessed with a sexual imagination and I was thinking about walking in and taking off my top and him pulling off my short to lick the sweet juicy
center of my girlhood.

He turned around and saw me against the wall. He smiled and walked out near me and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. His hand on my arm and his bare
body against mine was enough to make me come again. We talked a little and we went to our rooms. We have the rooms that share a bathroom. After I got in
my room I heard the shower run. Would I love to see him right now I leaned against the my bathroom door and listened to quiet humming and imagined that
he was serenading me with both of our bodies wet and slippery as he he slipped in and out me kissing me, washing my hair and saying that he only wanted me
and I have to cry at being alone every night and that he’ll even spentd an eternity making me the woman that he knows I am.

With that last phrase, the shower stopped running but my love was still flowing. I was numb with a sensation on both my legs. A smile crept across my lips as
I crawled to my bed and got on. I looked in the bookcase near my bed to see the DVD I wanted to watch wasnt there. Then I remembered my friend Chordell
had borrowed it. I got up and stumbled from my orgasm. I got up and walked into the bathroom into the boys room.

I knocked really quick and waiting. I heard a girl moaning and squealing and a man’s voice really faint almost sighing my name really softly. I so quietly turned the knob
opened the door to find Ellis watching a porn flick jerking off. His eyes were closed hardly noticing me hearing him say my name and and jerking off harder sand saying
my name a little louder. I saw the DVD on the player and took it. A pile of DVDs fell and fell on my shoes and stubbed my toe. I yelped. His eyes shot opened and he sat
up. I stood there frozen my toe throbbing and my a squeak escaped my full pink lips. I ran out embarrassed. So embarrassed that I ran in the close in my room and closed
it. I crawled to the corner that had the entertainment center. Putting the DVD in the player I thought back to that moment and hoped that he didnt think anything to it.
After getting a pint of ice cream and twenty minutes into the movie I reached for my love and made love to myself by taking off my shorts. I massaged the insatiable region
thinking of the length of Ellis and how much I can have in me. Oh did I want him and knowing that he wanted me only made this more perfect. But his girlfriend was
coming between us. I started loving myself and moaning. At my own squeals and pants at the massage of my clit I closed my eyes again. I felt a beautiful pair lips kissing
mine and a longue craving tongue sliding to my sex. It massaged it and devoured it hungrily like it was the rarest on earth. I opened my eyes and saw him looking so
innocently at me and taking it in. I closed my eyes and felt it stronger.

I opened my eyes to see Ellis tanding thereein a pair of jeans but undone. He smiled at me and pulled me close to him. My shorts were on. Which means I was fantasizing
again. Shit! I ran out of the room with him running after me. We ended on my bed. “It is not fair!” I said. “I want you, I want you so bad.” He said holding my shoulders
and looking at me. “I am so sorry. I didnt mean to walk in on you, I needed that DVD to get my mind off you —things!” “Dont lie to me Shy. I was thinking about you. A
lot. And the things on my mind got the better of me. And honestly, I want to show you that right now.” “I can’t your girlfriend—” “Fuck her, everyone else has. I know I
can love you and you can love me. My body is yours Shy” “What? Even if I was okay with is, I am a virgin El.” “I want to show and make you feel like a woman tonight

With that he kissed me on my lips. Long and warm like milk before bedtime. I untied my top and let my watch mty 38DDs out into the world. He cupped my butt and let
that insanely large bulge invade the spance between my legs. He laid me back and took off my shorts. His pants fell down and looked at really calm as he rbbed his head
against me. The warmth of him against me got me wet got me sweating and as he mounted me and invaded me as i stood by willngly surrendering.

All I know is he made love to me. I conquered my pussy and popped my cherry and he and I exploded as I felt his love in mine. Finally we were one and my dream came
true As he ate me out on the balcony.

If you want a part two send me a response!

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  1. Jess_3230

    This story is so hot!! Right after I read it I called my boyfriend up and had him come over. I sat on his lap and fucked him, while he read the story himself.

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  2. lvnparadys

    For God’s sake learn how to write,or at least proof read your story before submitting it!

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