Just Between friends and a Lover

I am not sure how or why it happened yet. I was never sure of who started it all. That was twenty years ago when I was a freshman in college. My best friend and I were studying together late one foggy cold January night. I had worked all afternoon at the warehouse and was very tired but we had to study for a test the next day. He had worked at the same place packing orders and was equally tired. Jarred was shy, good looking sort of reserved in his manners, 6’2′ 170 pounds thin but strong. He had a noble face and dark black hair that was neatly trimmed to expose his green eyes and a tan like gold. We had been through our entire school years together and, played little league together, went on our first double date with girls together and even been adopted by each others families in a sort of second son program they had. We never dreamed of what would happen.
I was 5’10” 150 pounds firm strong and most people acknowledged I had a damn nice ass. My long blonde hair and blue eyes attracted my share of girls but I never found one that made me happy inside after sex.
I was stretched out on the floor in my boxers reading my psychology book and underlining some phrases while Jarred was on the bed doing the same. We both were exchanging ideals from what we read when we came to a paragraph about sex and how it is natural. It started talking about how sex is natural and that even when young it was not uncommon for boys to have sex together and that it didn’t mean they were gay, just curious. Jarred stopped peered off the bed at me and asked, “How come we never did that? Did we miss out on something Marcus?”
“I don’t know? Did we?” I responded just as dumbfounded as he sounded.
He lifted up on his elbow and read me another passage, “It was not uncommon in the study of same sex behavior to find that young men had been with other men at a very young age, while some did not acquire their desire for same sex partners until later in life.” Then as he paused a smile came over his mouth and he said, “So maybe if you acquire the desire I will inspire you to…”
I stopped him short as I stood up and yanked my boxers off and shoed myself to him and said, “Is this what you want,” pointing to my small pink cock and then spun around and patted my ass and quipped, “Or do you want some booty?” I was joking and horsing around but something happened at that moment as he showed desire in his eyes as his hand reach out and squeezed my ass firmly.
Then as I popped straight up he slapped it and said, “I’d fuck that thing if you would let me. I always told you that you had a nice ass.”
My heart started beating fast and I was sweating as I moved back towards the bed. I had no ideal that what he said would make me react this way but I found myself drawn by it. I moved my bare ass to rest close to his knee on the edge of the bed and just leaned in and kissed him on the mouth.
He returned the kiss then another and another until I was French kissing him while he caressed my ass and cock. His mouth moved to kiss me on the tip of my cock before I knew it and when it took all five in his mouth and began to kiss and lick and suck, I flopped back on the bed and spread wide. His hands moved to my chest and I found out that when his fingers moved over my nipples how wonderful it felt and made him play with them while he sucked me off. I was enjoying his cock as he rose his body up and exposed his now bare eight to my face. I took it in my hand and petted the soft shaft and pink tip and then began to kiss it and lick it and very soon I had his in my mouth sucking like a vacuum on it. I was seeping cum just as he slid a finger inside my ass and then I exploded. He captured all of it and swallowed some before he lifted up and withdrew his from my mouth and fed me my own from his lips. I was eager to taste it and I did not know why, so when he pushed it in my mouth I ate it. Then I looked at his cock and lifted my legs and begged him, “Make me yours now Jarred.”
Boy did he ever do that. He kissed my asshole to moisten it for me then he drove in me and thrust deep with a single push. His hips began to pile drive me and after a few minutes he was humping me madly and the pain I felt at first entry was now being replaced by desire and passion and want. When he came inside my ass, I felt his hot cream fill me and I loved it.
It was now 11:00 pm and we had just made love for the first time. We showered together afterwards then resumed studying side by side on the bed, where he kept petting my ass and sneaking a kiss with me. Around 1:00 am we started to go to bed, but that’s when he saw my still naked ass and had to have seconds. Then he pushed me over the edge of the bed and fucked me from behind while he jerked my cock off on the covers. When I came before he did, he shoved my mouth to it and had me lick it up while he exploded up inside me. Then we went to bed and slept until almost nine and damn near missed our test.
The instructor was middle aged a bit of an oddball but he always was nice to us. When we took up our test at the same time he asked us to wait until everyone else left so he could talk to us. The experience was enlightening to say the least. Mister Grooms was a full fledge queer male who had taken note of my ass and wanted it and somehow he knew that he could get me now.
“Marcus, you and Jarred seem a bit happier today. Did something happen between you two last evening? I mean the day before you were normal but not nearly as glowing as today?” Mister Grooms said as he smiled at us.
“What do you mean sir?” Jarred asked back.
“I mean that someone who understands desires and passions also can see when someone else has experienced it,” Mister Grooms then added, “Did you to make love last night?”
I was red faced but smiling broadly as Jarred looked at him and asked, “How did you know?”
“Because if I had just gotten some ass like his I would smile like you to Jarred. Also if I was Marcus and some big cock made me happy I would float around the room too,” the teacher said smiling.
Jarred then quipped out, “So you think he’s got a nice ass too?”
“Extremely nice and you have an extremely curious desire to see he is fucked while you watch, if you like we could meet at my place this evening and I could help demonstrate that concept Jarred?” Mister Grooms said as he ran his hands along Jarred’s arm and added, “Of course if you would like to be the target I would be happy to screw your ass off until you beg like a baby for me to stop.”
