Genie In My Bottle Ch. 01

Marissa Bernal was just an ordinary girl. She was bright and beautiful in her own way. Being only 20 years old and on her own, she was glad that she didn’t have to put with her family always ragging on her to make friends and be more social.

The first year of college had been hell since she had to go to a junior college in her hometown. Luckily because she was smart, she managed to get a transfer scholarship to a college 200 miles away from home. Finally freedom.

The only bad thing about being so far way was that she didn’t have any friends. Being alone in a huge city could bring someone down. She also realized she was slacking off in school a bit because she’d stay up watching old movies late at night instead of doing her schoolwork.

Last night she’d stayed up watching Gone With The Wind and suddenly realized that she hadn’t started on her essay on the famous poems of Robert Frost. She got up immediately that day around noon and rushed over to the library also realizing she’d missed her history class.

As she ran the almost fell and heard some students laugh as she tried to play the whole thing off. Her backpack dangled from her shoulder and she kept running trying to get a hold of the best Robert Frost books before her other classmates would.

A few minutes later, was busy in the school library desperately searching for books of poetry from the famous Robert Frost. She was supposed to do a long essay about one of his poems but had no idea which one to do and lately she procrastinated, waiting until the last minute to finish her work.

As she searched, she heard a small giggle coming from behind a bookshelf. She looked around trying to pin point the laughter. Slowly, she crept closer and closer to the sound and discovered Dylan Fulton with his hands inside of Ashley Thompson’s shirt. Dylan was a star quarter back for the college football team and Ashley was the pretty redheaded cheerleader. They made a gorgeous couple of course. Ashley wore her tiny short skirt and a little button up white top. Dylan had his dark slacks and a nice button up shirt on. His big hands were inside of Ashley’s top as they made out and she giggled, but not because it was funny, but because she loved Dylan’s hands on her tits.

Marissa watched inventively feeling her mouth water. Dylan was a very sexy young man whom she’d always fantasized of sleeping with. Ashley was someone she’d fantasized of being like. Marissa had never really had a boyfriend throughout her teen years. She figured once in college everything would change, but apparently that wasn’t the case. Everyone was still in a certain “group;” The jocks, the nerds, the cheerleaders, the troublemakers, and the outcasts. It was high school all over again.

Dylan’s moans could be heard very faintly as Ashley rubbed his cock over his pants. Marissa bit her lip wanting so desperately to know what Dylan’s cock looked like. She wondered about the size, the color, the taste… mmmmm I bet he’s so big and I’d swallow up his cum so good… Marissa was losing herself in her own thoughts.

She watched closely now as Dylan’s hands were slowly but virtually picking up Ashley’s short skirt revealing her tiny pink, lacey panties. Ashley’s eyes were closed and she licked her lips enjoying the pleasure her sexy boyfriend was providing for her. Marissa felt so turned on watching them get it on in a quiet public place. If they acted like this in public, she could only imagine what they did in private!

Dylan started to remove Ashley’s panties slowly. She continued to giggle and moan at the same time. Marissa’s eyes widen seeing Ashley’s shaved pussy exposed. Her heart was racing as Dylan got down on his knees and started to lick Ashley’s cunt. Ashley had one leg up on a shelf and the other holding her up while Jimmy flicked his tongue on her clit.

“Oooh fuck yes! Oh baby lick me like that! Yes like that!” She whined softly.

Marissa felt the wetness between her own legs begin to increase. She wanted to touch herself as she watched the two lovers getting it on. She tried her hardest to see Dylan’s tongue licking Ashley’s clit, or his lips’ sucking on it but it was impossible. The only obvious thing was that Dylan had his head buried between Ashley’s legs and was soon to make her cum just like Marissa always wanted to cum on a guys’ mouth.

“Dylan baby! Oh baby! Yesss! More! Mmmmm I’m gonna c-cum so h-hard!” Ashley kept moaning making Marissa more jealous minute after minute.

