hot passions and a new lover part ii

i couldn’t believe it… there i was massaging my best friend, gracie’s, clit with my warm, wet tongue. not to mention we were laying ass naked on out apartment floor with our boyfriends watching us. and the strangest thing is, this all started out of spite. i looked up at devon, my boyfriend only to see his squinted eyes and his hands down his pants grabbing at his huge boner.

“come on devon, you know you want me.” i said as a reflex, i was really horny and i could have done anything for him.

i slid my body over gracie to devon and she started to masturbate. “come on devon… i want to see your penis bounce.” i unzipped his pants and pulled them to the floor. to my surprise, he wasn’t wearing underwear and i was perfectly alright with that. i pulled him down for him to join the fun and play with me. i pulled him on top of me and slid my hands up the inner thighs until i reached his ass, i slapped it. “oh!” he shouted, “harder!” so i did. i could feel him get more rigid by the second.

gracie started to feel left out so she decided to come over to devon and me. i got in a doggie position and gracie crawled under me. i started of make out with her while devon was in the doggie position on top of me. he slowly throbbed his penis inside of my ass. i was starting to climax.

“oh devon! oh gracie! harder! harder! i want you to make me a real woman!”

“what is a real woman?” he questioned in a cynical yet sexy voice.

“you know what a real woman is! just get me there!”

“how can i do that?” he asked just to see what i would say.

“fuck me!!! fuck me hard!” then gracie turned around while i was still in the doggie position and peeled my pussy lips apart. she closed her eyes and pulled my hips closer to her face and then licked. she licked a slow passionate and deep lick. her tongue was soft and hot. i couldn’t get enough; my pussy swelled with pleasure and throbbed with sexuality. i could feel my clit get hard and move back and forth. with a man on my back and a girl down below… i had i strange and hot feeling that i had never had before, and was longing for my whole life.

“oh, oh, ohh!” i screamed “don’t stop, don’t stop!” and that’s when it started to get interesting.

…to be continued…

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  1. GirlisFigure

    Not as good as part one… but I still want you to finnish it, it got

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