“Sounds like you want in my ass as much as his,” Jarred said as he pulled me close to him and started to caress my lower back and then ass.
“Yes I do and I would love to show you both this up close,” Mister Grooms said as he lowered his hand to crotch and rubbed his cock.
We agreed and after work went back changed and then headed to his small two bedroom house near the campus. We knocked on the door at 9:00 pm exactly and after a second the door swung open wide and into his dimly candle lit home we went. He smiled as he greeted us both with a kiss on the cheek then on the lips then he started stripping us in the foyer. I was first as my shirt was unbuttoned and removed followed by my slacks and then boxers and as he knelt to remove my socks and shoes with the other clothes he started to work on Jarred. It took him a few seconds after he freed him of his pants to remove his shirt then he led us to his den where like the entry room was candle lit and romantic. In the center of the room were two very soft plush benches and he placed both of us on our backs side by side and began to strip for us. His black shinny bathrobe dropped to the floor and then his silk boxers followed exposing a man 48 and 6’0″ even. He was tightly packed and sort of muscular and hairless especially his nine inch long three inch round cock. It was a monster a massive long meaty wand that he brought over to me first and then offered it to my lips while he started to play with our nipples. I was licki
ng it swiftly as he bent over and took hold
of both of our cocks and started to play with them while I sucked him. He made me suck it faster and faster until he wanted my ass and then he pulled away and headed south and up inside me his massive cock went. I yelled out as Jarred turned and pulled up his cock to my mouth and then sucking jarred, Mister Grooms fucked me silly. I was panting for air as he drove deeper inside me than I ever thought possible. He was banging me madly as Jarred started to hold my head and hunch my mouth and when he flooded me I almost choked before I swallowed. Then just as I finished draining him into my mouth Mister Grooms pulled out of my ass and splattered my chest with his cum all the way to my chin. Jarred then used his cock to catch a lot of it and feed it to me until he and Mister Grooms cleaned me with their tongues the rest of the way.
Now I was the center of their bath, and as they each took turns sucking on a nipple or lapping my belly, Jarred wanted to suck my cock but Mister Grooms would not have it. He told him, “No you don’t. He doesn’t get sucked, he does the sucking. You can fuck him or make him suck you but no sucking his cock. It’s for me.”
With that he dove on my little cock and began to squeeze it with his lips and teeth and suck it like a baby. I pulled Jarred to me and began kissing him as I seeped into the older mans mouth and when I was exploding in him, I felt the desire for these two men grow to where I announced afterwards, “You two own me now. I don’t care what you want I am yours to use.”
Mister Grooms then told me, “I love that tight ass, so I am going to make you my boy. Jarred you can fuck him all you want as long as you let me fuck you whenever I want.”
Jarred smiled and as he did, he quipped, “So what’s stopping you from giving me a hard fuck now? Too tired?”
No he wasn’t and after two more minutes of fondling and playing I watched Jarred lift his legs up and almost over his head while Mister Grooms went deep up his ass. He pounded him for a very long time until jarred was almost breathless and started begging for him to cum. He did that in an explosive and heart pounding way that almost sent me to anther climax just watching. Then he let the boy rest while he extracted himself and me.
The next thing I knew was that I was led to a bathroom and placed in a tub full of bubble bath and hot water. I was then made to stand up and he shaved me entirely before I was allowed to get out. Oil and perfume was applied to my body as was make up and lipstick and then my nails were painted red and I was photographed between the two of them. I was also shot being screwed by Jarred and sucking his cock and then Mister Grooms and finally all my photographs were packed and sent to a web site where I was offered as a escort for older men with money.
These two made me a new career right there and I was and still am there personal sex slave and toy, but also the whore they send out nightly to please older gentlemen. I know that when I am on duty the two of them are busy in bed. I don’t mind it at all, because when I get done and freshened up, they make it up to me.
My wildest date yet was a man who was 68, chubby but not fat. Bald headed and hairless with a hard eight inch cock that was fatter than Mister Grooms. He took me up to the old part of town and into a back alley where he had me strip and bend over some old boxes while he fucked me in broad daylight. Then he took me to an old condemned warehouse and stripped me again and had me jerk myself off while I sucked him in the shower room. When I came on the floor he made me lick it off using his cock as my spoon. Then we went to the park where he made me have sex with him in the bathroom stall. He had me suck him until he got hard and then he bent me over and took it with people coming and going and peeking in through the cracks to see who was howling. Then we went for dinner at a nice restaurant, even though I had on an outfit like a hooker and cum stains on my cheeks and chest. The waiter noticed it and smiled at him and even laughed at us as he slid his hand on my legs over and over again. When he had taken his medicine to help him get it up he had me slid over by him and caress his cock through his slacks.
Next was the ride home via of a large open parking lot behind the mall, it was well lit for nighttime and he didn’t seem to care it was monitored. In front of the interstate that ran along the outside of the mall where people could see me, he made me bend over the hood of his car while he fucked me up the ass. He took me for a ride to the park again and took pictures of me naked in the bathroom and then on the bench even with others watching us. When he took me back to the house he told me that one day soon he would return and do it all over again.

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