“Yes lick her. Lick her good!” Marissa whispered as she rubbed herself.

She kept watching and couldn’t get herself to leave them in private. This sexy show they were providing for her better than a porn movie. She reached down and started to run her own pussy over her blue jeans. She wanted to cum at the same time Ashley did, but suddenly, as she moved her hand back and forth, she knocked down a book. Immediately she heard Ashley squeal in fright and put her leg down. Dylan quickly got up and Marissa ran as fast as she could out of the library praying to God that they never saw her.

“Damnit Marissa! You are such an idiot! No wonder you have no boyfriend.” Marissa scolded herself.

She headed on to her tiny college apartment, which she was lucky to share with no one since she was a junior this year. She stomped into her apartment feeling frustrated and like a real pervert for having witnessed such an arousing act between man and woman.

* * *

She decided to go take a nice long cold shower to cool herself off. It was the same routine every night. She’d go to class, go the library, and come home and watch old movies or just do her homework. It had been almost impossible to make friends in college and therefore she lived a lonely life.

After her shower, Marissa sat on her bed feeling depressed and embarrassed at the same time. She couldn’t believe how clumsy she was at times. She sat there brushing her long dark hair in silence. She did long strokes on her hair until if became completely dry.

I need something to get my mind off all this, she thought.

She then remembered her parents had brought over some red wine when she had first started college. They were supposed to have drank it that night celebrating in her apartment, but time was short and they had to leave. Marissa had forgotten all about it until today. She rushed over to her tiny fridge and saw the small red wine bottle. It was a nice tall bottle of dry red wine. She pulled the cork out and began to chug it down.

Marissa was not a heavy drinker. She could barely drink 3 margaritas at times. This time didn’t matter though. She wanted to get drunk no matter what. She wanted to forget about all her troubles and her loneliness.

About an hour later the wine was almost completely gone. Marissa lay on her bad with her t-shirt above her waist and pulled her panties down. Images of Dylan and Ashley going at it were still on her mind. She felt so hot and couldn’t wait to slide her finger in her pussy and let herself go.

She kept wondering how Dylan’s tongue and lips would feel on her clit. All year she’d had a major crush on him and he probably didn’t even know she existed. She felt saddened and yet she knew one day he’d realize how pretty and intelligent she was.

Once her panties were off, she smiled to herself already she was drunk. She got the bottle of wine and ran it down her body letting the coolness soothe her. She placed it between her legs where the heat was intense.

“Mmmmm ooh yeah!” She wailed.

She’d often heard of girls who play with objects such as bottles. The tip of the bottle was on her clit and she began to rub it up and down fast. Her body felt such wonderful sensations like never before. She lifted the bottle up to drink it managing to taste her own juices as well. She raised her shirt up more to reveal her beautiful c-cup breasts. Her light brown nipples were already
hard and her creamy skin had goose bumps. She ran the bottle across her breasts letting the small cold drops of w
ater roll down her nipples.

She drank more wine that was mixed with her juices until the bottle was empty and then went back to getting off on her bottle. The tip of the bottle was just outside her pussy hole and she giggled wishing it could be Dylan’s cock about to enter her, and deflower her. She wanted to jam that bottle in her and fuck it but she knew it might get stuck just like all the horror and embarrassing stories she’d read about. She just eased the tip of the bottle in and out very gently and rubbed on her clit.

“Ooooh Dylan come fuck me please!” She begged out loud.

He woke up suddenly feeling his world moving so fast. He was suddenly enticed by the most delicious smell he’d ever encountered. He quickly got up and floated towards the smells that were intoxicating him. The closer he got to it the more he wanted to taste whatever it was. It felt as if he’d been asleep for centuries and was now waking up to this beautiful smell.

Marissa had only less than in inch of the tip inside of her when she went into a huge orgasm. Her legs were shaking and her body tightened up.

“Ooooohh yesss! Oh Dylan I’m gonna cum on your cock!” She screamed out.

