Lesley’s Full Service Massage And Her sexual Liberation



Mick said, “I want her to suck you hard again as you are going to viciously abuse her fuck hole while I watch. I don’t want you to be gentle; I want you to treat her as you see fit, remembering that you have been here all day with her massaging her, licking, sucking and fucking her brains out, but you have not dumped your load inside her slick fuck tunnel. Well my friend, that is exactly what you are about to do to my slut.”

Mick continued, “I can see you have a nice size cock there, looks like about 8 or nine inches, and quite thick. Well I want you to get her on her back and spread her legs wide. I am going to hold them from her head and pull them right back and I’ll split her in half for you. As I  shove my cock down her throat you are going to drive your cock up her guts, and I  want you to try your best to drive your cock up through her cervix, up into her womb and smash the daylights out of her. I want to watch you force her to have a cervical climax as you use her.”

Excited beyond words, Mick goes on, “I want you to stay tonight if you will, and you can use her all night, and this time I am going to help you with her. You have built me the wife I have always dreamed of and wanted for so many years. She now belongs to both of us to do as we wish, and that is going to mean regular fucking of this exact nature. You are now also welcome to make decisions sexually on her behalf.  For instance you may share her with others also, do as you all wish. I am going to get you a key to the house and she can also now stay at your place when you need her, and you can pass her around at parties if you like. After all, a body that good is a shame not to share it around, it would be greedy to keep it all to ourselves . She was born to provide guys with pleasure. Her body was built to fuck, so we need to put it to good use and help relieve the sexual tension in this town.”

That being said, Lesley had greedily slurped, licked, and sucked Andrew’s cock to rock hard again, so she withdrew it from her cum dripping mouth and cum covered face, cum dripping from the corners of her mouth. As Andrew positioned himself  between her legs, Mick got near her head and held her ankles, spreading her so wide she thought her hips would dislocate. As he pulled them back near her head, without any warning or mercy, Andrew drove his huge erection deep into Lesley’s gaping, red and raw, glistening fuck hole right up to his balls.

Lesley let out a deep guttural groan as his cock drove through her cervix nudging her womb. Andrew, being desperate for his release, withdrew all the way and again just drove his huge cock deep into her again and again. Lesley had never been so deeply penetrated in her life. Even as a teen girl when one of her brother’s mates, an 18 year old guy with a reputation for having a very large cock, forcibly took her into his father’s tool shed. He had stripped her tender young body naked and forcefully took her virginity while 6 of his friends watched, cheering him on as Lesley went from a sobbing naked young girl with a bleeding cunt, to a groaning, writhing, bucking, and willing participant that ended up enjoying them all. It was the first time for everything including having her cunt eaten by every one present that day to which she she now can’t do without.

As Andrew continued his assault on Lesley’s cervix and womb, Mick had his cock in his wife’s throat right up to his balls. Lesley had learned to relax her throat muscles so that Mick was able to pump his cock down her throat without her gagging. Andrew was now grunting and hammering his way into Lesley’s eager little fuck tunnel as he was on the verge of coming hard. Mick helped by reaching down and vigorously rubbing Lesley’s clit until she began shuddering from both the physical and sexual abuse her body was receiving. Then, as Andrew smashed through Lesley’s cervix  into her womb with one deep final thrust, he let out a deep groan as he pumped his sperm into her womb.

Lesley was not on a contraceptive so there was a very good chance that he would impregnate her,  but she was so overwhelmed with sensations that she didn’t care. She knew that she was going to have her tubes tied  asap as this was now her new life. She knew that this was her calling, and that she was going to follow her desires. She told Mick she wishes now that she had listened to him years ago when she was a young teen,  and allowed him to share her with all his mates. She said that she could have been a slutty little teenager that he could have sold to everyone and anyone and they could have been rich and she could have had all the cock she wanted.

To be continued
Part 7 Lesley’s Sexual Liberation
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