After she came she let the bottle fall to the floor and felt a wind. Not just any wind but a very chilling wind inside of her room. She opened up her eyes and almost fainted when she saw what was there. It was a tall, muscular gentleman. Probably the most handsome man she’d ever laid her eyes on. His dark black hair was slicked back and his dark blue eyes were glued on to her. He wore some black baggy pants and a matching black vest with no shirt underneath. He was barefoot as well.

“W-w-what? W-who? A-are you?” Marissa gasped feeling almost paralyzed.

He just smiled at her and stood there enjoying the site of her beautiful body. “I’m your personal Genie. I’m glad you finally let me out of there. Damn all these years smelling red wine can really get to ya. I like your smell better.

Marissa hadn’t realized she was still naked. She was almost hypnotized by this gorgeous creature. There was silence and Marissa finally shuddered and put her shirt down trying to cover herself as much as possible. The sat up looking scared.

“Oh God I must be drunk. Now I’m having hallucinations!” Marissa said in a shaky voice.

The young man got closer to her and flopped himself down on the bed next to her. “No need to be frightened. They told me one day I’d find my mistress and well that would be you. Now I’m gonna grant you all your wishes.”

Marissa was still speechless. Her heart was pounding with fear and excitement at the same time. “All my wishes? Now don’t I only get three wishes like the movies?”

The man laughed. “No. It’s all a misconception. In real life you get as many wishes as you want. Now my guess would be that you want that fella named Dylan to be yours huh?”

Marissa felt herself turn red. “N-no what are you talking about? Of course not!”

“Yeah sure. I heard you calling out his name. He’s one dumb guy for not wanting you back you know. If he could have seen you getting off with this bottle, he would have cum in his pants.”

Marissa got up trying to stay away from this strange man. “Look I don’t know if this is some sort of joke, or what, but you better leave.”

The young man nodded. “Very well then my mistress.”

Marissa’s eyes widen as she saw him disappear into the wine bottle. She gasped and ran over picking up the bottle. She peeped in and there he was sitting down on a big soft velvet covered bed looking up and smiling at her.

“Oh my God! You’re real!” She squealed.

He laughed softly. “Yes my dear I am. I told you.”

“But I’m so confused. Why me?”

“Well I don’t know really. I just know I’m supposed to make my mistress’ wishes come true. Now you found me so I’m all yours.”

Marissa sighed. “Ok well please come back out here. I don’t want to talk to you while you’re in the bottle.”

The young man came out of the bottle within less than a second. “Very well I’m here so what can I do for you?”

Marissa shrugged. “I don’t now. Tell me your name first.”

The young man looked puzzled. “My name? I don’t believe even I know my name. I just know I’m a genie.”

Marissa narrowed her eyes at him. “Hmmm well I shall call you Gene?”

He smiled wickedly. “Gene? I like that. That’s good. Yeah my name will be Gene. What is your name? Or shall I just call you mistress?”

“No! Please just call me Marissa.” Oh God I’m losing it. Here I am talking to an imaginary guy. He has to be imaginary, damn alcohol.

He walked closer to her but she quickly moved away. “Well Gene, I have to go to bed now. Uh will you be comfortable in the bottle?”

Gene reached out and stroked her hair and face. “Yes dear I will. Unless you want me to cuddle up with you?”

Marissa laughed nervously. “N-no. I mean well I just met you.”

He snickered and disappeared into the bottle. Marissa took one look down and saw Gene getting comfortable on his bed.

“Good night Gene,” She said softly.

“Night Marissa,” He responded.

She kept watching him until he fell fast asleep. The alcohol had really gotten to her by this time. She put the bottle down on the floor next to her bed and yawned. This has got to be a dream. I know I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and realize it was all a dream. With that thought, she fell in a deep sleep dreaming of Dylan Fulton.

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    Jessy, i beg you to finish this trilogy. You stories are fantastic. So detailed.

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